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  1. DoMiNoEZ

    0.9.5 - General Feedback

    Game has crashed four times today in game. gg I give up for now.
  2. DoMiNoEZ

    0.9.3 - General Feedback

    Just getting stupid now. Haven't been able to open the armoury for 3 weeks now. What a shambles. Sort it out.
  3. DoMiNoEZ

    0.9.3 - General Feedback

    Inventory isn't working. Upgraded Oland but can't sell the old modules. No longer in golden state. Showing white in port.
  4. DoMiNoEZ

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    I must have around 50 special and gift camos. There are no issues with any of the others. Just this recent one.
  5. DoMiNoEZ

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Received the Lunar New Year camo for the Anshan in a container a few weeks back. I can see it in the inventory but can't mount it on the ship. I thought it might change with the new patch but still the same. Anybody have the similar issue?
  6. DoMiNoEZ

    PSA: Anniversary Collection

    I got a Warspite from the anniversary collection super container. First time ever getting a ship from a super container. Usually flags so I'm happy.
  7. Looking for a new clan. My PR is 1632 overall but 1831 in DDs. I have all the tier 10 DDs. It would be my main line to play. Also have some cruisers and a BB.
  8. DoMiNoEZ

    Casual Clan wanted

    I played with some of the plague guys about a year ago. If you are on line tonight I'll PM you so you can jump on our TS. We are a pretty chilled clan but make an effort when Clan Wars pops. Should be going up a league this Wednesday. Don't want to scud it though. Dom
  9. DoMiNoEZ

    [-UG-] Ultimate Gaming is now recruiting

    Promoted to the Storm League last night. Getting tougher but the rewards are getting greater. Still looking for a few more players. Come and talk to us, join us and grow with us.
  10. DoMiNoEZ

    [-UG-] Ultimate Gaming is now recruiting

    Clan wars back on tonight. For anybody interested the current season has battles on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, Sunday. Not every night like some other games. A lot less pressure during games as well. Quite a fun mode for all. Contact us if you are thinking about it. Our clan size is at 40 places now. Still got places.
  11. DoMiNoEZ

    [-UG-] Ultimate Gaming is now recruiting

    Playing clan wars when possible. Anybody fancy giving it a go we can guarantee you will get games. We rotate players for maximum oil production. (Amico is an oil barron)
  12. DoMiNoEZ

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Balance changes

    Logged on to ships last night. There are usually at least 20 people on from the clan. Only 4 people on playing at 20:00. How much evidence do WG need? they have wrecked the game. I played 2 games and logged out.
  13. DoMiNoEZ

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Balance changes

    Feedback! That's a laugh. You either don't listen or simply don't care. I believe the latter. I'm currently thinking you mis-sold the Destroyer Blyskawica to me. I would like to request a full refund. This is not the product I purchased. It is no longer fit for purpose. A quick reply would be appreciated.
  14. DoMiNoEZ

    Russian DD tree split

    I can confirm the Grozo is the worst ship I have ever played on this game. I have over 5000 games in destroyers. I can understand why they didn't put it on the test server. I tend to enjoy a lot of destroyers that other people hate. I love the German ones despite the gun bloom but after four games in the Grozo it can rust. What a complete let down. On the bright side the Kiev is glorious.
  15. DoMiNoEZ

    BAD-Armada BAD-A Recruiting Now !

    Thanks Cherry I spoke to him over the holiday period. He is a good destroyer player. Was just checking if he was still active.