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    In to the Yamato!
  1. Love this kind of events. I would love to have such games more often during the year. I'm actually playing only this, find it more satisfy than regular game, also if i still have to win ^^ And thanks for the video ofc ;)
  2. Thejagdpanther

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    i find so simple... 4-5 BB // 4-5 cruisers // 2-3 DD // 1-2 CV no?
  3. Thejagdpanther

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    ...looks like the wg is failing also in this game, buffing/nerfing entire classes instead of put some sort of cap for ships. Im wrong?
  4. Thejagdpanther

    CVs are still beasts. They never been anything less then that.

    Im a kind of a noob in the game, but i find my ryujo t6 satisfying > slowly but surely researching for the tier 7. The only annoying thing is when i fond other CVs with the cowards setups. I'll give to her a 7 on 10. Maybe because I don't give a damn about stats, credits or whatever? Sometimes I start the game cause i want to play it ^^ Maybe I'm wrong...
  5. Thejagdpanther

    WoWs over WoT. Why, for you?

    Another point is that here the game resemble a good reasonable compromise between a game and naval warfare. Here you can feel that you are playing a warship game, in wot you should feel playing the same but tank related, but is no more than a dumbed down fps game.
  6. Thejagdpanther

    what is your biggest flaw in wows?

    keep watching all that wasted XP growing on full researched ships...
  7. Thejagdpanther

    Update 0.5.2 - New Signal Flags Feedback

    May I ask where the commemorative flag from the first ranked season go? I have only the second one Port of Kure. And yes... I had the first one.
  8. Thejagdpanther

    Montana vs Yamato

    I dont see any problem if the yamato is better than montana in some thing and viceversa...
  9. Thejagdpanther

    Anyone else hate [edited] [edited]Battleship drivers?!

    Another BB player here in ranked (Fuso) ... and I am kind of fortunate 'cause I encounter nice team members and together (at least with 3 of them) we can manage to build up some kind of strategy. One simple is "dont' rush like idiots and stay all togheter with some spotting, let us (the usually 2 BB) soft them from range than close up the distance". Usually i lose a ranked because 1st) we lose the cruisers with a retarded rush, 2nd) then DDs approach unspotted (like they have to do) and torps us all, 3rd) ranged fire from other ships.
  10. Thejagdpanther

    Wich class you think, requires the least amount of skill?

    Cruisers of course. They have something of all, and it's hard to fail in any situation. Agility, top speed, rof, he spam, AA, and some tipes torps. I mean cmon... lol.
  11. Thejagdpanther

    My Thoughts as a New Player.

    yep dear OP, there are no medium tanks to use here... yep there are ships that carry planes...
  12. Thejagdpanther

    tier 4 premium bb bundle

    ok buddies tx for the info
  13. Thejagdpanther

    tier 4 premium bb bundle

    The point is also the captains of other bbs for a faster retraining... i know that other premium ships are better ^^ but ...
  14. Thejagdpanther

    tier 4 premium bb bundle

    Some opinions? Im playing the IJN bbs and i keep the kongo, fuso, probably nagato, amagi and yamato. Its worth it?
  15. Thejagdpanther


    I will be unlock (and full it) soon. Some tips? It could be correct to compare the amagi to the fuso (on their respective tiers)?