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  1. Thinking about the radar chart and is so disgusting...
  2. Thejagdpanther

    Yamato is the worst battleship?

    Yamato is fine. Is one of the first ships, and like all of the first ones it has pros and cons. Now the new ones have less cons and more pro.
  3. Thejagdpanther

    Need help with Fuso

    For my little perspective, don't shoot, if not extremely sure, at targets more distant than 17-18km. The camo is already inexistent so don't waste the few space you have with impossible shots. It's a good ship for running away and chasing, you can shoot always 3x2 guns. If bottom tier vs tier 8 bb HE is a extremely nice choice. plus the other guys good tips
  4. Thejagdpanther

    legendary/unique upgrades becomes research buru only

    One thing that scary me the most is "add new in the future"... what this mean? They will add LM for broken ships for the excuse to balance them (nerf them, but with the new LM they become broken as before or even more) or they will add new LM for the powercreeped ones?
  5. Thejagdpanther

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    Didn't see any soviet nerf... not surprised.
  6. Thejagdpanther

    Radar consumable for CV squadrons

    Radar was already a Edit* add to the game, if you put the 2 most edit* thing of the game togheter.... wow... just wow Edit: Language please
  7. Thejagdpanther

    Where are the balance changes?

    The "wot curve" that the "balance/s" department is taking is not much heartening.
  8. Thejagdpanther

    Yamato legendary + upgrades + cpt

    For each ship in the game there is some video that enhances the exploits. I do not deny that I too can make several pleasant games, but the facts are undeniable. The gaps in this ship (or the gaps that this type of ship should have) have gradually disappeared with the introduction of the other battleships. So, or those that are over the top are a little bit down, or this goes up a little.
  9. Thejagdpanther

    Shimakaze advice

    Shimas in clan battles are nearly useless. I'm trying it with my dudes but the 132km radar (since everyone use soviets) and a little gameplay pretty much broke everything. Kleber grozovoi... all extremely superior. If they will not buff the shima torps or the legendary module (that is a pure joke) it's just a dead ship running around.
  10. Thejagdpanther

    Harugumo legendary module?

    like... it need a legendary module? ... oh well if is one like the shimakaze im not against it. lol
  11. so.. should I rebuy it? On the old road to the yamato i was in a rush and to be fair i hated that ship and i played it very bad... but now im getting a little annoyed by akatsuki, my t7 keeper (cv, 6.4 camo)
  12. Thejagdpanther

    Shimakaze advice

    This will be misleading for someone and dumb for the most experts but... this is mine.
  13. Thejagdpanther

    Type F3

    for polite and usefull infos/reply... im not a good player, any piece of imput that can I assimilate is welcome
  14. Thejagdpanther

    Type F3

    oh thanks but for the topic... F3 need a speed and/or range boost (for make them a more usefull and pratical choice)?