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  1. TohtoriP

    USS Georgia Model - Man those guns are longgggg

    How many times it has to be said that Alaska is a lot more scaled up Baltimore with Essex machinery than scaled a down Iowa? It is told already on wikipedia and wows wiki. Where do people get this scaled down Iowa nonsense all the time?
  2. TohtoriP

    USS Georgia Model - Man those guns are longgggg

    The propeller arrangement looks weird. Usually in quadruple shaft designs the propellers are staggered. Here they are in a row. I wonder how much of this is artistic flair? "The big negative on quadruple screws is that they require a broad aft section; four shafts simply cannot be fitted into a finely tapered stern section without serious design problems. The screws have to be spaced out to prevent unfavorable interactions. In reality this means that the choice is often not between two and four screws of the same size but between two large and four smaller screws and the question now becomes one of the relative propulsive efficiencies for that particular design. However, there is one factor here that is interesting; with proper design, it is possible to arrange quadruple screws so that there is a small but appreciable benefit in propulsive efficiency from the races of the screws and their interaction with each other and the hull lines. This benefit is usually between two and four percent on propulsive efficiency; not a great amount but one worth having." http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-036.php
  3. TohtoriP

    Armada: HMS Exeter

    ""British Cruisers of World War Two" states that this rate was never reached during wartime service and that the maximum sustained ROF in action was actually 3 to 4 rounds per minute. During trials, HMS Kent did achieve a ROF of 5 rounds per minute for a brief time."" http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_8-50_mk8.php So 15 secs reload in combat conditions is very historically accurate. GJ WG!
  4. TohtoriP

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    So have you guys been playing the Musashi after carrier reworks? I was kinda afraid to take it out but once I did I feel it has not suffered that much. Before when there was a carrier he could hurt me badly in the opening attack and I couldn´t really kill any of his planes. If he wanted to kill me it happened in the third attack. Now it seems that with nerfed torp damage etc. Musashi can last a lot longer even if getting focused, as there seems to be no more these crippling alpha-strikes. For example in one game I took 20 torpedoes and several floodings from an enemy Kaga and only succumbed to two torps from a Z-23 while bulldozing my way through the middle guns blazing for my team to win. I was able to shoot down some planes too and do normal 100k damage and get enemy teams focus on me for other team mates to win it. How have your experiences been? My personal take is that aircraft torpedo damage is too low across the board but I am not working for the balance department here.
  5. TohtoriP

    Blyskawica camo

    Yeah... I would rather have the special flags bundle as a reward. I have no use for this camo whatsoever and will not have use for it in the future either. Those special flags are juicy though but alas no
  6. TohtoriP

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    And one has to remember that all of those ships are one tier higher so if you get burned down by a higher tier cruiser it should be kinda okay. Buffalo and Roon and St.Louis should be the ones to compare Musashi to as we all must remember it is a tier 9 ship... even when behaving like a tier 10 in most games .
  7. TohtoriP

    My 1st tier 10......

    Hey man, you have over 100 games in tier 4 and you got 55% win rate there. You might have gotten lucky but still comparing to every other tier there is some 10% difference in your win rate. Grind lines to tier 4 at first now and keep playing there like you play now because you are winning there. More experience there will help you skill progress and basic knowledge of the game and that will carry you forward in other tiers too.
  8. TohtoriP

    My 1st tier 10......

    Yes. No point whatsoever dying all alone in A.
  9. TohtoriP

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    My win rate in the current season after 52 games is 44,23%. I just can´t make this mode work at all. A lot of saved stars though. On a positive note last game enemy team had a Neptune that made an impact for their team. That seldom happens.
  10. TohtoriP

    Something interesting from the Russian forums

    "it is quite possible that we will deal with other most imbalanced ships, but without haste. " Oh no! They will then finally uptier Musashi and Kronstadht.. But they will become unplayable
  11. OTEca1 has for example 300 games in Gearing and Benson.. and you have hidden your account. I really think he knows this "spotting mechanic" -toodledoo better than you.
  12. "Pt.2 & Pt.3 are not intended to be completed, only to confirm your participation and to track your total base XP earned during the competition." There.
  13. TohtoriP

    CV rework poll from Flambass

    Removing something from the game without putting something else in it´s place is going to inherently reduce variation. Just like you said, no aircraft means no more need for AA builds or skills thus making those skills, equipment and consumables useless and reducing the possible variations in ship and captain builds because nobody needs anymore to "gimp" their ship against surface vessels as there is no possibility of aircraft at all anymore. To be blunt if no aircraft, then why drive any other tier9 BB but Musashi anymore as it is just OP against other tier9 BBs as it specializes only against surface ships? However find yourself in a carrier game in a Musashi and you really need to think about how to protect yourself from it´s inevitable attacks. I think that implementing submarines would also increase variety of the game since then we got one more dimension (like possible aircraft now) to think about. There is one pretty good naval game where there is only surface ships. That is called Naval Action.
  14. TohtoriP

    CV rework poll from Flambass

    Carriers are not needed but attacking aircraft are. If attacking aircraft are not needed then AA is not needed and that would make the game a lot different and less varied than it currently is.
  15. TohtoriP

    CV rework poll from Flambass

    Haha! Exactly like in real-life pacific theater WW2. My take to carriers is that they should be removed from the gameplay map as ships. Perhaps so that you control your carrier air groups from top down view and they spawn in some points of the map of your choosing and those points have some kind of action points amount / timer that you have think where to deploy your planes so that you have enough actions and aircraft left for more or something like that. Also that way could be implemented land-based aircraft etc denouncing the concept of carrier and moving towards the concept of air power. I think that the air element should not be completely removed but it should be tweaked out from the current system or just played by AI. If we ditch air element completely we ditch ship AA in the same bucket because it is not needed at all anymore. Putting actual carriers into the game battlefield looked pretty lame idea from the beginning of WOWS and I always felt it was just a placeholder for something else. Now I don´t know if this new system has any merits but to me it doesn´t look like a real winner either. Perhaps keep carriers as they are for the time being or put AI in control of them if they feel so unfair (as sometimes they do but mostly because of skill-gaps of CV players) while testing more different concepts. However if carrier rework is done on the premises of console gamers and their controllers then there is nothing really left to do.