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  1. TohtoriP

    A Case against Priority Target

    This is important too. When I used to play this game before the commander rework mess if I did not feel too lazy and had the time I targeted people jsust to make them move, alter course and turn away. Sometimes I blinked a guy as a DD player to make him think of getting torped and start turning or alter speed to avoid "being certainly torped as that one youtube guy told". Working in my favor or not it was funny to watch that dance and think of ten other ways that guy would be more useful to his team than avoiding imaginary fire. I concur with the OP, PT as a two point skill is too much and I will skip it even more often than I have done so far.
  2. TohtoriP

    Tier X Battleships

    Fourth Yamato would have probably been another 460mm vessel as that was planned to be built before the docks would be free to implement the A-150 design and 510mm guns.
  3. TohtoriP

    Great things the skill rework gave us

    I have an idea. Just remove all captain skills from the game and see how it works out. Nothing can go wrong can it?
  4. TohtoriP

    0.9.12 - Updates to Ranked Battles System

    The awful random battle whitewashes have now arrived to ranked battles. I had fun when these started but now games are and feel awful. Maybe it´s me but holy hell even qualification rounds from silver to gold are mindbogglingly awful games win or lose. Did I say awful?
  5. TohtoriP

    Shikishima review

    9 minutes gameplay in a 7v7 ranked and 200k dmg. When it works it works.
  6. TohtoriP

    Results — Operation: Red, White and Blue Steel

    You are the one that brought Flamu into this conversation in the first place not me. I was just saying that Flamu does not say Vermont has bad guns but that it has a devastating broadside but the platform is not the best because it is so slow and massive. I don´t see how you interpret it like that Flamu simply hates that ship and doesn´t recommend it to anyone? The fact remains that the boats are slow, slow to accelerate and generally large targets with huge superstructures. They will take a lot of damage from many sources and can not reposition very well. They have a worse heal than the faster american BB line. A lot of people do not like those traits in a warship. It is not just that OMG Flamu said they suck so I must not use them like you make it out to be.
  7. TohtoriP

    Results — Operation: Red, White and Blue Steel

    I don´t know about peculiarities or intend to play these overgrown Colorados but Flamu especially said that the guns are "beastly" but the ship itself is mediocre. There is a lot of sheep here who just don´t want to play very slow ships whether somebody on YT likes them or not.
  8. TohtoriP

    Yours worst and best premium purchases of the 2020

    Best Free XP: Musashi, Kronstadt -Both are simply too much for tier 9 Best Steel: Shikishima -Those gun sounds make damage on their own Best doubloons: Prinz Eugen -Did I say I like the Hipper? Well this is slower in many ways but the heal forgives so much Best Container: Massa B -Tier 9 in tier 8 what is there not to like? Worst premium: Oklahoma -Unmaneuverable ship with bad guns makes very stale gameplay I have 31 premium / special ships ranging from tier 2 to tier 10. I think all of them range from adequate to overpowered ships for their tier.
  9. TohtoriP

    0.9.12 - New Year Campaigns

    Furutaka is not bad. Hawkins is playable. Besides you can first get their snowflakes and sell those ships you don´t like for credits so the campaign rewards are not that bad.
  10. I would rather say why BBs are important, area denial.
  11. I am not dismissing the fear of secondaries. I am saying that you can still have usable (feared) secondaries without skipping main battery accuracy module and Fire Prevention. Main battery accuracy is a direct boost to your 75% dmg because you hit more often with it. Fire prevention keeps you alive a lot longer thus allowing you to do more damage overall. Simple maths: secondaries with full build do 25% damage. Main battery does 75%. Which one contributes more to winning? Pushing that flank doing 75% of damage with main battery or doing 25% with secondary battery? If one builds for main guns it does not exaclty mean one will camp in the back nor if one builds for secondaries that they will push. Here is our beloved potato king about Bismarck secondaries dilemma:
  12. Strawmans aside I am saying that winning with Bismarck is not reliant on one build i.e. full secondary build. Having fun with it might be but them becoming worse versions of other tier8 BBs with a normal BB build is not the case.
  13. One can still use secondaries without a full secondary build. However as even you say that 25% of damage comes from your secondaries. Even with full secondary build the 75% comes from where? What if you would enhance that 75% more than concentrate enhancing that 25% that takes up module slots and captain skill points? To me its seems funny that a lot of people are dismissing 15 inch german guns. Those guns still make most of their damage with or without secondary build. Then same people say that german secondaries are great. Sure they are great.. as secondaries. Primary battery is the most long-ranged, most accurate, best penetration weapon system no matter how "bad" people are stating it to be.
  14. TohtoriP

    Don't play if you can't handle EPICENTRE!!!

    This. Probably because in WOT (and maybe other games too?) repair costs are directly related on how much you take damage.
  15. My condolences. This looks like a few games I had saturday. However after two appaling losses I decided that what the hell. From now on I am gonna tell all-chat merry christmas and a happy new year. So I did this and a lot of actual people responded with greetings. After this kind of MM-jinx somehow I won 8 games in a row. So all I am saying try to make the most of it.