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  1. principat121

    USS Alaska

    Die Azuma ist noch im Supertest und noch mindestes zwei Patches von einer Veröffentlichung entfernt.
  2. Usain Bolt runs 100m in 9.58s! And you? If you are slower: git gut!
  3. principat121

    T8 MM? ist DEFEKT :P

    Freut mich zu hören. Skizziere mal eine paar Routinen, die aus einer zufallsverteilten Warteschlange (Schiffe, Spieler) bessere Gefechte zusammenstellen, als es jetzt der Fall ist. Da das nicht schwer ist, denke ich, sollte die Antwort nicht lange auf sich warten lassen.
  4. steel: 3250 (but with option to buy some tier9 again for one match and getting the JB from the Arsenal I would get 4k even) I am a little bit disappointed that WG literally halfed the steel rewards for the live servers. coal: 33900
  5. principat121

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    I tend to disagree. I tested this ship with 10, 14 and 19 points spent. Standard 10 point build. Standard 10 point build plus RPF. And for 19 points I added SI and AR. And it worked (for me): 70k average while testing. But I agree that with IFHE your HE-performance improved a lot and this ship can be played more versatile (esp. with less experienced players with not maxed captains).
  6. principat121

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    What? There were at least two or three players in this thread stating that this ships is playable without IFHE. But you ignored all of them! Why?
  7. principat121

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    As written multiple times before: IHFE is not a must-have on hightier british DD! You can achieve great results without this skill! I averaged 70k over 6 games without IFHE. I wonder why you are so keen to ignore that? Ignorance again?
  8. principat121

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    So, instead of improving and overcoming your lacks in knowledge and skill to achieve reasonable results, you simply gave up! The easy coward way of resolving problems.
  9. principat121

    Matchmaking in der Kritik

    Kannst du nachvollziehbar erklären, warum Wargaming jemanden wie dir mit einer Änderung am Matchmaker entgegenkommen soll? Du spielst kaum, warum sollte dann deine Meinung ein Gewicht haben? Warum sollte man sein Spiel nach dem Gustus eines Spielers ändern, der eh kaum spielt?!
  10. principat121

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    That you pick this small and petty detail to pick on, clearly shows that you didn't understand what his post was about. Because the B-Hull of the Jutland has 3x2 turrets. Only the A-Hull has 2x2 and 1x1 turrets. But hey... these are details... don't bother them... keep your ignorance high!
  11. principat121

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    I did... Your turn.
  12. principat121

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    Your problem has a name: Dunning-Kruger.
  13. principat121

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    Because they aren't... It is the player (you) who is not capable...
  14. principat121

    Radar oder ABCD Cap Zone Abschaffen.

    Schau dir dieses Exemplar an...
  15. principat121

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    These are your (and his) OVERALL stats for ALL of your DDs. Please look more carefully... The Asashio B was you DD with your highest DD damage. But every other DD player achieve WAY MORE than you. Let us just pick your "beloved" Lightning: The average player gets 34k damage. You only 19k. That is just a little bit more then HALF of the average damage. And also all the other stats are bad! Very bad! You should consider to rearrange ALL you might know about DDs. Everything you do, you do it wrong. Yes, you are free to play, however you want.But then on the other hand, if you play utterly wrong, please don't blame the ship. Because the origin of all your failures lies in you and your wrong playstyle.