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  1. principat121

    Lengedary Module

    Niemand hat dich gezwungen sie zu verkaufen! Das war allein deine Entscheidung aus deinen eigenen Gründen.
  2. principat121

    Whats the best buy?

    I personally love the Boise/Nueve. Great HE-Damage, Hydro and a Heal on top! That's a way I like to play cruisers! Atlanta is still funny but lost its meme-potential from the past. And the Indianapolis is just a floating citadel handing out citadel hits to everyone. The already mentioned Schamhorst is still a reliable ship, even in Tier9. So is the also mentioned Haida as well. But as already said a DD is the best option in general to carry in Tier9 for a lowtier.
  3. principat121

    Continous chat bans

    It is, less surprising, always the same procedure: Claiming to be innocent and receiving an unjustified chat ban. Demanding WG to react! WG-employee checks chat logs and sees that the culprit wasn't as innocent as stated. (Details per PM if demanded by culprit) Silence and no sorry afterwards. End.
  4. You are funny and wrong again. Strange thing for someone claiming to miss nothing, isn't it?! As a supertester I am currently testing the new US-BBs from tier 7 to 10 (you can find then as added new ships in my profile). Can you find any match in them in my profil? No, you cannot. Because test ship matches are not logged in any profil. Again your high attitute fooled you. And that is what happened in your match with your Georgia for sure as well.
  5. principat121

    Kronshtadt -Tier IX-"Kreuzer"

    In deinem Post fehlt das wichtige: "Meiner Meinung nach".
  6. Bold statement. And very likely not true. This sentence is a textbook example of an exaggerated opinion of oneself. No one is flawless. You even couldn't save a replay file. What does that say about your capabilities? In this forum were dozend of examples of players missing something, thinking they were right. But the replay proved them wrong. And is'nt is a nice "coincidence" that someone who claims to miss nothing has no replay to back this up? Strange, isn't it? Came in handy, or not? I am just asking questions here, nothing more... And regarding your ridiculous ad-hominem argument: As a supertester I played the Georgia since: You played her only since august 2019. So, please, keep your high attitute for yourself. A more thoughtful person - a person you can say about that he misses nothing - would have checked this beforehand. But, what do I know about persons who "miss nothing", right?
  7. Your whole discussion does not change anything he said here: A replay is objective and will not miss anything. But you might be, even after a thousand battles you could still miss a thing. This fact will not change with the amounts played. So, show greatness and provide neutral data (aka replay file) so everyone can look into this.
  8. principat121

    Continous chat bans

    Just prove that you didn't play any games beside said trainingsbattles in the last - lets say 4 weeks? Can you? A 3-day ban is handed out by a employee after looking into your chat-logs. These logs may be some days or weeks old. So stating that you only played trainings battles and got a chat ban cannot be the whole truth. That is all I saying...
  9. [edited] Bitte sieh dir dein Replay doch nochmal an. Ich habe gerade 5min meiner Zeit hier verschwendet. Sieh das Replay an und zolle den Battle Reports deine Aufmerksamkeit. Welche Nachricht erscheint als du versenkt worden bist? Wie bist du versenkt worden? Das ist deine Antwort. Und weiterhin hättest du auch in den Post-Battle-Results nachschauen können. Da findest du jeden (Ramm)Schaden den du verursachst wie empfangen hast. Bitte mehr Aufmerksamkeit auf diese Details lege, bevor man zu falschen Schlüssen kommt. Beleidigungen entfernt. - SkipperCH
  10. principat121

    Continous chat bans

    Simple answer: You just lied. You not just only played some training battles. That's all.
  11. principat121

    Kurfürst sekundäre Geschütze funktionieren nicht

    Dann teile mal das Replay.
  12. principat121


    Richtig. Nur Elite-Schiffe (alle Module und Nachfolgeschiff erforscht) können gesammelte XP mit Dublonen in Freie-XP umwandeln.
  13. I am intrested in the Siegfried. So I reseted one line and will reset one additional in 7 days. Then I will have enough points. But that's it. No more interactions planed with the RB. I do not like to be forced to grind and grind and grind and grind to get a single ship or Legendary Upgrade.
  14. principat121

    Pommern - another joke

    What do you expect? A good german toptier ship?
  15. principat121

    [LOW & MID TIER] Are the old Premiums the best?

    Do you consider a Smolensk, or a Petropavlovsk, or a Alaska, or a Georgia as well balanced?