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  1. Furiousacerimmer

    So - three days - what's it going to be?

    Anyone not getting Gato is doing it wrong
  2. I made exactly this mistake and I'm very angry about it. Proper scam techniques.
  3. Furiousacerimmer

    Wargaming & FORCE BLUE Team Up for Ocean Month!

    10% of (net) revenue...interesting. Will that include dubs bought during the period and subsequently spent on these themed items, or just money spent directly in the premium shop?
  4. Furiousacerimmer

    King of the Sea XV: International Winners

    Is there a leaderboard published anywhere? Curious where our team finished after the qualification stage.
  5. Furiousacerimmer

    5v5 Tier 8 cruiser brawl

  6. Furiousacerimmer

    ...Well Then O_o

    If you're in the area then I can also recommend https://www.nmrn.org.uk/visit-us/explosion-museum-naval-firepower which is just round the corner from the Submarine Museum. Well worth a visit and they're all included in the entrance price of the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.
  7. Furiousacerimmer

    Illinois New Premium T9 RB ship

    I mean, I like it....
  8. Furiousacerimmer

    Contest Results: Printables

    Still no news on the winners? @Seraphice
  9. Furiousacerimmer

    Why are UK subs on double for Naval battles

    There's no physical way to actually get a British sub this weekend is there?
  10. Furiousacerimmer

    Contest Results: Printables

    Damn CVs get everywhere....
  11. Yes, seen this a few times with different updates, but it normally only manifests for the first few days of the update. Possibly it's mod-related but I strongly suspect it's just the servers struggling.
  12. Call me cynical, but I guessed when the last even was "Free Stuff for Free XP" (https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/armory-01111-random-bundles/) , there'd be a reason WG wanted us to spend all our FXP...
  13. Furiousacerimmer

    Update 12.0: Lunar New Year

    Does this mean no Brisbane or Z-42 this update? Need to know whether to spend or save...
  14. Furiousacerimmer

    Dido or Canarias?

    They're both pretty average ships that aren't a lot of fun to play, but I prefer Canarias purely because there are very few other Spanish ships at the moment and that sets it apart.
  15. Furiousacerimmer

    Bounty Rewards

    Sorry, I disagree. I was a bounty and completed the 60 missions whilst only playing Friday and Sunday afternoon. Yes it was a slog to complete within that limited time, but I was also clearing snowflakes so something I was going to do anyway. On the whole I liked the event and to be honest, rarely noticed that being a bounty increased the incoming fire. I got Gremy from my last Santa Container too so all in all, very happy. Edited to add I managed to kill 2 bounties too!