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  1. Furiousacerimmer

    Youngest WoWS Player

    Amazingly people still get salty in Coop at times.
  2. Furiousacerimmer

    Youngest WoWS Player

    My son had a go in Coop when he was around 9 years old but didn't really get it. I'm not that happy with him playing it though to be honest due to the toxic nature of chat. :(
  3. Furiousacerimmer

    Problem with reports..?

    I reckon it should tell you in battle if you've been reported, and by whom. That would be fun...
  4. Furiousacerimmer

    The Longest Night of Museums 2022

    Yeah that's fair enough. Good luck :)
  5. Furiousacerimmer

    The Longest Night of Museums 2022

    Well, I've got 15 characters now, but no idea what to do with them or as you say, if there are more to come.
  6. Furiousacerimmer

    The Longest Night of Museums 2022

    Any clue for the competition? I've got 12 characters but missing 4...
  7. Furiousacerimmer

    This or that?

    Neustra has fairly good carry potential in T9 ranked but that's about the only thing it's good for. Khaba is great fun but not a very useful ship for team play.
  8. Furiousacerimmer

    The Return of Black and a New Web Campaign

    Same for me. I've raised a ticket.
  9. Furiousacerimmer

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    This mission was available when I logged on today. Played a Dutch TX cruiser. Returned to port and no sign of the mission or progress towards it....
  10. Furiousacerimmer

    PSA: Stuck on loading screen issue

    So I had this problem for the first time yesterday. Twice in Co-ops. I've been running with the same mods for years so it's a new problem from the last couple of days for me.
  11. Furiousacerimmer

    stuck in main screen

    Yep same for me in Coops
  12. Furiousacerimmer

    So this happened...

    It's on replaywows now. 20220410_174500_PASB538-Constellation_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  13. Furiousacerimmer

    So this happened...

    I just emailed him the file as per his Youtube instructions.
  14. Furiousacerimmer

    So this happened...

  15. Furiousacerimmer

    So this happened...

    Guess which team won.... Yep, the one with no ships left alive. Timer ticked over as we killed the last enemy. I've never actually seen this happen in the results screen before though.