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  1. then forget about the circles and introduce something like Steel Division has. You push frontline and you earn points based on that. Cruisers are, nowadays, least attractive ships to play (at least the light cruisers), so these ships can move frontline easier than some battleships. If you control at least 50% of the map, you will earn points (and experience at the end of battle), less camping, more strategical battle
  2. if you yolo, there is good chance, that you will not hold all the circles at the same time. I saw way too many battles, where some ships didnt care about cap at all, they just abused people trying to play for cap and since the points are slow to get to 1000 they managed to destroy they easily
  3. DinkyDi

    no blame in quitting brawls

    I dont have T8 DD There is no chance to dodge anything in BB Good CV player will never miss. It will get only screwed by bad RNG. GG to your 51 wins, enjoy
  4. Thats it. it does not matter if Rankeds, Randoms or this ********* PIECE OF **** brawls. if you dont play for caps, then why you should get the chance to win ?
  5. DinkyDi

    no blame in quitting brawls

    F you event, where you allow CV. There is no [edited] way to defend against them at all. I wanted to have fun and what I got ? total frustration. thank you very much. I will remember that frustration whenever I would want to spend money on this game again.
  6. DinkyDi

    Cruiser Rework??

    All I want is to able take dmg, while am I fully angled against BB and not see red numbers of 10-18k per salvo. And I also want penetrations hits. to see only Overpens or torpedo belt not penetrated is frustrating. (I play Roma a lot, I know about the overpens, kinda used to them, but I hope, in 305mm CA not to see overpens)
  7. DinkyDi

    "State of Mind" and "Enjoying the Game"

    I have to remind myself, constantly today, NOT TO GET ANOTHER BAN. Listen, there should be some requirment before you can play the rankeds. Or something like bracket for apes and bots. I saw guy today, who played almost 3k games in Arkansas Beta and some other tier 3 and 4 ships. Total seal clubber. Salty AF during the ranked. His ranked WR is 41% (mine was 59 before today, thats long gone). I cannot play with people like him. Others are same, as they dont seal club to get WR in randoms up. Then there is 0 ZERO nada, null enjoyment in game. Its ******* fest of losing games, while you do 75k dmg in Agir, get kill and see yourself at second place, becase some random DD with 3 plane ships took the first place (I assume, thanks to cap). ****** hate that
  8. DinkyDi

    Controversial, but...

    simple people are happier in general.... on the other hand, frustration start if you want to be better in game and you cannot be, because (you saw why numerous times on the forums). I do play the game for fun as well, sometimes the fun fade away after 2 or 3 battles
  9. DinkyDi


    I play Agir mainly in rankeds and its no fun to see, that you cannot block any shells from BBs. The good games are when I face other cruisers (okay, usually one cruiser, as almost nobody plays them) or some DDs. Its doable in Agir thanks to hydro. But usually its bang, bang, go back to port
  10. DinkyDi

    WG - thanks for camo "International Women's Day"

    I got these camos in December, dunno why, but it looks good on Roma
  11. DinkyDi


    most of the time people dont care about friendly advice. if they would, then they would check some guide or whatever by themselves. And I am speaking from my own experience. I tried to correct some blatant errors by some players. I got some cursing back for my effort. So yeah, these people deserve be to be stat shamed. You have 42% WR and average dmg that is good for tier 4 ship ? after playing 570 battles with Mino ? (or similar numbers, saw thread about that guy few weeks ago). You should see yourself in chat, that you sucks. And maybe if 100 people will tell the same, then the person will do something about it
  12. DinkyDi


    Since when is stat shaming a thing ? If your WR is 42% after 2.000+ games, you sucks or using bots. There is no other explanation. And if you are fine with then, good for you, but this is not SP game on very easy with bots. This is MP game, with competitive people who play to win the game. And if you cant handle it, go play with bots. Or are we nearing the age, when even sports commentators arent allowed to say, that that was bad effort and that player is just bad ? because they stats shame ? (dont try on me, that this is their job, the players job)
  13. DinkyDi

    Name calling and abuse

    wish I had 3 kills, so people would call me names... great, beast, pro, OG.....
  14. DinkyDi

    What Ranked League do you play this season?

    I voted for silver, but I dont know....Last season I was in silver and it was not that great. Bronze was breeze so far, but these two weeks are long and dunno, if I want to play randoms or not. I think, that I will give one more try for silver (or maybe I will fail to qualify :D )
  15. No problem, thank you for you answer. It was just a wild idea over a cup of coffee