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  1. Potato quality, ripped off of Reddit. Shows a Salem with 6x citadels against an angled Schlifeffen using the age-old funnel bug...I mean 'mechanic' Keep watching for more shenanigans.
  2. Mcfly666

    Do we no longer get birthday stuff

    Do you know what they call a nothing burger in france?
  3. Those servers are the pinnacle of Russia technology with glorious coding, how dare you!
  4. Obviously never heard of the Iowa targeting system, and that has a range of around 24 miles/39km lol. A system so good they didn't feel the need to go digital at its last refit iirc - yet it's missing shots at a quarter of that range lol
  5. I get this too, lazy coding.
  6. Mcfly666

    Do we no longer get birthday stuff

    Got nothing to do with 'potentially really bad repercussions' and you know it, so stop arguing for arguments sake.
  7. Mcfly666

    Subs has made game play BORING!

    Diversity, Diversity, Blah, Blah, Interaction, Diversity, Interaction, Blah
  8. Mcfly666

    Is this gameplay for real?

    I get you dude, to rub more salt into it I think CV depth charges have a much greater radius and damage from any other asw in the game as well
  9. I want to thank WG for making the game more accessible for our edited https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPA3JNoyE28&ab_channel=Flamu
  10. You need to learn how to read properly, Where have I said or even insinuated that I took it too far? Where have I complained? See this character '?' This means that whatever's been said is a question, do you normally complain in questions? So take a deep breath, start from the beginning and let your neurons slowly coalesce another paragraph that shows everyone that you can absorb information properly.
  11. Discussing something that happened in WW1 has nothing to do with a political discussion? Unless you think Propaganda is exclusively used for politics? Another non native English speaker trying to moderate an English stream.... It's OK, put it down to 'miscommunication'
  12. I think I was clear man, the stream is about warships right? But they chucked in some WW1 trenches content (to buff the stream up I guess) Loads of people complained and some also said it was propaganda (including me). Then some one said something about a leaders name beginning with P and another Slava U****** Then whoever was in charge of the stream went full Rtard and went mental with the censorship, even to the guys that were having a discussion about it. The point is...That it's not a good look, funny how WG tried to distance themselves from the things happening today, yet go full tropical thunder when someone says something bad about 'P' or whats happenings in 'U'
  13. They were replying directly to the stream, by definition it had everything to do with the stream. *edit*
  14. Well, it's a warships themed stream. But we had a section about how Russians in the trenches were gassed by Germans and still the Russians beat them back. A lot of people said it was propaganda... It seemed to be okay (free-speech-not rude) until someone said hail P**** Then an insecure WG employee went full-retard and started deleting comments / soft-banning people. It's not a big thing but if WG wants to do business on the world markets then they're gonna have to put up with a bit of flak, especially with what's happened in recent times. Though I suppose they might think that everything is a dictatorship and you can't say anything bad about a society or leaders. I think it's quite ironic, they want the west's money but know nothing about their values.
  15. What's with WG deleting comments on the YouTube stream? Are they (You) that insecure you can't handle unknowns saying a certain piece of video as propaganda? Not really a good look is it WG?