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  1. First things first: I am a 27 year-old German and I am looking for a UK-Clan primarily to practice my English actively again. I have been in the game for almost two months and I am improving. Moreover, recently I had a couple of "aha-moments" of how to play and my stats on some ships improved more. Recently I have figured out how to play Cruisers better or at least the Hipper. I am struggling with my T8 Destroyer though. https://wowstats.org/stats/eu/kronoswithworstrngeu/ Definitely I HAVE been boosting my stats with my Tirpitz. No clue how people are driving this ship so badly that the stats are free on her. Overall, I gladly take in advice and have no problems with being sent into harsh training etc. especially if a Clan accepts that is much better on average than I am. I have no issues following orders and I am not thin-skinned. I want to learn and improve, want to talk, engage in teamplay and play on a somewhat competitive level (Seriously trying when playing). I used to be a very good player in WoT (where I engaged actively in clan play) and I think I can become one here too. I am willing to start to get new ships that are needed. Looking forward to your responses! Edit: Found a clan, thanks for all the kind messages!