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  1. Generalisator

    0.9.5 - General Feedback

    Secondarys are also borked. Sometimes doesn't fire at all, at clear sight targets, with no obstacels.
  2. Generalisator

    0.9.5 - General Feedback

    Today I learned that special modules are removed and only acceesable throught those special research points in weaponary. I offer the same thanks to WG as the people of Ukraine offered throught the Holodomor to the USSR.
  3. Generalisator, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    Hey, more of these ideas and we will have the same rise in player numbers as in WoT. Also, remove CV.
  4. Sometimes? Funny thing is, I quit WoT because of it. To much manure changes Active in Clan leading, recuitment, training etc. Crossout from gayjing did this it in an announcement and patch. I played also quiet aktive Wartunder, planes. I unilstalled Crossout same day, checked months if they rolled back their lie, never touched the game ever again. I am now, a step closer to "Let it go." Again. My Steam library needs a dust cleaning.Already close to complete AoW3.
  5. Generalisator

    CV Rework Discussion

    IJN is less than a shadow of it's former self.
  6. Generalisator

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yea, after they screwed CVs up they changed things, and, nobody knows if the chnages done where after reading suggestions. They ignored the ideas before the rework. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/119492-i-have-an-idea-of-a-cv-rework/ " Firstly lets make their planes finite. Thays important. Also make them played on the map, with a view from above. Also it would be better if you could choose your payload in the port. Make your ship controllable whilst flying planes with wasd. The planes should be controlled with your mouse and you can control all in-air squadrons. Even your fighters! " Add a steady plane refill since US t10CV already had"infinite planes". Even Blizzard/Activision caved to vanilla server.
  7. Generalisator

    CV Rework Discussion

    Complete Rollback of all CV changes from 2018.
  8. Generalisator

    CV Rework Discussion

    There was a ton af very good sugestions, all ignored. So, there is only one way, end this madness.
  9. Generalisator

    CV Rework Discussion

    CV was my main class. In germany, if a animal is horribly wounded, beyond recover, we put it down. So pls put CVs a last time down.
  10. Hab das CV-Fahren nach den Rework aufgegeben. War früher meine Main-Klasse. Merkwürdigerweise, wie in WoT, habe ich seitdem kein Geld mehr an WG gezahlt. War es vor oder nach 1.0 weiß ich gar nicht mehr. Mal mit Bekannten aus meinem alten Clan und anderen gesprochen. Die Spieler sind unterschwellig alle unzufrieden. Es werden immer mehr Events ausgekippt um Spielerzahlen zumindest nicht ganz so schnell abstürzen zu lassen. Ich ziehe gerne WoW als Vergleich ran. Die sind mittlerweile dran nen Classic-Server aufzuziehen. Die (Dark-)Souls-Games als Weiteres. Die hatten eine Zielgruppe. Und dann daneben noch reißenden Erfolg im Mainstream. Anstatt jetzt ihre Gamesab da an den Mainstream auszurichten, haben die aber weiterhin ihr Core-Publikum bedient, und, den Mainstream, als Bonus angesehen. GAAAAANZ überraschend hat das funktioniert. Vielleicht nicht gaaanz unwichtig ist dabei auch das die Spiele funktional OK waren und, mWn. wenig/keine Bugs hatten. Erinnert sich jemand an Fallout 76? StarWars? (Film und EA Game.) Die Branchenriesen kranken gefühlt alle rum. Fernsehserien wurden auch viele an die Wand gefahren.
  11. Generalisator

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    @Catslave , what about comparing to the stats before instead of hiding the 30.01.2019 stats and only showing the new one? To get no point? And, as I would guess, have you ever played one CV match? Not as if anyone can check a private profile. @ Topic. Initial spoting is easier than ever, single ship spotting, if found, even more bc. only one squad. The matches most players have seen, with ne damage records, would be easy topped, if the game mechanics didn't changed. And yes, I exclusively use IJN CVs. Crossdrop is the live-hood of these CVs. Forcing the demcon only to strike again. And boy, sometimes they did wait 3 whole fires to go out.
  12. Generalisator

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    Well, I only have my own games and these I watched as non-CV. Wich is infinite more than an NON-CV-Player. Stats are all going down: https://wows-numbers.com/de/ship/4181702352,Shokaku/ https://wows-numbers.com/de/ship/4179605200,Hakuryu/ But to the survival numbers, only personal experience.
  13. Generalisator

    Bug: Can't fire guns

    Happens sometimes, I think it is a typical WG core error, something is to slow or buggy.
  14. Generalisator

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    Got any numbers for that?
  15. Generalisator

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    Correct. No Crossdrop. Way less fires, if any. No continues damage like fire->demcon->flooding or flooding-demcon->->fire No map surveillance. CV die quite faster because DDs manage to sneak easier through lines. Sometimes even BBs manage that.