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  1. Hello and sorry if it is obvious or already asked but...if I still don’t own New Orleans but have the special 2 year collection camo, what will happen to it? As soon as I get the NO with the split, the camo would be there for me to use it? @MrConway thks for the great job
  2. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    Those schemes were disregarded because I don’t want to make a Montana/Lyon on an “Amagi” Hull. The 4x2 460 version is like a super Kongo and that is why I liked that approach; WG could add one of those as an alternative but I find that unlikely.
  3. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    Sorry for this late responses I have little time for this. As for the problem, I initially thought that you wanted Ise as a regular BB. If you want the BBCV one then yeah it could work; but looking at the Tone I can’t figure out something of how to balance it. Your idea is good but I don’t see WG trying to do something special for this kind of ships. The option of using a ww1 Fuso and then a ww2 Ise is quite bad. Just look how painful the New York is with stock hull and the old stock Fuso wasn’t much better. The broadside potential is brutal for that tier, even with nerfs. I don’t think WG could balance that without creating a ship that is either too powerful or too weak.
  4. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    Yeah you are right. But I have problems figuring how to squeeze the Ise here, mainly because 2 reasons: 1-Is just a Fuso with little changes. The turret layout and secondary may be different but it doesn’t bring much to the table. 2-If I were to add it, what should I change?? It lacks speed to be in the BC and the BB is already done. You could say that I can change a paper ship for it but where?? Tier 7 with a lot of buffing? I’m sorry but I don’t see her here. Maybe as a premium tier 6 pre BBCV thing; you can pick Mutsu if you want a “fast” BB with overmatching guns or Ise if you want a tweaked Fuso. I hope you understand but i’d love if you want to help me find her a place.
  5. The Yorck....Why?

    Hello again English readers!! Recently I have been thinking about the KMS CAs oddity; I’m talking about the Yorck aka Entwurf I/10. The thing that bugs me the most, is that I find her to be completely unnecessary. So you all may be asking why, right guys? Well I have only one word to say: Blücher Why WG chose to use a project instead of a real ship? Why instead of using a perfectly balanced and real cruiser, WeeGee chose a paper design? You could argue that no one could want to grind “2 Hippers” but so is (almost) the thing for Mogami and Ibuki (without the 155s i mean). Also with the new buffs, one is definitely better than the other and it could fit perfectly. And also if we get rid off the name York, she can eventually appear as her WW1 version or even the Ersatz Yorck class.
  6. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    If they ever tell make a proper BC class with less HP and a gimmick, I would love to see the 44 version of Kongo as a tier 6. Give her def aa with panic mode/ damage increase but not both (CV players would tell what is worse). Then a buff to turning coupled with better gun handling and it would be awesome. The problem will be the MM tho, which is kind of horrific for mid tier premiums (5-6).
  7. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    Because that 16 “ is a L50 one for the Kongo replacent design and I find it too much; others ideas where using Ishikari (B65) with a lot of buff to make an “IJN Gneis” or the BC design III of 1916 (a faster Nagato) but one has paper armor (The Ishikari) and the other is just a 34 kts speed Nagato without much else going for it. You can look for that design in Tzoli DV. Thks for the suggestion!! I thought the following: Scrapping the Izumo and using more A140s is a nice idea but i find that i would still like my inital plan. Mainly because you have 2 design traditions, 1 in each branch. You have the fast BB school of 1910/20 and the super BB program of the late 30s. That is why i liked the Amagi-Owari-Mikawa (1920s designs all of them) rather than Amagi-Something-Mikawa (a 1920s ship then a 30s and finally a 1920s design again). About using Kongo with 1944 and QoL buffs, i really wanted that but a Spanish friend told me that it was a bit of strech, considering the only real buff would be AA. The sigma and such could help but it is undergunned and underarmored for that. The tier 6 has 12 guns for 356/14inch and 8 for 380s or higher. The Kongo needs to show the side to bring more than 4 guns and I find that it lacks the gunpower to compete with even a Dunkerque (the french can remain angled and the jap even with HE would struggle cause low number of shells). Same as Myogi, to few guns and even at that tier it doesn’t have the biggest guns that it has at tier 4. But I would have a substitute for it just in case. Regarding the slow BB tier 5, I initially thought of Yamashiro to a early 30s refit but even with nerfs it would be too much. And and about the Ashitaka....is more the fact that they did the model wrong. It lacks torps and 2 120s DP. If WG gives that, I would stop complaining much XD. And the Ise....well that is difficult to explain. I’ve always hoped they would add the Mutsu as 1943 as a premium at tier 7 and then Ise as 1942 at tier 6. Then Hyuga could go to Hybrids. But when they launched 1920s Mutsu I left it for good. Which is sad cause I really like the Ise :(
  8. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    Yeah I agree. The thing about Yamato is that currently is the soft spot of tier X and thus I would like to lower her citadel to Montana level; this way you are punished by showing side while solving the problem of a half hull above waterline being a citadel. If they lowered the US BB, I think they could do the same here and because it retains the traverse, it doesnt need to brawl as you say.
  9. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    Well I checked the navweaps page and there it says 46cm and I think is better for her to have 460 cause with the 457s she doesn’t have much going for it if you compare it to a Conqueror (faster and that is it, because the AA i would suspect is the same level and the armor is much worse plus it doesn’t get RN heal). Also I used the L45s of the Yamato rather than the L50s of the original because the longer gun may be too much.
  10. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    Thks for the pincture!! Will update it as soon as i can. As for the MM, i bet it will remain as of now and count BCs as BBs, which is better. My inital ideas where to get rid off one heal and add a def AA with limited panic effect but no damage increase. As for the squishyness, that would be a problem too, but you can always angle and such.
  11. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    Yeah I agree with you. The problem is that WG will not change the MM for counting ships as BB or BC. So for now we will need to stick to that rule
  12. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    The MM should remain the same. As for now the BCs and BBs are counted as one class, this would be the same. Just that some are faster than others and so on. The problem would be how to balance ships like the Unzen xD. And I’m more of a fan to line splits rather than just make up things. The problem is that I would need a lot of time to do the COMPLETE TREE REWORK That will include CLs, Akizuki line to tier X and CVs made from conversions (like Akagi) 8 lines in total!! 8 freaking completed branches!!!!
  13. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    Glad you like it so far. Hope is clear enough with my English. Yep the Iwami is a 356mm gun for primary guns, and the secondary are 152s in case you are wondering. As for the BCs, I would like to ask you to wait. I’m translating all by hand and even reducing a bit the texts to fit in ; but don’t worry. I will finish in a couple of minutes .
  14. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    And finally we get to the big boys of tiers 8 9 and 10. Here is where we really get the feeling of each line and get the things interesting. But shall we continue with it? I really hope you do. The tier 8 of the slow BB is obvious at best. A follow on if the Nagato class is a logical and balanced way to progress. As such, the Tosa is the next big step towards the Yamato. This is a 44 version of the Tosa. You can see the upgraded AA and radar fit. This ship should be comparable to our nowadays Amagi. A good TDS plus 28kts speed should give her a comfortable playstyle. The secondary guns have now a 7km base range and the AA is fair at best. Following the trend started at tier 4, the big damage comes from the 25mm mounts placed all over the ship. The 127s are the same as for DPS but has 2 mounts less than the BC. A good overall ship. Now is time for the last BC ever designed by the IJN. The Amagi class is a fearsome opponent and a pleasure to play with. The changes proposed are quite a few. To begin with, the armor and overall survivality should be nerfed. The HP will stay as it is but the TDS (which is a trademark of her) should be lost to the Tosa. The turtleback would save you sometimes but you can’t brawl as effectively as before. Well, you would think so right? Then the big surprise comes. From this ship upwards, the fats BB sub tree would get torpedos!! Arranged in a similar fashion of the premium Kii, the Amagi and her successors will receive an armaments of metal fishes. The tier 8 and 9 would get quad launchers equipped with the fishes of same tier cruisers. This torps work the same way as the Tirpitz ones, they act more of a defensive weapon despite her good range. They can be launched as you kite away and nuke the enemy if you get to brawl. Just be careful with the armor. Tier 9 is a level of big changes. Here is where some ship trees have some of the best or worst ships for their entire branch. The following battleship is famous for being a very difficult one. The Izumo has long been a difficult choice. Although most people blame her for being little more than a sailing piece of s***, the ship itself serves a function. It teaches you the bow focused gameplay needed to succeed in the Yamato. Sadly, it doesn’t have much going for it and now that we have the Musashi, the old IJN Nelson is just not worth it. That is why I felt that she needs an overhaul. Here are some of the proposed layouts of the Yamato preliminary studies. The current Izumo is the A140J2 which has all triple turrets on the bow, with the third gun facing backwards. This layout is quite bad for the gameplay, limiting the use of the number 3 turret. That is why I decided to update the model to a “Yamato 410”. Just think of a small Yamato with 410s and no 155s. The secondary guns would only be the 127s arranged 6 on the side with a 7km base range. The overall look is like a Yamato but using 410s. A IJN Iowa, slower and with decent guns but better secondary and TDS. As for the fast BB tier 9 spot, I use the Owari. This Kii class is truly the tier 9 BB we dreamed of before WG releasing the premium version. The basic design is similar to the premium. The 100mm of the Akizuki and Bofors make her AA the punchiest of all the IJN till now. The armor is similar to the tier 8 Tosa except from the TDS (worse) and turtleback (better) but with the improved speed (30kts) of the preceding BCs. The torps help you deal with close range fights but the big deal are the guns. Compared to Amagi, the 410s have their reload buffed to 28 seconds and a sigma of 1.9. Finally, he gets a bit more range, up to 22km. Its time to end. It has been a difficult task translating all by hand because Google really doesn’t help. I really hope I’m being clear enough and if not, pls tell me so I can help you. Without further ado, let’s end this tree. As for the slow BBs, the answer is obvious. The Yamato class was and is the pinnacle of the IJN real BBs. That is why I don’t change her imperial majesty much. Just a quick consideration. In this era of underwater citadels and broadside showing without (much) paddling, the Yamato has the weakest side of all tier 10s. The main belt is currently counting as a citadel and I personally hate how the most armored ship ever built (in real life that’s it) is as soft as a Minotaur to BB or even Cruiser guns at ranges where she can only land a couple of salvos which doesn’t sink anything unless they find the citadel which for ships like Conqueror (or Kurfürst at close range) is impossible. Togheter with a painfully slow turret traverse, this forces you to stay bow on and camp like a champ. The changes I propose are simple. Make her citadel work the same way as Montana. Lower it to a bit above the water line and that is it. You can still citadel a Montana if he plays bad, make Yamato have that too. (The Kurfürst is with turtleback) And what is going to be the top of the BC branch? The number 13 right? Well yes, but is also isn’t. The Mikawa is definitely the #13, but more of a redesign of it. Instead of updating the design and adding a fictional modernization, I decided to build the ship to a 1940s version of it. The hull should be long and with a bulbous bow from the Yamato class. Dual rudder and 4 propellers give this ship an awesome top speed of 33,5kts (even faster than some CAs). The ship itself isn’t well protected. With a maximum thickness at the belt of only 330mm (sloped 15 degrees), the ship will suffer at long range if she shows a perfect side. That is why you need to keep moving and dancing to avoid shells and torps. Reminds of a Kongo and it should feel that way. The big thing is the guns: although the 4x2 seems outdated and difficult to make it work, I’m sure that when you hear the caliber you will forget. 460mm L45 shells firing up to 24km. The Yamato guns are awesome and they should have their place in the ultimate fast battleship too. The dispersion would be god like with a great 240m at max range but the sigma of 2.05 prevents it from being a laser. The turrets would need 48 seconds to turn and a base reload of 30 seconds is standard. The AA is simply spectacular for IJN levels. It has 16 100mm barrels arranged in 8x2 gun mounts. If we add the 40mm Bofors Chi we get a fearsome AA ship. A division with a CV could be extremely trollish. The bad side is that her secondary guns are lacking but with the torps it should not matter much. It has 5 per side and have a range only 500m less than Zao. They are as fast as the cruiser but the damage is lower at 19500. This ship is great for the kind of gameplay you have on the Kongo and Amagi nowadays. Stay at the back and punch enemy cruisers, run and kite while focused and in the late game go hunt damaged BBs. I personally think this could give a bit of fresh air to high tier meta. (Last drawing provided by @ColonelPete)
  15. Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    After the starters, we proceed to the mid levels. Here we found 2 old friends and 2 new comrades that may be a fresh air to the tier, although one may be problematic at best. The tier 6 of the slow BB tree is the Fuso. Do I have to say more? Is an iconic warship and there isn’t much to do to her. Maybe add a couple of 25mm mounts to keep the tradition of filling every possible place with light AA but I would let that to WG. In my post back at the Spanish forum, we discussed about the option of using the Kongo in the 1944 refit. Although it could be perfect from historical perspective, the Ingame one was a bit of sketchy. Yes you have more AA but that is all. The amount of guns (even after a sigma and dispersion buff) plus the concealment and armor made her difficult to use. In the end I decided to left her out and maybe introduce the Burning Love as a premium of the BC class (think of as an alternative to Mutsu). So I needed a Kongo replacement; and the great designer Hiraga gave me the perfect choice: I present to you the Tsurugi This is Tzoli drawing of the 30K tons E design for replacing the Kongo around 1928/29. Although the final version had 410s, I decided to use 356s for game balance. The ship would get her mid-late war AA mounts. The 120s in the superestructure should be replaced by 127s and the casemates removed for more mid ranged AA. The speed should be bumped from the 26kts to 30 and the armor reduced to a mere 220-250mm thick belt. We reach tier 7 and we meet the last built BB of Japan before the Yamato. The Nagato class is a beautiful design with a powerful and balanced appearance. Sadly, Ingame is kind of a turd. The changes should be minimal and may be described as a QoL buff. The reload should decrease to 30 seconds and that is it. This change is due the next warship you see in this topic. I personally hated the way WG handled the Ashitaka. They decided to lower an Amagi and even then they did it wrong. They left out things that could make her interesting and created a ship that is plain simple but boring at the same time (or looks like it cause I don’t have one). So I decided to use a fictional fifth Amagi class ship with a couple of nerfs to don’t brake the balance. Enter the Unzen: (from now on I may need to use external drawings because I lack the “real” ones) To picture our newcomer, think of tweaked Amagi. The reload of the guns would be a long (for IJN standards) 33’5 seconds. The dispersion should be good and the range around the 18,8km without plane; but the sigma is worst than the average at 1.7 and the armor is quite bad, even with a moderate turtleback included. Sounds familiar? It should because is the problem that Kii faces. In this lower tier should be less of a drawback but the 25mm bow and stern is there too.