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  1. FrankvC_Jr

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Well after 3 days of adapting, playing and sometimes suffering it, I can say that I’m still not satisfied with it. I’m having the very same problems I have on my Tirpitz or Bismarck. The ship is tanking like a boss and moves quite nicely, but you can’t hardly ever do good amounts of damage. The guns are little more than peashooters. I’m kind of worried that this would be how Imperial BCs could be balanced, and I don’t like that. At all. According to this chart I found in reddit, the PEF has less pen than Myogi, a tier 4 BC. I don’t think that 6mm should make that small difference but it just shows how difficult is to do reliable damage. I’m having a Seydlitz time with it, taking all damage and doing little in return At least I got it for free as a present and I got the gold when I finished the tasks. With those I bought Ashitaka and so far in 3 games I’m enjoying it; sure is soft as salmon sushi, but has actually usable guns, not like this mockery of a German BC.
  2. FrankvC_Jr

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    It may be because I’m not a natural English speaker and I’m not as good as a English writer too. I accept my fault Ok I agree the ship is accurate. But if it hits and still doesn’t do damage, then what can I do? I’m trying to get those above belts hits you say, or focus cruisers more, but the air drag is preventing me to land consistent hits on the seconds and it’s difficult for me to do the other thing. “Then you are dumb” Yeah that may be it, that I’m not used to do that kind of things, but the facts stay; I’m talking about how the shells don’t perform well. I had this same problem with Queen Elisabeth, only that this one had overmatch for compensate. They have less penetration than 283 of Shanhorst and on top of that they don’t get the reload for lower than average caliber. Even the Dunkerque I got from a free box is far better for dealing consistent damage, despite the less sigma. Also so as matter of off topic, do we need a 2.0 sigma for Graff Spee? Just wondering. Would try what you say tho. Thanks for the adivce (hope I wrote this one clear )
  3. FrankvC_Jr

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    As for WoWs fitting tool, the Arizona has 1.8 sigma instead of 1.5 on New Mexico And regarding about PEF, I agree with the following Sure it can be accurate, but still uses the German dispersion formula so 8 guns are less accurate than other nations 12. The worse thing is that even if they hit, the have such bad penetration that they almost ever do something. Today I needed 3 full salvos to a Spee less than 10km away to kill it: First was 5 hits all over penetrated, then 2 pens and 3 overpens and finally the 2 citadels that finished it off. The guns shouldn’t be such random and prone to shatter/not penetration/0 damage rolls. If possible, a reload and penetration buff. And if not, at least only the reload. It has less caliber than Gneis, KGV and Fuso, all of which have better or similar reload.
  4. FrankvC_Jr

    Massachusetts Vs Tirpitz Which is better?

    The speed difference is there ok, but the guns are arguably better on Massachusetts The range difference is a matter of kilometers, but because the accuracy, gun layout and hitting power is better on the US ship, the Massachusetts it’s easier to play with on high tier Plus, it has better secondary guns, better heal, better AA...it is superior in most ways
  5. FrankvC_Jr

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Yeah the arcs are quite different to standard German BB ones In this aspect, they are like the Bayern ones but they still lack that overmatching caliber The sad truth is what @Seiranko said The HE is bad, the AP is meh and the reload doesn’t make up for low barrel count like it does on ships like Gneisenau The end result? Bad performance at range (where given the “sniper” nature of the ship) and bad to ok-ish at close range but lacking the big punch of 12 gunners or the overmatch of 8 gunners I would be ok with a bad performance at long range because lack of modernized shells, but if the shells won’t even work at medium to close ranges, then the ship is little more than a oversized AA and secondary battery and I don’t want that as hard as I want consistency on main guns.
  6. FrankvC_Jr

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Will then go for an AA build, using the Hipper from Azur Lane with 10 points Thanks for suggestions At least I hope I can get her grind done again, because the doubloons will be used for Warspite Only her and Endem are needed for my historical significant ships collection Until they release more that is it
  7. FrankvC_Jr

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    In the end, I got this ship as a family present, which is really nice. Sorry for rebooting this tread a bit but I need to así a couple of questions: 1st: Should I go for a secondary build with my Bismarck captain? 2: Should I use my Bayern captain with aims to go for the classic Fire Prevention + Concealment build? 3s: Should I build one from scratch, using any spare captain I have? In that case, which one is most optimal? I don’t really go with CVs but with rework coming I’m not confident in my AA As for the ship itself, the guns are the some, if not the worst thing I have ever seen, except for the Queen Elisabeth (which I still hate to this day) They are not as accurate, too few barrel count and low caliber Is specially bad the reload and turning speed for that low mm gun I really hope the reload is buffed some time in the future, or if not the reload, at least penetration or accuracy Lack of all of that is just no good, unless you want it to be completely garbage
  8. FrankvC_Jr

    Tosa-class Battleship Kaga

    Modernized Tosa is a perfect tier 8 slow BB, whereas the Amagi would go to the fast BB/BC tree A 28kts upgraded speed, Amagi TDS and maybe 7km base range for secondary guns; if you go for shipbuckey layout, it would still have less AA and the speed of the BC, so it creates a perfect link between Nagato and Izumo.
  9. FrankvC_Jr

    Massachusetts Vs Tirpitz Which is better?

    I don’t know about you guys but I feel the Tirpitz (and Bismarck for much of the same reasons) is kind of pointless right now A one trick ship, paying a lot for the gimmick torps It’s secondaries are not as good as they used too and compared to Massachusetts it just seems she pays too much Sure the MM is as bad as others, but I feel it lacks competitive elements vs others Right now the meta makes the German sisters virtually impossible to play their strengths whereas others cope better or even have good time The question here is why would you pick a Tirpitz/Bismarck over a superior secondary ship that on top of that has respectable main guns, good AA, better secondary power, better TDS and better heal? I don’t know if it is just me who think that German BBs are being reduced to punching bags, forever tanking but getting very little in return
  10. Any idea about Eitel Friederich prize? I’m looking forward for it, even that camouflage Too bad the ship still has awful pen and reload for the caliber and barrel count tho Also, is there any free xp conversion offer coming? I’m not sure if I want to go loot boxes lottery or spend more and get Musashi
  11. FrankvC_Jr

    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    It may be one of a kind premium Maybe a tier 6 overmatching one like Mutsu to Fuso, West Virginia to New Mexico and so on
  12. FrankvC_Jr

    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    There you have it @1MajorKoenig
  13. FrankvC_Jr

    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    Isn’t it the Royal Sovereign from Royal Navy? Same here! Want pre refit Kaiser! Also the book I listed has some info on that 707 I will put it here for you later 707-X design 4x2 356mm 213 meters length 30,6 meters beam 80 000 SHP I assume is a 28-30kts ship but don’t have more data
  14. FrankvC_Jr

    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    As far as I know, the Russian BBs are the following (with some alterations/modifications/modernizations) Tier 3 Skortsov https://goo.gl/images/idsSkb Tier 4 Gangut class Tier 5 Is a Putilovski and Blohm Voss project I bet it is the707-X design with 4x2 356/14 inch guns https://www.amazon.es/Kaisers-Battlefleet-German-Capital-1871-1918/dp/1848322291 In this book appears Tier 6 Borodino/Izmail class BCs Tier 7 Black Sea 1917 project I think although very modified and modernized http://www.gwpda.org/naval/images/irn16in1917.jpg Tier 8 is weird The funnels are trunked and I think may be the missing link between Soviet Soyuz and the tier 7 The tier 8 premium is Project 21 Soviet Nelson Tier 9 is Soviet Soyuz Tier 10 I bet is Project 24, a Russian Yamato
  15. FrankvC_Jr

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Count me in for the lottery Good luck everyone!