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  1. FrankvC_Jr

    Summer Days in the Armory

    Summer Days? Seems more like Summer Whales haha Shame they do not offer sales as they used to. I remember grabbing the OG T7 Belfast in them. Shame this is the way things are done now.
  2. I had hoped for more damage and a flatter shell arc imo. Less damage than other 203mm, 180 and Nuren 150s is a freaking joke, and you lack all things except the AP. Plus, if the enemy angles, you are toast. You either bounce or do very little, even with a full salvo.
  3. Title Ingame, Canarias is listed as using the 256lb AP (AP shell weights 85kg ingame) with a muzzle velocity of 814 m/s. However, according to NavalWeapons link here, the weight for AP is 116.12KG, with a muzzle velocity of 885 m/s. Why is that?? The ship is all about it's AP and frankly, is not enough. Why is it this way? How can WG claim they follow the history while having this pretty significant discrepancy??
  4. FrankvC_Jr

    If you could make up a ship...

    This (Design made by @manolojones for our clan fictional "country": El Glorioso Imperio de Enekakalandia)
  5. FrankvC_Jr

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.4

    I really hope the captains are sold individually, but knowing how things play out usually, I don’t have much confidence. Also still no Tirpitz commander and/or camouflage WG I’m willing to pay for a full admiral pack with camouflage of her ! But please, make it somewhat reasonable and don’t make things only for boxes!!
  6. FrankvC_Jr

    Poll: Canarias or Dido?

    I just got the Spanish one and it still sounds like Latam…. Where is the proper dub?
  7. FrankvC_Jr

    Poll: Canarias or Dido?

    So I take you also consider Ark Royal and Lexington the same? They both speak English and they both sunk Off topic aside, I believe that Dido should not have been butchered like that. The ship seems like a worse Rahmat, which I find ironic
  8. I really hope they save the modernized Tosa, Owari (Kii class) and the N13 for the IJN BC tree, with Tosa replacing Amagi in the slow line
  9. FrankvC_Jr

    Poll: Canarias or Dido?

    Canarias for me (I am Spanish, obvious choice)!! Cant wait to see the potential tree we may get but…. PLEASE FIX THE VOICES!! NO LATAM SPANISH ACCENT IN A SPANISH (FROM SPAIN, EUROPE) SHIP Sorry for caps, need to make that thing clear
  10. I find it somewhat plausible in the case of the Pommern, but for tier 10, it makes no sense to use anything below 380s I have to wonder if WG actually cares about the narrative they build up or just forget after posting the reasons. Kind of how “Super ships were made in a timeline where CVs did not win the race” while, at the same time, they added the new super CVs.
  11. So yet again, according to WG, the Germans go for low caliber guns because….reasons?? Can you guys actually have a bit of common sense? I had hoped that Preussen was the sign of things changing. But nope!! Low caliber guns have to be the norm for the Germans!! And why not 38cm? You know, to actually be somewhat feasible after Brandenburg->Pommern? It would make sense to have 38cm, even 35cm guns. German 305mm is not a particularly stellar weapon
  12. Brest looks alright imo Will probably get her just because I grew fond of the Dunkerque, despite my initial reservations
  13. Wish the NDA allowed us to see the spreadsheet and see where exactly it over performs because I doubt it is a better ship than Pensacola, Trento or any other cruiser of that tier
  14. Wow Now Canarias have less AP alpha than Devonshire, Trento and Aoba, even less than Nuremberg. And let’s not forget that it does not have torpedos, HE, SAP or something like that. Just…..wow Dido is extremely disappointing too
  15. FrankvC_Jr

    The Spanish Littorio

    Remember that, even if a ship is based on something but has different stats or quality, it would not be a clone per se. For example, AL Rossiya is different than Soyuz, despite being almost a 100% match to the tech tree A hull. WG could very much leave it as a more AA Littorio and call it a day, or make her a bit slower, less nimble, but with some tweaks. No SAP, no smoke, maybe def AA or some kind of gimmick and that’s it.