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  1. FrankvC_Jr

    MAC Wrapper 2.0

    Thanks a lot!! I did not update and I probably will not in the near future. Thanks
  2. FrankvC_Jr

    MAC Wrapper 2.0

    Hello! Recently the game started going well but I updated the Mac OS from Mojave to Catalina and it had no support. I spent this whole morning going all the way back to Sierra and it works but when I started the game launcher it updated saying "now compatible with Catalina" or something like that. Can someone confirm that the Game Center works on Mac OS Catalina? I don't want to update and do all the process again The sooner the better please
  3. FrankvC_Jr

    A proposal to WG

    Hello all. Recently I have been playing my Yoshino, after a long long grind, and Im enjoying it despite the fact that is a ship made only for being a damage dealer. Had the option to pick Smolensk, but found her extremely boring and I did not want to rain HE inside a smoke, already have Belfast for that. But speaking of Yoshino, or more specific, the B65 project, I found out that both current Azuma and Yoshino don't have their intended belt armor. If you check Wikipedia, and most other sources about the ship design, it says it should have a 190mm/7.5 inch belt, while currently both B65 sisters have 178mm. Is there any reason why? But ok, I guess it is because """balance"""". But I started thinking about how we, well, WG could make an IJN Siegfried by updating her armor and changing the guns. How? Is simple really; the design B65 had a planned update, changing the 310mm to 356mm /14inch in a 3x2 set up. I say we take the Yoshino and add that gun option or maybe create a whole new ship all together. Use same design idea as Siegfried, few guns with standard CA accuracy. Maybe reduce the range a bit, retain 1 quad torpedo mount per side, improve secondary guns accuracy, improve the belt to historical project levels and place the citadel at waterline level. Then you could have a "brawler" B65 class and maybe use the usual name that internet suggests for that ship: Ishikari. Of course, If this comes through, I would love to get one for free as I was the one who wrote this proposal What you guys think?
  4. FrankvC_Jr

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    A friend ended his boicot buying this thing. As he says, the Virus should have been tier 4, as her contemporaries Gangut, Kaiser, Wyoming and Orion are. But he likes it no less. Maybe when I get myself a good amount of money I will buy her, but as of now, im saving up my pennies for others. Does the panEU flag change to Austrian one, like the Commonwealth does?
  5. One day I hope. But better be before we all end up ragequitting Sorry for double post, but I had to say it
  6. Feldmarschall Kenobi? Tbh, I would love to see more premiums to trees that lack them. Maybe one or two, but something. Which nation and which ships? Well, don't know for sure Maybe if they release Siegfried already they can start working on other ship lines and we could get premiums for those.
  7. FrankvC_Jr

    German BBs - pls improve aim

    Im not entirely sure about the win rate argument in recent days/weeks. I think it may be caused because good players are resetting lines and the German BBs are the first ones they are doing it. Maybe the amount of playing time with those ships is higher than usual, because of that reset. I may be wrong but this are my two cents. The problem, as far as I see it, is how they are worse than the competition. Sure the stats on them aren't that great if you rule tanking and armor out, but the fact that the combination of long range meta and other things make them bad when compared to their opposite numbers. If we take for example the Kurfurst vs Montana, we can safely say that the Kurfurst is worse. She has better tanking capabilities but other important things, namely guns, maneuverability, AA and such are much better on the US ship. I strongly suggest WG studies how meta is making them worse. If the meta makes a build standard and compulsory to use, this is awful for the variety that should be ingame. And if that build makes ships far superior to others, or more precisely, German BBs (in this particular case) far worse than others, this needs to be changed. It is simply not fair that you are playing such inferior ships. Thats what balancing department should do, instead of ruling out OP premiums or making others very much pointless.
  8. FrankvC_Jr

    German BBs - pls improve aim

    While I agree that the stats across the holy spreadsheets are more or less ok, I find there are 3 problems, one for each of the 3 last tiers: -Bismarck/Tirpitz: All rounded ships which should excel at close range thanks to the secondaries, hydro and torps. Problem? MatchMaking is brutal (or it used to), everyone camps at max range and you burn like a cinder and other ships have been introduced, namely Massachusetts, which has absurd secondary accuracy and better heal, and better guns (less range but gains more AP pen and overmatch). Don't make me talk about the Soviet ones and their special accuracy. -Frederic the Great. People camp even more. 8 guns with horrible gun angles and without accuracy to make up for them. The good reload means very little because you usually end up with 4 inaccurate barrels and cant hit often. And the competition is much worse. Musashi, Georgia, Jean Bart..shall I continue? -Kurfurst: Probably the most accurate of the three last tiers, mainly because it gains 4 more guns, 1 per turret. Still, it doesn't have anything special for both their gun choices. Either you gain a minimal amount of pen and damage, at the cost of reload, or you stick with worse guns than the rest of the tier Xs (and I strongly believe even the 420s are inferior to every other BB gun at that tier, not sure how Bourgogne guns are, without taking into account the Reload Booster) The rest of the package is strongly below average if you rule the tanking properties out. And those are questionable with the amount of HE spam you take. And speaking of that, I really hate how the meta makes you use the Tank Stealth build....which makes the ship a worse ship than every other around at the same time and neglects the "uniqueness" of having good secondaries. It seems today that all you see today is the same. As soon as a new tree is released, most will not even try to develop new builds, they simply put the same captain build on 1, 2, 3, 4 ships. I can't wait to see Italian BBs and I know what will be the recommended build. You guessed it, the always present and incredibly boring Tank Stealth build.
  9. Im afraid I don't know how to install it on my Mac Found the WoWs folder but after that what shall I do?
  10. FrankvC_Jr

    MAC Wrapper 2.0

    Hello Not sure if this is the correct place but I think it is. Recently I downloaded the game thanks to the thing uploaded here. At first it worked just fine, sometimes a bit slow loading or not fluid gameplay. But after two or three matches, the following happened: Sorry for poor quality but you can see that only the outline of the ship is visible. In battle it works more or less, sometimes having trouble loading the camouflage and such. But also, when scrolling up and down, this happens: Last one is crap potato quality, even more than the other, but you can see that this annoying stripes or bands or things appear all over and make gameplay frustrating I tried playing WoT and there it had problems and said that it may be the graphic card. Any idea what to do? Will update ASAP what graphic the thing has, if that helps Edit: Its the Intel Iris Graphics 550 edit 2: This happened during a cyclone/storm If i zoomed in it worked a little bit better, but not much Im thinking it is the graphic card so if someone knows how to fix I would be very thankful
  11. And here was me hoping to see info about Siegfried because I’m writing a line proposal about Panzershiffes. Guess the myth about the “Pocket Battleship” is true and the Graff Spee and her heirs like the Siegfried were BBs all along
  12. FrankvC_Jr

    German Battleship H42

    Call me crazy but what if: 1 They remove the 420s from the FdG and makes her still use the 406s?? It would be the H39 and its upgrade with AA 2 Make the Kurfürst a proper H class with 4x2 420mm Twin turrets? That would need a lot to work but is more historical than the 4x3 layout. The germans wanted 4x2 in twins, why not make it true?
  13. FrankvC_Jr

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    Cant wait for a historical H class with twins now that they are becoming a trend.....but I bet she will be crap too
  14. FrankvC_Jr

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    At this point im wondering why. Why not a proper line split? One with the Georgia and then this? I guess money is the reason.
  15. Akutan Fleet Flag Ship