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  1. And here was me hoping to see info about Siegfried because I’m writing a line proposal about Panzershiffes. Guess the myth about the “Pocket Battleship” is true and the Graff Spee and her heirs like the Siegfried were BBs all along
  2. FrankvC_Jr

    German Battleship H42

    Call me crazy but what if: 1 They remove the 420s from the FdG and makes her still use the 406s?? It would be the H39 and its upgrade with AA 2 Make the Kurfürst a proper H class with 4x2 420mm Twin turrets? That would need a lot to work but is more historical than the 4x3 layout. The germans wanted 4x2 in twins, why not make it true?
  3. FrankvC_Jr

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    Cant wait for a historical H class with twins now that they are becoming a trend.....but I bet she will be crap too
  4. FrankvC_Jr

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    At this point im wondering why. Why not a proper line split? One with the Georgia and then this? I guess money is the reason.
  5. FrankvC_Jr

    Downfall of Bismarck

    I think the problem is also how meta is just the opposite of the ideal habitat for german BBs. But what I dont find logical is how things like Massachusetts and Georgia (not sure if she has been released, been away from the game for 2 weeks) have much better “gimmick” The heal and increased accuracy on secondaries would be awesome for encouraging a bit the brawling style. Maybe not the 40 seconds cooldown but 60 or so could work. The main guns would still be quite bad tho.
  6. Ahh I see. Is for balance reasons then, fine with me. The Blucher one I still think a real ship would be nice instead of paper but no problem too. Thanks!
  7. Hello fellow readers. Last night I was working on a project that involved some additions to the German tree (also have one for Italian CAs WiP too, don’t call me wheraboo.....even if I am one ) and I realized something weird. It is about how Admiral Hipper has much better concealment, both stock and with upgrades, than Prinz Eugen. According to the wiki, the tech tree ship (Hipper) wins in concealment by a 0’7 kilometer. This means that even with upgrades, the Eugen will have worse concealment than its sister ship. I don’t find the reasoning behind this decision. Is it a intended nerf to the premium or a buff to the tech tree? Sure I know that makes little difference but does it really? Hoping someone can explain this to me. I’m just curious . Also and speaking of Hipper class as a whole. Why WG chose to use the Yorck, paper ship predating the Panzershiffes, for the tier 7 spot? Why not use the Hipper class Blucher for that? Ok it may be the same ship but is not unprecedented, seeing how Monarch follows KGV or the Mogami and Ibuki are the same if not for the 155s. They could easily make her a decent tier 7, with old 13 seconds Hipper had for reload and the old fire chance and reduced range. Opinions?
  8. Ups I derped that one. I meant Lion class so yeah one of those others should be the candidate for the tier 4...or rename current Lion to Temeraire, leaving the name free for the BC and the incoming Thunderer too. Up to WG still. The tier 8 and up I asume they could go for G3 and derivatives or other projects, but I’m not aware of how they were aside from the G3 class. We can always go to shipbucket but other than beautiful drawings and some tidbits of info thanks to the shared secondary guns, AA and that kind of things that can be guessed by just looking at them, I’m not sure how their capabilities (and modernizations) could look and play like.
  9. Yeah I saw it too. Its funny because I was working in a Panzershiffe tree proposal and then this appeared out of nowhere. Same as when I and some friends were making Imperial German BCs and Eitel Friederich showed up. 2 things I dont like: -Tier 9 or 10 will make it coal or steel aka more grind. Hoped for more mid tier like Nelson -It will have troubles facing the russian botes and probably american Alaska because reasons like barrel count and such. Hope to see it end well and not a Eitel Friederich fail. If they added proper BC class for Hood, Kongo, Eitel.....it could work.
  10. FrankvC_Jr

    Not a cruiser man myself......

    Remember the Fiji tho....can’t wait for Belfast 1943 without radar and HE but with Torps and tier 10 heal
  11. FrankvC_Jr

    Is a bit of Mikasa love possible?

    Maybe an unique module with the likes of Katori and Yubari...let’s say a 50% range increase 100% HP for secondaries and a +50% accuracy for secondary guns....and if no enough, so something about the main battery too, it misses way too much for 4 guns. If the buffs go well, we can then have things like Majestic, Shwelsig Holstein (however it may be spelled), Borodino and even panEuro predreads like Kilkis for Greece, Monarch for Austria Hungary and possibly the coast defense ships of Scandinavia.
  12. FrankvC_Jr

    Your top 5 most Fun ships

    5 Atago: Because using her as a sneaky, fire starter ninja even on tier X is fun. Other than that, maybe because she was my first premium and I have a strong bias to her. 4: Graff Spee: If you play your cards right and the RNG doesn’t troll you much, is a pretty decent ship for playing the “Big Cruisers” style, hunting other CAs or CLs, but with less efficiency than some of the high tier examples and less “tools” for me to use. When I buy the likes of Alaska or upcoming Yoshino, will probably leaver her but as of now, I like her quite a lot 3: Bayern, Shanhorst and Tirpitz: I love my secondary and brawlers BBs a lot, and this 3 are usually my choices for playing battleships in their respective tiers. The Bayern helps me feel the overmatch (until I finally decide to buy Warspite ), the Sniny Horse helps me hunt cruisers and the Tirpitz.....well this one is different. I want to still play her as I used to, but is very difficult to do it. Still, if the reds allow it, the Lonely Queen in the North is a pleasure to play . 2: Prinz Eugen: I absolutely enjoy how much punishment this pudding can endure. Add decent guns, torpedos, hydro and that heal she received, and you find a great escort ship, capable of enduring tier X MM without much trouble and having the capability of rushing BBs to murder them with her metal fishes. 1: Furutaka: Because she is my girl and waifu.......yeah it’s true! But most of all because I have being playing her through all her story, from the days of the single turrets that took almost as long as a battleship to reload and rotate, to the recent buff to match Zao special dispersion. The 203mm Big Guns are not to be ignored and I sure love how I and her wreck everything that dares to oppose us....if we don’t screw it up of course Thats the official list, because my clan is quite wheraboo and weebo and if I have to keep my rank it has to be like this.........can always add the allied warships in a spoiler tho
  13. I know but I was talking about the original BCs from Jutland era. The Vanguard and Hood should be the model for the late tiers, taking the Vanguard pattern of better base rudder shift and increasing the overall survival capacity because the artillery is no longer as potent and impressive as before. If they do Vanguard like ships on high tier, it could be quite nice to have them.
  14. Im strongly convinced that Renown should be tier 6 as rebuilt, as it is a derivative of the R class which are itself a derivative of the Queens. The Hood (class) being the follow on of them, is rightfully placed one tier higher (7) and after we can start discussing paper ships. About the gameplay, they would be like oversized CAs, until we get a proper UK CA tree of course. I have to admit that I don’t own Hood or even Vanguard, but maybe a good alternative way of making a BC tree, either for German and/or British, could be by making ships like those 2, following the traditions of being good gunned and speedy squishy mega CAs (Royal Navy) and poor armed, in caliber at least, but speedy and tanky ships (German Navy).
  15. My little thoughts: Tier 3 HMS Indefatigable tech tree Tier 3 HMS Invincible as premium Royal Navy (similar way as Bellerophon-Dreadnought, where the “famous” and “father” of the type is premium). Tier 3 HMAS Australia or HMNZS New Zealand for the Commonwealth tree (I’m not sure about how correct is HMNZS tho) Tier 4 Lion tech tree Royal Navy Tier 4 Queen Mary/Princess Royal premium Royal Navy If we have IJN Ishizuchi and IJN Myogi which are Kongo prototypes, the “real” Kongo basis should be one tier lower too Tier 5 Tiger Is basically HMS Kongo as far as I know. A proper modernization should do well to this ship. Tier 6 HMS Renown main tree Tier 6 HMS Repulse premium The most advanced and modernized of the 2 is the main tree, similar to QE and Warspite. It may need a buff to reload (26-27) but I feel the good AA and speed (even torpedos if they add them) could be enough. Tier 7 Admiral class (Hood sisters) Tier 8 to 10 Papers I assume G3 should be there, either as a premium or main tree.