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    You can even do it with premium ships too. I just did a test with the Kaga
  2. SoundwaveOiA


    you actually CAN get a bot cv in training rooms, select your ship as a cv, ready it. Then at the other team make it copy the first team. voila, bot cv in the training room. It'll behave weird tough :) they will send out a plane wave, then small waves, rarely move at all. Their AA and automatic consumables work tough
  3. SoundwaveOiA

    Arsenal Irian

    meanwhile, thanks to it beeing put in only lootboxes, I simply cant get an irian at all.
  4. SoundwaveOiA

    Premium t8 ship Irian

    NVM missread
  5. SoundwaveOiA

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    well I cant buy any more crates here in Belgium, they are all gone. Are they still available for you guys?
  6. well belgium here, done with the lootcrates it seems. No more containers in shop and if going by the front page link it says This item is not available in your place of residence. Please browse the shop's website to find other interesting offers.
  7. well I just used my coupon on the JB in the specials section and it worked. Meaning I just bought it for €46,19 a slightly more expensive T8. The guys who had this coupon and bought JB yesterday or the day before are gonna be PISSED... honestly without this I would have neither bought JB or used the coupon... so well played WG... well played... you got me
  8. SoundwaveOiA

    The Pumpkin harvest has gone rotten this year.

    yup the halloween containers are pretty much dead for me aswell. WG has been doing very questionable lately on these crates. -the royal navy ones were pretty meh -the ovechkin ones are overpriced as **** -the halloween ones have been nerfed into the ground, the non perma camo's are mediocre even restless fire has suffered a lot from powercreep and no doubloons for double perma camo's just outright kills their value. and going by the dev blog the upcoming black friday ones seem veeeeery questionable aswell
  9. We already know what the halloween containers have, it's on the news page the new special camo's and this: · 15x "Type 3 – Halloween" camouflage patterns · 15x "Halloween" camouflage patterns · 15x "Storm Wind" camouflage patterns · 15x "Restless Fire" camouflage patterns · 15x "Blue Lagoon" camouflage patterns · 25,000 Free XP · 2,500 doubloons the real kicker is this part: "A container provides only one of the above-mentioned items. Please note the following: camouflages provided in containers can be received only once. If you already have all special camouflages, you will get other items from containers." so no doubloon farming this year.
  10. SoundwaveOiA

    Halloween: Scary Battles! - Discussion Thread

    A container provides only one of the above-mentioned items. Please note the following: camouflages provided in containers can be received only once. If you already have all special camouflages, you will get other items from containers. so basically goodbye to getting a nice amount of doubloons...
  11. SoundwaveOiA

    Once a potato, always a potato

    as posted above, experiment and see what you like in the first tiers. Otherwise tell us a bit of what playstyle you like maybe we can then give better advise on what line to choose. For cruisers you need to have a lot of situational awareness and keep in mind that cruisers who show their broadside risk getting instantly deleted. At low tiers this isnt yet that noticeable since the first BB's tend to have god aweful accuracy (except nikolai!) but say from mid tiers on a cruiser that shows broadside to a battleship is asking for a quick ride back to port. If I'd have to give you a few pointers to work on which are good for DD's, CA's and BB's in general it would be these three: -situational awareness, look around you and at your minimap (enlarge it if you havent yet) as much as you can, which ship is spotted where, where is it moving towards, where are the dd's and so on -practise your gunnery skills, obviously very important -hammer this into your brain if you have not yet... DO NOT MOVE IN STRAIGHT LINES FOR LONG TIMES. change your course regurarly. It will save you from a lot of shells and torpedoes Oh one final piece of advice I want to give you right now, if you go back into random for the moment stay away from T5-6 matchmaking wise they are in a pretty bad spot right now and often get matched up against T7 and T8
  12. SoundwaveOiA

    Once a potato, always a potato

    hi there, welcome back RU tier 6 cruiser means the budyonny which is well.... fragile! it's a ship in which you get punished heavily for making a mistake. If you have that much trouble hitting hopping in Co-op is definitly a good idea, practise your gunnery there till you get a hang of it. good youtube channels to watch and learn things from: -ichase -notser -aerroon -flamu I'm sure I'm missing some You had fun, that's the most important part and one thing... "once a potato always a potato", dont ever believe that, if you are willing to learn and improve you will get better! The real potatoes are those unwilling to learn anything or accept advise
  13. SoundwaveOiA

    Commander, Captain and Admiral Presents...[merged threads]

    why do I get the feeling the game is trying to tell me I need free xp for missouri...
  14. SoundwaveOiA

    Oh Wargaming...

    The german Type VII uboat which was basically their most used submarine had an 18 knots speed surfaced and a 8 knots speed submerged. On the surface it would be sunk by pretty much the first shell from anything that hits it. With 8 knots submerged what are you going to accomplish? unless you simply camp at the spawn and pray something drives into your fire range the sub wont be able to do anything remotely significant.
  15. SoundwaveOiA

    Port slots,upgrades

    I dont think they'll be doing that anytime soon. They know people need slots, inevitably people will buy em at 300 gold