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  1. Kronke

    Are carriers underpowered?

    And something like this can be done with just a class cap per game, impatience is a effective way to keep numbers down. Works fine in many other multiplayer games and allow for more creative design. As to OP are CV 's underpowered ? No . The AA mechanic is simply bad. Put a CV in a match with next to no AA and an average player semi aware player can make a good contribution to the team. While in previous versions even a average player would maul the enemy team.
  2. Kronke

    AA & CV's..This has gotta stop WG

    While WG use a all or nothing approach to AA and planes , it will swing back and forth between not enough and too much. Possible solution ? Make AA primarily about disruption with a low chance of destruction. Leave fighters as the main source of destruction. Change the nature of disruption. Rather than a fixed effect , the higher the level the higher the chance of dud torps/bombs and higher the chance of going off course. Captain skills for more resistant planes/ accurate AA gunners directly affecting % Minimum and maximum values to always give a chance to both sides. This would allow low AA ships a better chance of doing something and been alone will not signal a death knell by air (still hurt mind) Lower tier CV in a higher tier game could at least get to target and have a chance of doing damage. Choice of loadout will have more meaning One full CV strike on a equal tier full health ship (not DD's) would not be instant death unless it was stationary and unlucky , (floods, fires citadel). Overall the idea is to get away from the all or nothing which is not that much fun to be on the giving or receiving end and allow ships to take some knocks as is fitting. Would need a A2A combat overhaul as well as that's still too RNG and not well implemented. Though I doubt little will happen on either as WG finds it difficult to do anything needing more than point and click.
  3. Kronke

    Alternate CV / AAA mechanics

    Do you have a source for the for the chance to kill method , I would be interested in reading it ? Your second paragraph seems unclear to me. The lower server load part is fine but the "i think it should be coded with hp" seems at odds with the last sentence
  4. Kronke

    Alternate CV / AAA mechanics

    Yes they do. A regenerating pool which resets once the squadron has left AA cover (DOT effect). There is also RNG at play and quite possibly criticals but WG has not to my knowledge given the exact percentage. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/13878-basics-aa-mechanics/ The guide is an older one but the core mechanic of how AA and planes interact has not changed, merely the values of survivability (HP) and AA rating (DPS)
  5. Kronke

    Game optimization, lag, choppy framerate, etc. ranting

    Since Dec patches the game has been leaky as hell, have to wait till next one to see if they clean up their code.
  6. While I do know its too far gone and WG far too stubborn to do a rethink, I hate ideas bouncing around in my head with no one to cast constructive critique on them. The current CV/AAA interaction is not effective imo. It creates too many all or nothing outcomes and does not scale well when mismatch tiers are present e.g. T8 CV vs. T6 AAA. The proposed idea gets rid of odd hit points mechanic for planes and intends to flatten the ends outs more and put emphasis on fighters being the killers of planes. Overall there will be less plane destruction but conversely there will be more chance of missed attacks. All squadrons to be 4 strong regardless of nation. All planes to have distance on them on map (why is this still not implemented?) Oh and a scale on the map like maps are meant to have. Alt view if squadron selected will show distances relative to squadron. 1. A2A Combat. No fighter lock. Ammo will remain as limiter fighter groups get x number seconds/ticks of ammo before rearming is necessary remaining fairly consistent across tiers. Equipment or Captain skills to give bonus? Planes will have a Air Defence and an Air Attack rating. initiators of combat get bonus for first few ticks (either strike first or bonus to attack rating). Each tick attack rolls are made if successful plane shot down. Rolls are made at same time. The idea is get rid of the current wipe outs that happen 1 vs. 1 and if you engage enemy fighters, you will expect losses even if you out tier them. This will also give sea planes and damaged fighter squadrons more bite. No free lunches in air combat. 2 Non CV planes. The core code is in game , allow non CV's to order their planes if they so chose via the minimap. 3 View from the skies. Rather than ,always on laser tracking, that all planes seem to have, planes engaged in A2A combat do not spot, they are after all busy. Perhaps even a chance to spot for all planes rather than always on. Combined with point 2 this would allow Sea planes to assist friendly DD's being spotted by enemy planes. Perhaps also have a dedicated spotter plane with equipment to match. 4 AAA. Currently 3 ships with the same AA rating as 1 ship will perform much worse at AA due to how it is worked out. AA zones to be kept but rather than work out on a per ship basis, AA is combined. Rolls made against all planes , AA rating not divided by planes in zone as is current. Removal of focus bonus. That combined ratings main effect is disruption rather than destruction. There would still be a chance to shoot down a plane but it would be the exception rather than the rule. Instead the higher the AA rating, the higher the chance of ditched attacks, higher chance of duds and reduced accuracy. Caps for each check to allow something to get through, which can be dodged if tinfish. This would allow weaker AA ships to group up and have a better effect than current, even alone they could do something ,again no free lunches. Conversely no fly zones would not exist and there would still be a chance even if low that something may launch correctly allowing low tier CV's in higher tier games to have some effect. This would also allow spotters to spot and essential behave as if they were above the AA ceiling without having to implement altitude. 5 CV curve. As you progress up the tiers the main changes in aircraft would be damage of anti ship weapons , size of air group , speed , AA resistance ; more likely to keck your pants in a tri plane than a new shiny DB, AA & AD ratings. Maybe spotters? You will be more likely to win against a lower tier CV but not with losses. The biggest advantage would be speed. 6 Nation flavour. If WG still wants a Nation flavour the above allows for that but does not make things such as better fighters or better torps be so overwhelming. The above is fairly rough , welcome constructive replies, thoughts etc.
  7. The res mods folder is just a straight up file check , one overwrites other. Simple exclusions would leave modders a smaller set of files to mod as would good practice when creating new code. Remember the super long barrel mod to see which way enemy guns were pointing. Ended by a few simple lines telling client not to render a skin beyond a certain size. I'm with you and pro modding mainly from experience of bad ui design , however I think some gameplay related ones are fine . countdown on base captures , last known positions , info on players panel as theses are memory aides and really should be in game. Silly the vanilla minimap shows me all the dead ships but not the names or the range of my guns.
  8. If a game is on PC people will want to mod it. Allowing people to have their favourite anime/pony/football team / national emblem invests them more to the product , stay longer and maybe spend more money. In WG case it's like having a free dev team to do all the things they (insert choice) could not be bothered with/no money for/ lack of skill to do / lack of imagination for. Like dazzle paint rather than the fantasy camos , yes this is a bugbear ;) It also allows people to change silly things that WG will at some point put in , e.g the latest sounds been optimised for low quality equipment will no doubt fuel more sound mods. If WG have their wits about them the core files will be encrypted and have checks run on them during loading and at times during usage. Who knows that may be why the port screen hogs so much resources , most likely not, just bad optimisation. Many of the 'cheat' mods that have occurred in WG products are mainly down to the way the client is coded and are easily stoppable compared to dll injectors for instance. It just wheather WG cares enough to commit resources, again unlikely as the game certainly does not feel like it's ever had much resources given to it. Sorry for the tone of the post but hey WG has form in this area.
  9. Kronke

    Karma mechanic

    The system is as meaningless as it is on a forum. As there is no effort involved people been people will just use it out of spite of out of some narcissistic need to been seen as a paragon. Nice people will be nice, mean people will be mean. It's rather obvious who is who on any given day. Takes just as long or quicker to type , gj , thanks for the assist etc etc as it does to send a compliment and the effect is immediate rather than buried on a service record that can be set to private anyways. WG please focus what little dev time and money you have on the actual game, maybe do some proper testing now and then, perhaps even set a team to get to the root cause of desync in all your online titles.
  10. Kronke

    Imperial Flag

    Indeed however much I like my collection of Soviet era marching tunes it does not make me want to paint the world red so to speak.
  11. Kronke

    Imperial Flag

    OP. If you are after the correct historical flags, Aslains modpack has a selection to choose from. Also has a nice skin pack which has some dazzle paint for your ships rather than the fantasy WG camo. And if you are so inclined it has ponies. 0_o http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/12780-mod0521-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview-v52103-30122015/
  12. Kronke

    0.5.1 IJN CV "fix"

    It's your choice to reject it and I respect you standing your ground with civility, this is far too polite for a WG forum ;) Again though without knowing the decks used it's apples and oranges trying to compare the Ryujo and Indy. Given the weak IJN planes I would put money that the amount of A2A decks is far lower than Indys but we do not know for sure and both only have anecdotal evidence in that regard. 10k damage difference though could easily be attributed to a DB's the Ryujo having 6 more out than the Indy std deck. That I'm basing on my Bogue which I exclusively ran a A2A deck and still got ave of 10k per game with just 6 DB's . Also noting the survival rates are much closer which in turn has made the other stats closer too , the differences again can be easily put down to other things besides TB's. TLDR We need more complete data. Tier modifier to control leveling and to try and maintain the curve WG want. Things also cost more in xp to unlock so its all just relative.
  13. Kronke

    0.5.1 IJN CV "fix"

    You missed the point . Focus . IJN players know their planes are rubbish and from my experience and others I have talked to/seen in battle they focus on offense. In a USN CV that focus is not there as unless they run a strike deck. Focus is spread or mainly on A2A both with which you will do less damage even if you had the same planes as less of your time is spent attacking ships. 1. Yep it's their Brucie Bonus which should preclude the CV been weaker in other areas but a semi skilled CV player can negate that. 2. Your words not mine. 3. Again your words not mine I am merely pointing the analysis is flawed as it is based on incomplete data and basing a CV's worth on damage alone is equally flawed. Taking the Hosho / Langley comparison you could easily argue that the lower survival rate accounts for the variance on other stats. Quick q . Do you know what the value "point" represents from the data you provided ?
  14. I don't know if I'm either unlucky or this is WG idea of fun. Played several games in my Ryujo today and my planes are dropping like flies. I know WG has wants to make it a thing that IJN have less durability but after losing squadron after squadron of fighters to DB and TB's I gave up trying to intercept at all. Even when attacking lone lower tier ships with low AA I was lucky to come away with 1 plane from a squadron. Anyone else getting finding their planes more fragile than usual ?
  15. Kronke

    0.5.1 IJN CV "fix"

    The myth busting doesn't hold true as you are missing the important variable on what decks/style the players are using. Using as is, is comparing apples and oranges. At best it suggests that IJN are more offensive and USN more defensive. Based on other CV players I have talked to and my own experience when playing a IJN deck you rarely use A2A deck and go all out so you would expect a high damage rate as that's your focus. USN play is either more mixed so attention is spread or A2A , this does not always mean more planes shot down as often you are merely warding off the threat of attack and playing cat and mouse. While some players can proficiently do two + things at once most CV players cannot. Not their fault only human.