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  1. Nikoladiv

    Croatian Navy

    Very good presentation of Croatian navy, your enemies are shaking when they see it!
  2. Nikoladiv

    Last battle of Bismarck

    Awesome story u got there to read, this is very good to learn something about ships.... :eyesup:
  3. Nikoladiv

    Battle of Lissa (1866) "Bitka za Vis"

    A very intrasting story thanks for sharing it to us! :medal: +1 from me too
  4. Nikoladiv

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Is there going to be a Yugoslavian fleet? They had a fleet but it was not so big as i think... :amazed:
  5. Nikoladiv

    Battleship on a truck

    Yea man really nice picture you got on that truck! :Smile_smile: