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  1. klukken

    king of the sea container

    hi WOWS and players. is it only who was unlucky not to get a KOS container(code). I watch the finals both days saturday and sunday on twitch. sry i write so late. cheers klukken.
  2. klukken

    PSA: Issue with Daily Shipments

    I got the 50 doubloons yesterday, and i had 5 days left collect the premium container. but then it reset
  3. klukken

    Daily shipment rigged?

    Thx. i just got the same problem. 5 days left to collect the last rewards, which i would collect tomorrow. now it's restarted..
  4. klukken

    Server Issues - 03/05

    I have the same problem with the servers. start a game and can do nothing so reconnect and 2 sec later again disconnect
  5. klukken

    Carriers are they changed in gameplay

    ok thanks i will tell him
  6. hey guys I have question about the carrier's my friend usually play with the CV and kill a lot of the other CV's planes. but today he couldn't do anything at all. he hasn't changed his setting or not. but it is 2 month since he played the last game. Is there any change with CV settings? thx klukken
  7. klukken

    Containers Feedback

    Awesome guys xD