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  1. pWnZoMg

    General Submarines related discussions

    I have been avoiding ranked because of subs, and just played one game now. DD, in a smoke, and all of a sudden 4 torps homing to me.... So, please, WG, can you explain how to "just dodge" homing torpedo? Thank you.
  2. pWnZoMg

    Update 0.10.8: World of Warships Anniversary

    Dasha is the only thing that aged well in this game.
  3. BP Is deeply sorry! (We're Sorry) South Park - YouTube
  4. pWnZoMg

    Poll: Will you stop spending on the game?

    Like many others, I've also stopped with buying when CV rework was introduced. Can't bother to spend money on a game that should be a stress relieve after a working hours just to enter and get hammered and hammered by a !@#$%^& sitting behind a rock and safely sending planes. Not gonna happen.
  5. pWnZoMg

    King of the Sea XII—$30,000 in Prizes

    Please, explain to the community, why carriers are not permitted in KoTS? Proper explanation, thank you.
  6. pWnZoMg

    Armada: Austin

    Just what the game needed!
  7. pWnZoMg

    Half price premium account.

    I've stopped buying anything WG have to offer. Didn't even buy crates on WoT, which I did ever since they were introduced. Stopped playing there because of "special" ammo spammage in every tier played. Here, the overpowered CV, now captain "rework" and introducing the submarines... Not looking good. WG enjoys rebalancing.
  8. If you don't own Hizen don't even start the "Ships and fates" campaign?
  9. pWnZoMg

    General CV related discussions.

    Problem is that you don't have to "get decent". CV's again allowed in next ranked season.. At least limit them there. This Ranked Sprint was fun to play because no CV's in tier 9, people loved it. Exclude the cancer from ranked, it's not playable.
  10. pWnZoMg

    General CV related discussions.

    We, the non-CV players, need a stress release place, and since a lot of people are chat banned too, they cannot express their feelings toward this beautiful class directly. If too much people complain maybe the WG would do nothing about it.
  11. pWnZoMg

    It’s the weekend....

    Tiers 8 and 9, Tallin, Oland and JB..
  12. pWnZoMg

    It’s the weekend....

    I've got 11 games this morning, lost all of them. Took a break until tonight, lost some more. Time for Dota. :D
  13. pWnZoMg

    General CV related discussions.

    And here, you can see the example of CV flaming DD for actually having AA.
  14. pWnZoMg

    General CV related discussions.

    Yup, that must be it. CV isn't broken, it's the novice DD drivers going for the cap. How dare they?
  15. pWnZoMg

    General CV related discussions.

    Is anyone from WG can give me a hint where can I fill the "Enjoyment letter" for a battle that I've just played? It lasted mere 3 minutes, at least for my smokeless DD, where CV focused me and eliminated my ship from a battle. I barely managed to reach the cap circle, and had to runaway, while planes kept coming and coming. Pure enjoyment. Essence of fun. Can't wait for another one like that.