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  1. Sweedish_Gunner

    Soviet Cvs

    We have Soviet CV's before French CV's despite them actually having some, before Italian CV's which were being built, before Italian DD's which were built, before British BC's which were built. I just don't get it, it's like Weegee are intent on destroying the game!? T10 is an unfun power crept mess, CV's aren't balanced as is, yet we have hybrids now (RIP T6), they're trying to ram subs down our throat too into said mess and then to top it off, bam! Soviet CV's of all things. Where the f is my Dido class...
  2. Does anyone at the office even test this sh*t before they release it?
  3. Sweedish_Gunner

    Any reason not to buy Ise?

    You have to give Wargaming money.
  4. Sweedish_Gunner

    Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

    Yeah a T10 CV in a 5v5 will work out just fine...not. Another pass..
  5. Sweedish_Gunner

    Enjoy new balance from WG

    He literally took an aggressive position to defend a flank? If anything he was playing aggro. Or do you want everyone running away shooting from 28km?
  6. Sweedish_Gunner

    Signal flags from achievements

    I don't know what's got into Weegee recently but they're trying to milk Whales of everything but it's just hurting the game.
  7. Sweedish_Gunner

    Quick question about the upcoming H-42 BB

    What's the point in these Super BB's? We already have super BB's that push the very limits of what was possible at the time (metallurgy etc) so why do we need these? And why does the game need more overmatch? I'm a BB main and I hate the prolific nature of the overmatch meta.
  8. Sweedish_Gunner

    Worst tech tree cruisers t8,9,10

    I'd say the German T8 (whichever is the tech tree one). The Seattle for T9. The Zao for T10.
  9. Sweedish_Gunner

    tier 10 matches are so unrewarding

    I thought this was gonna be a thread on how T10 balance is non existant and T10 isn't fun anymore but it's a Credit thread. Bamboozled.
  10. Over the last few years, the last year especially, we've been able to watch the systematic destruction of what was once an incredibly fun game in real time. Give yourself a pat on the back Wargaming, you did it.
  11. Sweedish_Gunner

    No more rewards for achievements after 0.10.4

    It's just more weegee bs that's probably designed to get you to spend more credits or coal on signals in the armoury and continue the resource drain they're trying to do.
  12. Sweedish_Gunner

    Buff Zao and GK turret angles.

    Title says it all really. Both of these ships are made up Weegee fantasy and they both have godawful turret angles for no reason. When things like the Petro have 360 turrets all around and the Columbo has 360 turrets in the rear there's no excuse for these paper ships to be arbitrarily bad. You even buffed the Donskoi's angles back in the day so it's not like it isn't thought about in regards to balance. P.s buff secondary skills.
  13. The Odin is complete garbage imo. Struggles at T8 due to the HP and gets completely bulldozed when up tiered. Can't comment on the Anchorage personally because my mobo blew up during the grind. I haven't heard good things about it though.
  14. This is because the ship is actually kinda decent this time. The ZF is probably the best Dockyard ship so far bar the PR so the other rewards are gonna suck for it.