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  1. Pushi2

    CV Rocketplanes

    How do you make use of rocketplanes since the update? Prior I used them to hunt DD's now, I do not use them at all, except for spotting or if i have no more planes available.
  2. Pushi2

    This game need new maps

    random generated maps would be awesome. new premium ships are not
  3. Pushi2

    weekend gameplay sux

    Exactly! But no matter how many games you made in that ship, you have a clue about how the battle might progress, how to maneuver against other ships, when to stop hunting the enemy, and wait for them to let come etc... This is experience you gain by playing battles. 1000 battles in one ship? Yes, 1000 battles overall? No.
  4. Pushi2

    weekend gameplay sux

    This is statistics. The majority will have more experience the more battles it has played. W/R is almost not interesting. The more battles one has played, the W/R becomes expressive. But if someone has only around 20 battles in one ship and 80% W/R with that ship is not as significant if you have thousands of matches and a positive W/R. So if you want to use W/R as a measurement you als have to take into account how many battles have been accomplished.
  5. Pushi2

    weekend gameplay sux

    And that people with more battles played have more experience is not logical?
  6. Pushi2

    weekend gameplay sux

    No, i have no data that support my clain. Do you have data that supports your clain, that "The only difference is that people tend to play more on weekends and therefore excounter bad teams more often, which increases frustration."
  7. Pushi2

    weekend gameplay sux

    u r funny. I am talking about casual players. I am saying that at the weekend you find more people that play even more casual and without the intention of winning or learning the game at all. You on the other hand have more than 12.000 battles played. You are not the casual weekend player that i am talking about. And to your second notation: Yes, both teams might have the same W/R but this does not count. You could bring in two players with 80% W/R and fill up the rest of the team with noobs. In the end you will have a noob team, no matter if the W/R is the same. On the other hand, if you put people together that have played lots of battles the battle should become more interesting. Just because of the fact, that those people have more experience in this game.
  8. Pushi2

    weekend gameplay sux

    left team has way more battles played = XP
  9. Pushi2

    weekend gameplay sux

    this is just not true. At the weekend a lot of people tend to play that during the week do not have time to. These are more casual players, who just wanna drive a ship and have not very much clue about the game mechanics nor about strategy in this game.
  10. Pushi2

    weekend gameplay sux

    of course MM has its part in deciding to put teams together where 10 of 12 people have a negative (20%-40%) winrate. No teamplay can be expected. Only clueless players driving ships. MM could create matches between people with positive W/R and let the trainees play for themself.
  11. Pushi2

    weekend gameplay sux

    Better not to play at the weekend is my observation. People play so clueless, and MM is not helpfull at all.
  12. Pushi2

    Pls Nerf FDR

    Pls nerf FDR, It still can throw bombs at players. thx in advance
  13. Hallo, weiss hier jemand wie das Scouten / Aufklären anderer Schiffe mittels eines U-Boots auf Seerohrtiefe erfolgen kann? Mich hat eben eine Daring auf 3km überrascht, von der ich wusste, dass Sie vor mir sein musste. Mir schien, als wäre meine Aufklärungsreichweite eingeschrenkt. Sehen konnte ich zwar die Schiffe hinter ihr (10km), aber eben nicht die Daring (3km) selbst. Kann ich also als U-Boot nur bedingt als Scout fungieren?
  14. Pushi2

    Feuern im Nebel

    Hmm, also laut der ingame Anzeige scheint der Captianskill keine Auswirkungen auf das Abfeuern im Nebel zu haben (siehe Bild)
  15. Pushi2

    Feuern im Nebel