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  1. xxNihilanxx

    Watch around you !!!

    So let me get this straight... Is somebody really picking on the stats of a guy who has played fewer than 200 random battles?!?! That's useful.
  2. I don't know about you but I tend to treat people the way they treat me. If you guys at WG would like to be treated in a civil manner then maybe, just maybe, you should consider treating your customers in a similarly civil manner instead of treating us like disposable cash-cows whose opinions count for nothing. It goes both ways, you know. If you behave despicably don't expect to be treated any other way.
  3. Well go on then, do so. While you are at it why not scrape all that egg off your face - we can make enough omelette to feed the world's hungry.
  4. xxNihilanxx

    A fletcher we are missing

    Was damn close, though. Not bad to say there is no torpedo aiming indicator for friendly ships...
  5. xxNihilanxx

    Planes in Ranked are invincible

    So if something is broken in your favour it's fine? Spoken like a true CV player.
  6. You, sir, are a very sick man. A very sick man indeed. :D
  7. Sorry mate but you picked a really bad example there. The Helena is one hell of a ship and a definite keeper. She can island hug or open-water, she is great at killing DDs. Has pretty decent AA (as far as anyone has) for her tier and can burn the bejesus out of BBs like there's no tomorrow. Why you pick on Lady Helena?
  8. You can't honestly believe that making sweeping generalisations and inventing a wholly fictional scenario even remotely forms the basis of a solid argument, surely? Come on - what use do comments like this serve? You aren't pulling the wool over the eyes of children here, you know. Good players who do adapt to any given situation are repeatedly stating that the reworked CV concept is fundamentally broken - and a lot of them don't even own a Stalingrad. 3/10 - Tries hard but could do better.
  9. xxNihilanxx

    Des Moines - Open water?

    I know, it seems counter intuitive but it's true. The trick, as I said before, is to identify where the next shot will be coming from and to turn your ship in advance - watch the shells coming in and either steer to avoid them or find a nice gap in the dispersion to slot your arse into. Sure there will always be that occasional magic homing shell that makes a bee-line for your citadel regardless but the majority of shots are easily dodgable. As the bishop said to the choirboy, try it - you might like it.
  10. xxNihilanxx

    Des Moines - Open water?

    I too hate the whole island hugging thing so have played DM as an open water boat. It is "possible" but not really all that effective. I did so badly trying it that I have taken to using it in the traditional way (on the few occasions I play it). As for tips, well obviously Priority Target is a must and alongside that you need to keep your head on a swivel. It's not enough to know how many are targeting you you need to know WHO is targeting you at all times so that you know when and where the next shots are coming from and be prepared to dodge accordingly. Looking at your ship list I have to ask, how close to finishing the Seattle grind are you? The reason I ask is that the Worcester is a far better open water cruiser than the DM, in my opinion, so maybe that could be the way to go. If not for the directives then definitely for the Halsey campaign.
  11. xxNihilanxx

    CVs need balancing here is my suggestion!

    "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to taking up CVs yourself." Still haven't forgiven you for that, btw.
  12. xxNihilanxx

    New DD defence, Cloaking Device??

    Don't put the idea out there - not even in jest.
  13. xxNihilanxx

    A serious destroyer moment

    Nicely played.