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  1. xxNihilanxx

    Reasons behind "Roflstomps"

    I know that it is extra work for you but could you record the map and game mode too. This would be useful in spotting any potential patterns.
  2. xxNihilanxx

    Brushed under the carpet thread

    As are countless other games with much broader appeal.
  3. xxNihilanxx

    FPS Drops in last few days

    Nope. Where/how do I do that?
  4. xxNihilanxx

    FPS Drops in last few days

    That was one of the first things that I tried but it didn't work for me.
  5. xxNihilanxx

    Brushed under the carpet thread

    We are experiencing a similar drop in activity within our clan with many of us struggling to find the motivation to log into the game any more. This goes beyond ordinary burn-out but rather seems to be a more deep-seated issue. Much of how the game is designed is just plain wrong, particularly the way that damage is rewarded more than anything else. This, to me, is one of the biggest contributing factors when it comes to players playing so badly, the game actually educates players to play incorrectly (and by incorrectly I mean in a manner other than to secure the win). Anyone who has spent any considerable time on the forums will have seen an almost endless stream of the better players trying desperately to point out to WG that the direction they are moving this game in is bad but we have been repeatedly ignored or told that we are wrong and that they know best and yet, here we are in a situation where the developers seem to be desperately trying to maintain player numbers. From daily log-in rewards to constant mission chains that require regular play - from constantly pandering to the lowest common denominator to the inclusion of ("we will never introduce because they would be impossible to balance") submarines - the foetid stench of desperation hangs over this game and everything the developers do. This does not bode well. At its heart this is quite a simple game but WG have taken increasing steps to overcomplicate it and this goes a long way towards making the game beyond the reach of "casual" gamers when it really shouldn't be. The constant addition of more and more gimmicky ideas, whether that be needless in-game effects like cyclones or stromfronts or an increasing supply of modules (RADAR, TRB, MGRB, Hydro on BBs...the list goes on) this all moves the game away from the key premise of KISS (keep it simple, stupid). For veteran players we have been able to keep up with the addition of new lines and new gimmicks but how in the hell is a new player supposed to know what ships have what modules or abilities? No wonder the game is full of sub-par players, how are they supposed to memorise the individual characteristics of every ship in the game? When we first started playing each class had a general theme and a set of characteristics that stayed consistent within that theme and so this level of memorisation was unnecessary. We knew what BBs had, what cruisers had and what destroyers had but that went out the window somewhere along the line. We now have cruisers with battleship characteristics - armour and firepower, battleships with cruiser stealth and destroyers with cruiser firepower... what the right, royal phuq WG? The obsession with giving each new line its own "flavour" was making a rod for their back and we warned of this a long time ago. We could see that it was not sustainable and yet they persisted and so here we are. I fear for the future of this game, I really do, but what can we do? We can and have talked til we are blue in the face but WG continue to belligerently push on with their ridiculous patterns of behaviour and all the while the stench of desperation grows ever ranker. Why am I even wasting my time writing this? What the hell is the point? I guess it gives me something to do while I try to motivate myself to log into the game I once loved... Edit: How long, do you think, before ContrayMary turns up to tell me that "Everything is fine with this game"?
  6. xxNihilanxx

    Brushed under the carpet thread

    How do you arrive at this conclusion? Winning is the point of EVERY game. I can't think of a single game where losing is the goal.
  7. xxNihilanxx

    stealth firing? render bug?

    It's also possible, under certain circumstances, to stealth fire at DDs from open water with guns that have a high enough gun range as the target DD often lacks the spotting/render range to see the ship shooting at them.
  8. Yea, F3 rarely works. If you absolutely want the entire team to fire at a particular ship just launch torps at it and you can guarantee that every ship on your team will shoot ineffectively in its general direction - just enough to make it change course.
  9. xxNihilanxx

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Regardless of what people think about radar this post is a total load of nonsense. DDs have good stealth because they have no armour. That's called a trade-off. Essentially stealth is their armour. Deleting DDs sitting in smoke is one of the easiest things to do in this game, whether by torping them or just shooting into the smoke. Any DD that sits in his smoke is pretty bad and will die quite quickly anyway, no need for a special button to help with that. DDs get punished harder for making a mistake than any other class in the game. The new players at the lower tiers have no problem killing DDs without access to radar, how come you struggle so much? Your team has DDs too, they form a pretty good counter to the enemy DDs - support them well and keep them alive. Of course you are happy with radar, you rarely play DDs. Such objectivity!
  10. xxNihilanxx

    No Clan Battles anymore ?

    You kinda get used to ContraryMary in the same way that you get used to a stone in your shoe - you learn to ignore it though it remains a minor irritation.
  11. xxNihilanxx

    Boring endless grind stages for Cossack

    Yea, not that that mission is ever needed to complete the directive in the same way that the Cossack/Le Terrible isn't needed.
  12. xxNihilanxx

    Svyatozar - Chapayev

    Ideally, yes. Oh I don't bother with those, too much of a pain in the arse (literally).
  13. xxNihilanxx

    Svyatozar - Chapayev

    Thank you. See @cherry2blost, he knows ^^
  14. xxNihilanxx

    Svyatozar - Chapayev

    Yea, like that's gonna happen any time soon.