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  1. I can probably give you a date as I have the patch notes here somewhere but they're written in Latin... ...on parchment.
  2. xxNihilanxx

    No secondaries for you

    Mate, that ship sailed so long ago that it was made from papyrus.
  3. No wonder we are getting so many :bots: in low tier matches when there are more CVs in the queue than all other ship types combined.
  4. xxNihilanxx

    Can someone explain this?

    What have you got against farming divisions? They look great in action...
  5. xxNihilanxx

    premium shop unavailable?

    It's the universe's way of telling you to spend your cash on hard drugs and hookers instead. You'll have more fun that way (and come away with more change).
  6. xxNihilanxx

    General CV related discussions.

    In the same way that Beirut harbour was slowly dismantled on Tuesday?
  7. xxNihilanxx

    General CV related discussions.

    Cheers, mate, didn't spot that.
  8. xxNihilanxx

    General CV related discussions.

    Feel free to tell me to wind my neck in as it's possible I'm mistaken somehow but I truly don't understand this screenshot. It looks like you are posting a shot of you having just killed 2 CVs in the Fushun and this got me curious as to how the match ended so I looked at your stats on wows numbers to see if I could get a clue but on there it says you haven't played the Fushun in at least the last 21 days. On further investigation it seems you don't even own the Fushun or, indeed, any PA DDs so now I am totally confused.
  9. xxNihilanxx

    Strongest AA for its tier

    Now I could be wrong as I don't play CVs so am not used to the UI for them but it looked to me like he lost 3 planes out of the 9 with the rest just returning to the CV. Maybe @El2aZeR can confirm this, or otherwise, for me. I won't ask you Beast as I have no confidence that you understand (or have ever understood) what you are looking at at any given moment.
  10. This is exactly the point - WG rely on whales like you but they don't care enough about you to listen to anything you have to say while you are still keeping them afloat. If you don't like the direction they are going (you think things are bad now, wait a year or so and these will be "the good ol' days") then turn off the tap, it's the only language they will understand. If you spend while complaining then you are wasting your breath. WG have been on a trend of charging more for less for years now and it's escalating fast. You do it to yourself.
  11. You do it to yourself, you do And that's what really hurts Is you do it to yourself, just you You and no-one else You do it to yourself You do it to yourself
  12. xxNihilanxx

    Unbalanced Game

    ...or CV players that attack themselves right from the start of the match.
  13. xxNihilanxx

    Transformers Collab incoming!

    Oh, sweet jesus... Bucks Fizz A cheesy twonk with a talking car Originally 1975 Originally 1978 Rat-eating cheese Animated cheese Thank phuq it did eventually end Flying cheese 1977 I'll give you that one 1979 (should have gone for Aliens) American cheese - may as well have cited Dallas or Dynasty Minus the one I gave you for Predator for indirectly referencing The Sun (and page 3 girls in general) Please don't as you seem to have a definition for awesome that isn't the one in the dictionary ..that gave us 5 Star, Locomotion-Kylie, Yuppies, AIDS, Chernobyl, famine in Africa, Porkies, Revenge of the Nerds, Wham, Duran Duran, The Birdie Song and We All Stand Together (bom bom), Anita Dobson singing a version of the Eastenders tune (Everyone can fall in love), Jason Donovan's "singing" career, Neil Kinnock, Margaret Thatcher and Roland Rat . I could go on but it would cost me more than I can afford in therapy.
  14. xxNihilanxx

    Transformers Collab incoming!

    The 1980s - The Decade that Taste Forgot.
  15. xxNihilanxx

    Transformers Collab incoming!

    No thanks, think I'll pass...