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  1. Well if suggesting, as I did, that your top tier Tirpitz, equipped as it is with excellent secondaries and torpedoes, might serve the team better by joining my Scharnhorst in a position somewhat more advanced than the back line where it loitered for so much of the game despite the enemy having a clear cap advantage was asshattery then an asshat I am proud to be. You played terribly that match and the result in the end screen showed as much. Cherry asked you to move up to support but you complained that you had been shot at when you tried and then spent the rest of the match bickering with him. I don't know what history you two may have but you were no less offensive in chat than he. Funnily enough I had completely forgotten about that match until you brought it up. The remaining enemy players weren't that good as I recall and the pair of us could have taken them easily if we'd pushed together but I got sick of waiting for you to stop your ridiculous bitching and sailing in circles at the back of the map and just charged them myself in the end so that I could hasten the end of a lost match and get on with the game (and my life).
  2. Well that's me gutted. I managed a 34 game pink status tonight and thought that was one of the highest. 50+ is pretty impressive. Hats off to the guy.
  3. I think I am probably still pink. Had to shoot a green Kuma today who was constantly launching torps from the back despite numerous attempts in chat to get him to stop. He had already managed to sink a division mate and came very close to hitting a couple of other friendlies. I figured it's better to be pink for a few (17) games than risk having this muppet sink vital ships trying to push the cap.
  4. Yea, I messed up a little at the end and pushed into more of them than I had expected. Was good to see you, though. Better luck next time, eh?
  5. So surely the solution is to change the detection for JUST THOSE SHIPS. If you are sitting in somebody else's smoke you can be spotted at varying distances when you fire, if you are sitting in your own smoke then detection remains unchanged. This fixes the ACTUAL problem they are trying to fix.
  6. When I started this topic the title I chose was deliberately sarcastic. The more I look at this guy's profile the more I start to think that, maybe, it was the perfect title. After my initial post it occurred to me that I might be looking at a guy who has <60 games in Random but has been playing mostly Co-op so I looked again. No - he has 15 games in Co-op. Apart from his premiums the only other ships he has played in Co-op are the Black Swan and the Bougainville. Could it really be the case that WG's ability to explain the basic concepts of the game fall so far short that this guy genuinely doesn't know that or how you can upgrade ships and proceed through the tech tree? It sounds implausible, I know, but this is WG we are talking about. It's so long since I started this game that I can't remember if the game actually teaches you about the actually mechanics of progression. I came from WoT so I already knew, though to be honest it took me a few hours in WoT to work out how where to click to upgrade, but I have to ask if WoWS actually has an in-game tutorial about upgrading and buying new ships.
  7. As a few of my recent division mates will be able to attest a phrase has crept into my teamspeak communication that at one point I would never have uttered... "Yeah, whatever, I'm past caring". This can't be good for the game. I have invested a lot of time (and a fair amount of money) into this game. I have tried my hardest to improve, to learn, to do what is required to ensure a win but to what end? More and more matches just descend into total fusterclucks and fail-fests. I'm running round the map like a lunatic trying to cap points, reduce point loss, hunt DDs, panic plane attacks etc etc etc and all the while the other players on my team are trying their hardest to die as quickly as possible (and in some cases, I swear, quicker than should actually BE possible). When we win it is usually only because the red team has done a better job of f***ing things up than the green team managed. So it is that, on so many occasions, all I can say on teamspeak is... "Yeah, whatever, I'm past caring".
  8. I understand what you are saying but, strangely enough, I see things a little differently. Allow me to explain by way of an analogy... So we have a small, local music organisation who decide they want to put on a small, summer weekend, music festival. They don't have the resources to book any big name bands but instead have to rely on relatively unknown local talent. They could try to charge for the event but with no big names to draw people in they know ticket sales will be minimal to non-existent. Instead they hit on the idea of making the festival free and having a beer tent on site that they can take a cut of the profits from, allowing them to recoup costs. Not everyone will buy the over-priced beer, but enough will to allow the festival to be a success, they know - they crunched the numbers. All is fine and people are having a nice afternoon sitting in the sun listening to live music. There are adults with families, having the occasional beer or four, pacing themselves nicely and a general sense of wellbeing hangs over the festival Along comes a group of young lads, just turned 18 and never having drunk before in their lives. They each start hitting the beer tent and hitting it hard. They spend quite a bit of money and before long are inevitably hammered. They start throwing up all over the place, so people cannot sit on the floor, they make unwelcome, drunken advances at all the young ladies trying to enjoy themselves, start chanting football songs loudly during quiet, acoustic sets and ultimately end up starting fights with random people at the festival. Before long people are starting to leave in droves as it just isn't fun to be there anymore. It turns out that these lads have spent about as much each on beer as anyone else at the festival that bought beer but, unlike the people there who have the experience to handle drinking in public properly, ended up spoiling the enjoyment of others. All is well though because at least these lads helped pay for the festival.
  9. Just seen this guy in battle in his Lo Yang and I noticed him get the achievement "Naval War Tactics". Intrigued I had to look at his profile. I guess now we know who WG balance the game for.
  10. I managed my first Clear Skies just two days ago. Was trying for the "Kill 15 planes and finish in top 3" mission so took out my newly rebought Cleveland. Was lucky enough to get into a T6 match with 2 (clueless) CVs on the enemy team. 37 plane kills later the CS message popped up, much to my surprise.
  11. Regardless of whether the enemy BB is in smoke or not he should be detectable by a ship that is within smoke from the same range that a ship within smoke would be detectable by a ship outside smoke or else it just doesn't make sense.
  12. Friendly team-mates, free beer and cookies* Might be lying about the beer and cookies*
  13. At least clans aren't a paid for function. Oh, wait......
  14. Does anybody know if the new smoke detection mechanics work both ways? By this I mean, if a BB, for example, fires from within smoke he can be detected through the smoke from (on average) 13.6km away therefore it stands to reason that if an enemy BB that is outside the smoke fires his guns then a smoked up Leander, for example, whose spotters have all disappeared, should also see that BB through the smoke at a range of 13.6km. Or is it going to be that enemies can see in but you can't see out?
  15. I had a pretty good day on Friday, didn't play on Saturday and had an atrocious night on Sunday. I wanted to say the teams were terrible last night but the reality is I was just having an off day and played well below my ability.