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  1. server down?

    Same here. Guess things aren't as fixed as they think they are.
  2. A word on third person camera aiming and BB brawls

    I am probably teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here but, just in case, you do know that in close range brawls you can scroll out to minimum zoom and that will allow you to aim your guns considerably lower?
  3. Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    A textbbok case of exactly the kind of ship that has no influence on the outcome of the battle. Well except for helping to ensure the red team win, that is. If you had even the remotest clue what you were talking about you would know this already but unfortunately you don't. If you actually understood the game half as much as you think you do then you would not still be a (barely) average player. No offence intended but you are so far out of your depth that the Marianas Trench seems positively shallow by comparison. @Culiacan_Mexico knows what he is talking about. You, on the other hand, do not.
  4. Actually the source for this is a Japanese book (sorry I forget the name) based on the accounts of people who were actually in the Japanese war council at the time, nothing whatsoever to do with Russia Today. The Japanese had sent overtures to the Soviets hoping they would be allies but when the Soviets rejected the offer and, instead, invaded Manchuria and cut through that mainland territory like a hot knife through butter the military government went into abject panic. Fearing they would lose their Emperor in the event of a Soviet invasion (the Soviets didn't have a particularly great history when it came to dealing with imperial personages) they elected to surrender to the US instead. So you are suggesting to me that you know the reason for the Japanese surrender better than the Japanese themselves did? Curious. We all know that history is written by the victors and yet still people assume that history to be "gospel".
  5. F***ing tell me about it. What was I thinking?
  6. Thanks for saving me the time of making a lengthy post. As you say the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had very little influence on the Japanese surrender, the "hawks" cared little to nothing for civilian deaths (more civilians were killed in the firebombing of Tokyo in March than were killed by either of the atomic bombs) but they were devastated by the Soviet declaration of war and subsequent Manchurian invasion. The myth that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki "saved lives" is just Western propaganda. NEVER mention that film. EVER. As for the concerns about the Nueve de Julio, well, just because something bad happened it doesn't mean we should pretend it didn't. Including a ship that was subsequently used as a prison does not automatically condone what happened. We shouldn't just hide ourselves away from uncomfortable knowledge. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.
  7. Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    The teams he is on certainly don't.
  8. Had the pleasure of facing @lup3s earlier in his Alabama whilst sailing my Hindenburg. Unfortunately for him the team he was lumbered with were less than stellar in their performance.
  9. An EASY way to fix radar problems

    In that case, radar was never needed as a counter to smoke as the counter to a ship sitting in smoke would be to stay outside the range of its guns/torps.
  10. Yeah, fair points. I guess, then, that we have to rely on the win XP bonus to cover rewards for teamplay as the side that exhibits the best teamplay has an inherent likelihood of also being the winning side.
  11. That part would be quite easy, I imagine, it could use the same check that Priority Target uses to determine how many enemies are aiming at the ship before it got smoked.
  12. The true power of divisions

    You can count as a solo player, you just need to get good at the game. Instead of decrying those who are good at the game you should seek to emulate those better players. Learn what they know. What you, and others, tend to ignore is that one needs to be a pretty good solo-player first in order to be part of a 3-man division of good players. Just putting three "plebs" (as you call them) together won't make an OP division, the divisions you decry as OP contain players who would just as easily kick your arse solo as they would in a division. Stop revelling in being bad, quit rejoicing your ineptitude, don't try to bring others down to your level, just improve. This game is really not as hard as you and so many make out.
  13. 'playerbase *Edited & balancing?

    You are making the mistake of not realising that the word "Random" in Random Matches pertains only to the way your team-mates are selected, ie randomly, and instead are assuming that the word "Random" is some kind of indication of how the mode should be played, ie randomly. This is not the case. Random matches is not the same as Casual mode, Co-Op is the casual mode. Prior to the introduction of Ranked and Clan battles, random matches were the only PVP mode available in game. Ranked and Clan battlea added a new layer of organised, competitive PVP but their inclusion does not mean that the original PVP mode suddenly becomes casual. Co-op is still casual mode and players can go there and try all the things you described in your post, nobody is stopping them, but if they want to join a team-based PVP mode they should be prepared, know their ship and to play to win.
  14. Is Blacklisting supposed to work?

    Maybe, just maybe, if you didn't waste time on "improvements" that nobody asked for you would have the time to work on the ones that most, if not everyone, did ask for. I appreciate you taking the time to give us the in-port, Whack-a-mole minigame that is trying to ready up a ship with the new division window, but did we really ask for it? How about you put future "improvements" like that further down the list and move the stuff we actually want to the top?
  15. *cough* Division Window *cough*