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  1. Tier VIII matchmaking

    Ordinarily, yes, but not being uptiered in a T8 ship is such a rarity that it is actually those games that are more memorable to me. Look at it another way, it is widely acknowledged that T7 is somewhat a sweet spot at the moment. While this is, in part, somewhat due to the protected MM at T4 it is also because, after a certain point in the evening, most T8s will be dragged up to make up the numbers in T10 battles, due to a dwindling server population the further from prime-time you get. We know the MM algorithm tries its hardest to avoid long queues and so, as the number of T9/T10 ships in the queue diminishes, more and more T8s get pulled up to fill the slots. It may be that a game has 2 T10s and 3 T9s per side, for example, so 7 T8s will get uptiered. That's 14 people getting pulled up. Therefore there is a high probability to be one of those players given that the number of people actually in the queue at any one time, past 9-10 o'clock in the evening, is quite low. During the weekend, or on the rare occasions when I am able to play during prime-time midweek, the experience is totally different. Then there is a good chance to be top-tier in my tier 8 ships unfortunately, at those times, there is also a far higher probability of detrimental effects on my sanity. It's swings and roundabouts, I guess. Edit: If remembering the bad times, was the sole factor, then we could expect to see threads like this about just about almost every tier in the game. Observation, however, does not match that expectation. Where are the T7 always uptiered threads or T6 always uptiered threads? There are multiple threads about T8 MM but I don't see the others. That's because there is an issue with T8 MM.
  2. Team Communication

    I applaud your optimisim, misguided as it may be.
  3. Tier VIII matchmaking

    Those figures, assuming they are correct, do not take time of day into account. While prime-time may well see a large number of games where T8 is top tier I can assure you that if you play outside of those hours this is entirely not the case. I usually play somewhere between 21.30 and 02.00 and during this time T8 is consistently uptiered. Shouldn't those of us who have obligations that keep us from playing at any but the busiest of times have an equally fair experience to those who can play at prime time?
  4. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    That happens to me if I alt-tab to TS while collecting containers. On topic: Those games when you score more base XP on a defeat than the top scorer in the enemy team....
  5. Shell splashes

    I agree, would prefer the old splashes.
  6. Sorry, mate, I have to confess I totally didn't notice, which is unlike me as I am usually quite on the ball when it comes to spotting forumites. Was quite an easy win though.
  7. Buff to high tier credits

    Simple. E-peen envy.
  8. Playing the realism card.... tut tut. Well you know what was also rare.... shell hits. Would you still enjoy the game if you actually hit a target only slightly less rarely than you detonated? Or what about the Tirpitz... Should the owners of that ship get to take her out once or twice and then she can only sit in port until the game ceases to be? If you want to bring "I like naval matters" into then I suggest you just read a book on it. This is a game, and an arcade game at that, if you want realism you are in the wrong place.
  9. He plays DDs in clan wars. He kinda needs to save his anti-try-to-con-you-into-buying-signal-bundles-mechanic flags for that.
  10. I Love This Game

    There would be a hotfix quicker than you can say, well, "hotfix". But yeah, we would quickly see the BB captains who insist that "Detonations are OK" suddenly realising that detonations are, in fact, pretty EDIT far from OK.
  11. I Love This Game

    According to PTS patch notes detonations are being changed such that you can only be detonated if you are 75% health or below so at least WG are 25% closer to how the game should really be. Should make DD life a little better as now it will be the second shell that detonates you instead of the first. Yay!
  12. Stop smoking up BBs!

    Yep, that's only one of my biggest bug-bears in this game. "Listen, you muppet, I followed your sorry arse to the cap in my super squishy cruiser so that I could help you with the enemy DD. Now you are in smoke, I am blind and the enemy DD is lighting me up for the rest of his team. And if that isn't bad enough you are going to die to torps in 4...3...2...1...BOOM!"
  13. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    Definitely -A, -B & -F, they are a right bunch of noobish reprobates. No idea about the others, probably just a bunch of pretenders and wannabes.
  14. Enough is enough.

    Dude, just learn to skip past his posts. I have been doing so for ages. I really do not need to read "Everything about this game is just perfect" 9,400 times.