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  1. Erm... I hate to be that guy but.... this thread is literally people who have uninstalled the game talking about how WG have gone out of their way to try to tempt them into reinstalling by offering them in an email goodies that don't materialise. The only reason the people you are addressing can uninstal, as per your instruction, is because they were tricked into reinstalling in the first place. I'm guessing that you haven't been inactive long enough to even have received one of these emails so, as far as I can tell, you don't even have a dog in this race so I have to wonder why you even entered this discussion in the first place.
  2. xxNihilanxx

    Why should we still play your game ?

    If you enjoy it, play it. If you don't enjoy it, don't play it. It's not Rocket Science.
  3. xxNihilanxx

    Why is there no Mama Mama flags?

  4. xxNihilanxx

    Why is there no Mama Mama flags?

    Without wishing to drag the conversation totally off-topic I fully agree. We all have wives/girlfriends/sisters/mothers - what self-respecting bloke wouldn't want to help make their lives better?
  5. xxNihilanxx

    Why is there no Mama Mama flags?

    Patriarchy confirmed!
  6. xxNihilanxx

    Time to dodge.

    Catch you later, mate, hope you enjoy your break.
  7. xxNihilanxx

    "Brawl?" With CVs? Seriously?

    This is another problem that I am hoping our friend can help me with as some of my ships have no AA at all or such little AA that it is effectively no more than an irate Yorkshireman decrying the challenges faced by "the youth of today" as "bleeding luxury" whilst simultaneously lamenting the fact that life was incredibly arduous "back in his day".
  8. xxNihilanxx

    "Brawl?" With CVs? Seriously?

    With whatever due respect my brain is not really an issue as I was lucky enough to be gifted with quite a decent one, as is possibly evident by my ability to talk in coherent sentences with correct spelling and grammar. One of the issues is that, while my brain is an "always on device", my consumables such as smoke and speed boost are frequently on cooldown. To make matters, worse there are also occasions when the ships that I have stayed near for AA cover get killed by the enemy and often the enemy CV will attack me before I can get anywhere near another friendly ship as my ships tend to have a maximum speed that cannot be exceeded and I have no control whatsoever over the positions that my other teammates choose to adopt meaning that sometimes they are really quite far away. During these times the game is effectively a 1v1 and, I guess, it is these situations that I am having issues with and thus that is why I asked if you could demonstrate to me how, using your talents that come from birth, you can easily dodge CV attacks whilst talking me through the process. If you don't think you can do it that is fine, you have only to say. I will fully understand. Respectfully yours, xxNihilanxx
  9. xxNihilanxx

    "Brawl?" With CVs? Seriously?

    I consider myself to be a reasonably decent DD player (and not terrible in the other surface classes) but I do know I still have room for improvement and there is much I probably still have to learn. With this in mind I was wondering if the three of us might, at some point, get together in a training room with me as a spectator so that @Gloatover can show me how to dodge @El2aZeR's CV attacks. Maybe, if you talked me through what you were doing to successfully dodge on each and every occasion I could pick up some much needed tips. I can probably make myself available at any time that suits the pair of you if you would be willing. Thanks in advance PS If it helps I do have a brain.
  10. xxNihilanxx

    "Brawl?" With CVs? Seriously?

    Jesus H. Christ this is priceless.
  11. xxNihilanxx

    "Brawl?" With CVs? Seriously?

    Mate, attempting, as you do, to bring logic to a conversation with our beloved friend is tantamount to bringing an Apache gunship to a spoon fight.
  12. xxNihilanxx

    "Brawl?" With CVs? Seriously?

    You, sir, truly are an abomination spewed forth from the deepest bowels of the underworld to carry out your Master's unholy work within this realm. I name thee Erazzor. Be gone, foul demon, be gone. In the name of He who sits most high and all His heavenly hosts I damn thee back to whence thou came.
  13. It's amazing how different people can have such totally different experiences. I found both the Martel and the Oland to be incredibly fun ships to play. I agree with you re: Lion, however, I found that to be a slog too.
  14. xxNihilanxx

    "Brawl?" With CVs? Seriously?

    In this case it seems to be some kind of strange crossover between Abstract and Surrealism.