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    Equilibrage: The intense anger one feels when one is convinced that a game lacks the particular type of balance that would offset ones inadequacies.
  2. Nice meeting you too mate. :)

    I know, especially considering the OP is getting burned far more than his ships ever do.

    I'm not sure it's the game that's stupid...

    OK, squire, we'll get on that right away. "Quick, guys, tirsha doesn't like fire - hit it with the nerf bat" "On it, boss"
  6. Wait... the Shinonome was complaining about you not being able to kill a Fubuki? The SHINONOME? How was there even a Fubuki alive on the enemy team if your team had a Shino - that's, what, 3 salvoes from the Shino guns? Shino lunches on Fubukis. Some people...!?!?
  7. Fix T10 matchmaking.

    I try similar tactics. I spend the first few moments whilst moving towards caps etc attempting to suggest a strategy and also, time allowing , to explain why. It hardly ever works but when it does it tends to be a roflstomp win. Personally I struggle to understand the lack of teamwork in this game as when it occurs, especially between "randoms", it is one of the most rewarding feelings this game can produce. Another trick I have developed, which you may or may not wish to try, is to check the team list for enemy radar cruisers and announce in chat at the start that I will award +1 karma point to whoever kills it/them with a bonus point offered for killing hydro DDs. Of course I make sure I stay true to my word and so I often run out of my 11 comps.
  8. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    Was born dahn sahf so I at least had the semblance of an edumacation when I was lickle. That and I did a boat-load of acid in the 90s.
  9. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    In the grand scheme of things, nothing on Earth matters. We are insignificant specks on an insignificant speck orbiting an insignificant speck that in itself is just one of a huge cluster of insignifant specks rotating around the centre of yet another insignificant speck. The mistake you are making is that you are assuming that the amount of significance you apply to this game is the correct amount of significance and anyone who places greater significance on it is wrong to do so. We all hold different things at a different significance. Assessing an individual's qualifications to make a statement is an incredibly sensible way to assess the validity of that statement.
  10. Fire quick grab the hose!!

    BB player endures constant fire damage and asks for advice rather than calling for a nerf to HE? What is this sorcery?
  11. BAD-Armada BAD-A Recruiting Now !

    Sick to death of the royal wedding? Couldn't give a flying fcuk about some posh twit getting hitched? Why not come and shoot some ships with us? We don't have bunting but we do have banter. Hey look, boss, I'm being all topical n crap.
  12. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    One of those awful matches where a CV waits ages in the queue and we get four players per side. Our CV (I bet it was him that waited ages) sucked hard and I had planes over me the whole time. What to do? What to do? After that match I had to go eat a whole bottle of Valium.
  13. So i thought i'd give this game another go.

    You do understand that the proliferation of DDs in this game is a direct result of the proliferation of BBs being played? High numbers of BBs make it very difficult to operate in a CA/CL and so, as hardly anyone plays CVs, if people want to have fun playing anything other than BBs then they tend to gravitate towards DDs. In this case you are part of the problem and certainly not part of the solution.
  14. The issue is that with these proposals they are changing the game for every class and not just BBs. If there is a problem with one class then make changes to that class and leave the others as they are. Simples. On the actual topic of the proposed changes themselves - WG you are being too gimmicky again and further losing sight of what makes this game fun. K.I.S.S.
  15. holy [edited]please fix romas guns

    Nor should you be expected to, HOWEVER, watching some vids on a ship you are about to spend a load of money on just seems like common sense. Ah well, you live and learn (or in this case all the enemy ships around you live because your guns can't hit anything).