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  1. xxNihilanxx

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    To be fair to him he did go straight for the cap which makes him better than around 95%* of the Shimas I see in game. * Figure quoted pulled straight from the Association of Statistical Studies.
  2. xxNihilanxx

    CV rework hull control

    Aye come on WG sort it out. It's not enough to give CVs near-total immunity they have to have full immunity. What are you thinking?!?!?!
  3. xxNihilanxx


    I don't know about PTSD but a game of WoWS can bring about crippling sadness. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Battleships extinguish a single fire while being shot by an Orion. I watched whole teams fleeing a single ship in their cap until it was far too late. All these things will be repeated endlessly in time. And then they die.
  4. xxNihilanxx

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    It was a later match than the one we met in. I had a bout of insomnia so popped back on for a couple at around stupid o'clock.
  5. xxNihilanxx

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    No harm done, mate - I just watched the replay and I was as close behind you as I could possibly have been at that point in the match given our relative speeds and initial acceleration. My very first salvo fired hit the Gearing (I held off on firing at the BB that got spotted first so as to have my guns ready for you) and as it turns out I hit the enemy DD for a little over 4k, not the 6k I had initially thought. My next salvo couldn't come any sooner than 13 seconds later and that too went out at the Gearing but he disappeared as I fired and I didn't connect. True you were actually moving in your smoke but you were in the process of changing direction from backwards to forwards when the Gearing torps arrived and there was nothing you could do, I guess. Just a case of "chalk it up to experience" and move on I suppose. Anyway, this is way off topic so I suggest we put our tinfoil hats on and pore over Kubrik's photos of the fake moon landing while we try to work out what the Loch Ness Monster has done to the guns on the Missouri.
  6. xxNihilanxx

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    I thought I recognised your name. That was the game in my Zao when I followed you towards the cap, you spotted the Gearing, I fired and hit him for about 6k, you smoked up and blinded the rest of your team and then sat still in your smoke and ate torps from the Gearing. You do know I have quite a long reload in the Zao and I can't shoot what I can't see? Maybe today you learned not to sit still in smoke in a DD? Although such an "excellent Shima player" (45%WR/467 battles with an average damage of 40K) as yourself will have learned that a long time ago, no? Fortunately for the team, with my crappy Zao play I managed to go on to get really lucky and take out three of the remaining four enemy ships who were pushing A to help secure the win. Thanks for turning up though, mate, your "excellent" contribution was greatly appreciated. Don't know what we'd have done without you.
  7. xxNihilanxx

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    Illuminati-NWO-Stealth-Nerf confirmed!!!
  8. xxNihilanxx

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    It was overpen city on everything I fired at that game, I guess we all get games like that. Was good to see you in battle though, mate, even if it was quite a disappointing match.
  9. xxNihilanxx

    Where are my commanders?

    Oh come on, OP, don't be so naive! You are in port and your commanders are nowhere to be seen.... the solution is obvious. Check the brothels, man! I am guessing there will be some rather affluent ladies of dubious affection come the morning tide.
  10. xxNihilanxx

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    I recently played on a new account and the one thing that I noticed is that the lack of captain skills make life a nightmare for new players. DDs without CE attempting to compete with DDs that have CE is just crazy, for example. The solution to this, however, is not to prevent more experienced players from playing at lower tiers but rather WG should find some mechanism to award new accounts with 10pt captains in each line. Not in any way that could be abused, of course, but possibly as a one-time reward for hitting a particular account level or some such. This would improve the experience for new players and might go some way towards helping WG with their player retention. Another obvious (at least to me) change that WG could make to improve the game experience for both newer players and veterans alike would be to add some form of "difficulty" indicator to each class. For example have BBs marked in green as "Easy", CL/CAs marked in amber as "Moderate" and DDs marked in red as "Difficult". CVs could maybe be marked with nuclear and biological hazard symbols as "Do not touch - EVER!". (I'm joking, cool your boots, guys). This difficulty level idea could help to steer new players away from the ships that are initially hard to master as well as helping to dissuade them from taking out classes that are too important for novices to attempt. I think this would improve the overall game experience for all players.
  11. xxNihilanxx

    Jean Bart.

    It's essentially a Richelieu with a Main Gun Reload Booster placed at tier 9 as a result. If you like the Richelieu then you should enjoy the JB. I got mine the day it was released and, while I haven't enough games in it yet for my WR to sort itself out, I have enjoyed every game.
  12. xxNihilanxx

    Stalingrad legendary module

    I know this is a joke but, in all seriousness, don't even think it let alone speak it aloud. We all know that WG's "balancing" department will treat it as a serious suggestion and use your post to claim "positive feedback" for the idea.
  13. xxNihilanxx

    Still a thing?! 5 minute wait time teams!

    From the in-game tooltip: "If you are waiting too long in the queue try choosing a different tier or ship type" Your response - "I want to play my CV so phuq everyone else". At the quiet times WG cannot fix the fact that there are only a small number of players online, at that point it is up to us, the players, to change our behaviour to ensure the game runs smoothly. This often means choosing something other than our preferred ship type or tier. As I said, this is just basic consideration, something that seems sorely lacking in many. I appreciate that you feel you are being "cool and edgy" by demonstrating publicly what a selfish a-hole you are but that will change with maturity.
  14. xxNihilanxx

    Stalingrad legendary module

    This post made no sense, if he does not have the Stalingrad how can he be jealous? In this context jealousy would be owning the Stalingrad and not wanting anyone else to play with it. I believe the word you were looking for is envy. English, do you speak it?
  15. xxNihilanxx

    Still a thing?! 5 minute wait time teams!

    This happens when a CV waits too long in the queue at server quiet times, everyone who plays in the small hours knows this. The issue here is not Icey's complaint but rather the CV player's selfish behaviour. Whatever happened to consideration for others? Judging by your response I see it has all but disappeared as you are advocating this lack of consideration.