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  1. zeeschuimer

    Naval Battles bugged this week?

    Naval Battles is constantly bugged, or they try to chase players away. Playing for XP , wich can not be checked and even if it can be checked you will be put in a team of nits, losing the battle for you. So you never reach your goal and can't even check it. This game is going down the drain, like world of tanks. Just check Steam comments on these games.
  2. zeeschuimer

    New dutch cruiser line announced

    I must agree with you. Indstead of making fantasy ships they should just turn the flame a bit down so Yamato and Tirpitz as tier 10. There are enough ships to fit in between. But as usual, Wargaming makes a mess of it... As the belgian en dutch navy are going to merge probably they can as well do that immediately
  3. zeeschuimer

    New dutch cruiser line announced

    They were classified as Flottilla Leaders and in fact a light cruiser as the classification was between 1850 and 10.000 tons and gunnery above 130 mm. The guns of this class were 150mm in twin turrets. Her sister HrMs Jacob van Heemskerk was rebuild in the UK as air defence cruiser.
  4. zeeschuimer

    New dutch cruiser line announced

    Wrong. But the design was changed. The real design was 27000 tons, with 3x28cm triple turrets, like the Scharnhorst had. Design latest changed in 1940 but didn't change much except the tonnage and length.
  5. zeeschuimer

    New dutch cruiser line announced

    The tier 8 is project 1047 matey. The cruisers De Zeven Provincien/ De Ruyter are tier 8 premium. The tier 9/10 are indeed pure fantasy. What I don't get is why they don't, like on the Friesland put emphasis on the fire control, as the dutch had the most advanced fire control systems in these days (and actually still have). No other nation can detect and follow missiles in space with warships.
  6. It seems to me you are not right informed about dutch warship names or the history. 1st, Hr.Ms.Celebes was to be the third Java class cruiser. 30% of the hull materials were collected in 1918, when the plan was scrapped. 2nd, I agree on the Tromp wich actual was a cruiser and a good one. She survived world war 2. 3rd, Haarlem should be ok, but not for a cruiser or so. All minesweepers and hunters were called after cities, including HrMs Haarlem, name giver to a complete class. (Some still in service). Rotterdam, Amsterdam were admirality towns. 4th, I don't know an admiral 'Brederode'. Where do you get that from? There are plenty other admirals to choose from, though. Problem with that is that in WW2 most of those names were used by destroyers. 5th, At this moment there is a ZrMs Johan de Witt, she's the second biggest warship at this moment. so the name giving is not strange at all. 6th, De Gouden Leeuw is a dutch warship name as well. The last one served in WW2, a Minelayer. So plese don't cry, it's all alright, but they could have done better research to real heroic names of warships or they should just have asked when in Den Helder a few years ago.
  7. zeeschuimer

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    So nice, discussions like this. If everyone would have access to submarines that is. One of my fellow players got 3 subs, most didn't get a single sub. If WG wants opinions and the thing to get popular, try a different distribution method.
  8. zeeschuimer

    Naval Battles

    I give up. This is not a forum, but a simple childish yes and no game. No arguments, no explanations, just qualifying others here.
  9. zeeschuimer

    Naval Battles

    1. It has nothing to do about opinions, like there has to be a vote or so. It is about arguments. That is what is missing. I gave my reasons why to discuss things, not a question to be answered with non-information. 2. Yes you can have an opinion. But as this is indeed a forum, say why you think it's rubbish. I can give you reasons enouigh why I think it is not. 3. Yes it has. If you think this has nothing to do with eachother, then XP in a tier 1 battle should be as large as in a tier 10 battle. And we both know it isn't. 4. Maybe I am in a clan and talking with other clans as well? Maybe clans discuss things? Have meetings? Ofcourse you have been wrong already once, could it be you are wrong twice?
  10. zeeschuimer

    Naval Battles

    1. What WG said can't be discussed? Maybe there are reasons to do so. 2. Do you decide what is rubbish and what is not? I have reasons to propose something. This is a forum, right? 3. Well if you are, lets say a tier 5 player with a 5 skills captain, that is something completely different than a tier 5 ship with a 19 skills captain. 4. I am not talking here for myself, you seem to misunderstand that as well. If you don't ask why certain suggestions are made, you can always ask why. Again, this is a forum. When everything on this forum is measured by one persons feeling if it makes sense or not, tell that. That's what a forum is for! I better ignore that last remark. Makes no sense as I never asked for bigger cookies. I just want to contribute to a FAIR game.
  11. zeeschuimer

    Discussion about the Thunderer

  12. zeeschuimer

    Naval Battles

    About your answers: 1. That is your opinion, I notice other opinions in and outside my clan. 2. Can't do anything with such an answer. Take people who are in this forum serious, just an advice. 3. If you think it has nothing to do with the matchmaking. I'm afraid it does. 4. Because people who are doing their best to make damage don't get a chance to reach the goals set in Naval Battles by their own team, thats why. You last comment makes no sense at all. The advice of Wargaming to discuss matters on the forum are useless as any suggestion, idea or critics are constantly waved away. How do you think this contributes to a positive community?
  13. zeeschuimer

    Naval Battles

    *edit* 60 was my mistake, allright. 50 versus 20 is still 30 more, ok? so 300 attemts more, ok? *edit* Olonborre, my clan is pretty succesful in the Naval Battles. When analysed what happens and what commenst I receive, a deeper insight is necessary. We know tricks, strategies etc. But that is not what I try to state. I see things happen and think about it. Oil doesn't really bother us, as our base is 80% finished already. *edit*
  14. zeeschuimer

    Naval Battles

    Naval Battles are a nice thing to do with your clan, versus another clan. Unlike Clan Battles it is played between players who don't participate in it. Now there are some things in Naval BAttles I struggle with. First thing is, that when Naval Battles are on, people who don't play this mode spoil it many times for those who do. How? When the game is about damage or ribbons, capping it out. Pretty unsportive and actually leads to team damage by the irritated players, who lose their chances by this childish behaviour. When it is about XP you see 'seal clobbers' going low tier with their top captains, not leaving any chance for beginners. Isn't it possible to: 1. Enlarge the capping time, but give more XP the longer the capping lasts? 2. Not letting people join who don't have Naval Battles switched on? 3. Limiting the captain level like it is done with the tier? 4. Introduce something like team death match without capping at all? Next I noticed there are big clans, with like 60 players fighting clans with only 30 players. The last is pretty chanceless winning it, as, when both clans have equally good players. Simply because they have more attempts reaching their goals.
  15. zeeschuimer

    Discussion about the Thunderer

    I think I missed nothing.