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  1. zeeschuimer

    Matchmaking at his best

    Some people don't seem to understand that winning a game is not a personal thing. It means the TEAMS one has been in make the win/ lose ratio. I think a tier system in a game should be made so, that ships in a not fully upgraded state can play battles agains a tier lower. Ships fully upgraded can play a tier higher. I can understand it is not funny getting a new ship and then its put into a 2 tier higher battle. Not to mention the critisism one gets being cautious in such situation. I don't know why it is so hard to understand a tier system. WG seems to have a big struggle in all games with that. Second is that the skills of a captain do make difference. Why not calculate tier and captain skill? That would as well prevent experienced players bugging low tier games with lets say a very low tier premium ship (fx. tier 3 campbeltown) with a 15+ skilled captain. Seal clobbers seem to rule the lower tiers, just to push their stats, so they vcan brag against others how 'good' they are. That is at this moment really getting annoying.
  2. zeeschuimer

    Halloween - Previous Events

    Why putting in the task to gain 7 stars in scenario tier 5 and above, when the scenario is tier 3? This is really a bad joke. April fools day is not halloween! Then one has to gain Guinnees to get the Cossack. Guess what, you need to have the Cossack to do them... Really, WG-humor at its best...
  3. zeeschuimer

    CYCLONE do you like them?

    The WG guys have never been in a cyclone, thats for sure...They should just change it in weather with bad sight, shower or whatever. Any warship sailing in a cyclone woud be unable to do anything that is related to fighting at sea. It has to survive and more than half the crew will not even be able to do anything. Loading weapons, especially of the ships in this game in impossible.
  4. zeeschuimer

    A Proposed Change to Radar

    Some people seem to want to keep RADAR as a magic trick. If you put something in this game, put the normal counter measures in as well. When you transmit, expect to be seen. But...don't make the ship visible, like there is no smoke. For real, you will see the ship on your RADAR screen only. Some people without understanding the principles of RADAR (and SONAR) want it to remain a toy from Star Wars, wich it isn't. Let it work as it works for real. Like Radio Detection skill fx. Passive SONAR as in this game is the same. If you don't transmit you will only detect something that makes noise. Then only you will know the bearing, not the distance. And then it will NOT make the ship visible outside your SONAR screen of even audio. If this can't be like it should, take it out of the game. If you want to keep it in, make it right.
  5. zeeschuimer

    Suggestions thread

    Do you have any idea what parts of a ship actually are set on fire? Rain will not make any difference there, bud. Its the interior being set on fire.
  6. zeeschuimer

    A Proposed Change to Radar

    This game is not a religion, m8. They are just right. In this game, if you introduce RADAR, do it right. So no RADAR cool down (or SONAR). There is a few things more about this. 1. a RADAR/ SONAR detected ship would not suddenly be visible for the eye with or without these systems, 2. use of RADAR/SONAR means almost certain the transmitting ship is visible as well, 3. the ship using RADAR/SONAR would give up his visibility range. Better, they should be shown on the enemy's minimap as far as the RADAR reaches itself, or even further. Just like what happens with it when it fires guns. The ones that say RADARs were on all the times is crap. RADAR will certainly betray ones position, so it will be on only when there is no other option, or if you don't care being detected as first ship. This matter is far more complex than like a RADAR where you have to put batteries in like in the game. The discussion about this is far from closed, because there are to many tings related to it that have effects in the game. With all respect, this forum is just the place to discuss that.
  7. zeeschuimer

    A Proposed Change to Radar

    When there are ships equipped with whatever sensors it is possible to relay that information to other ships. No matter how advanced the connections between ships are, it is simple to call out a threat bearing and eventual distance of a target found by a ship. Every warship in the era we are playing has/had a plotting room, where the position of the own ship, other friendly ships and al other contacts where and still are monitored. Else scouting at sea would be useless.
  8. zeeschuimer

    Counter the radar!

    Lock on will only be done is the distance can be measured. That is not possible in passive mode. You will need an active signal or better, pulse, for that. Especially when firing a gun.
  9. zeeschuimer

    Counter the radar!

    I think it's more fair that when a ship has its RADAR and/ or SONAR on, the ship using it must be visible to the enemy too. At least WG could make a RADAR detection mod or skill, so the bearing of a transmitting RADAR can be detected. Just like the radio detection skill, but more narrow, as the bearing can be pretty accurately found. For SONAR (or hydro, as its called in the game) it should be simple. Any ship having active SONAR, has passive SONAR to...
  10. zeeschuimer

    Counter the radar!

    About RADAR, cross section, bad weather etc. For the first, RADAR-cross section really depends on how the ship is built and how the ship is turned towards the RADAR-beam. Bad weather will affect RADAR in different ways. If the antenna is not stabilized the level of false echoes will be enormous. The range you might expect I getting worse closer to the RADAR. That might even blind your view completely, due to the returning energy that is stronger when closer. Now bad weather (they call it 'cyclone', but apparently never have been in one...) has influence on RADAR making the picture filled with noise. That depends on the type of RADAR though. A flat target makes a different echo than a round one. By changing the polarization of the beam, rain can be filtered.
  11. zeeschuimer

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Massachusetts?? Thats a sister ship of USS Alabama. Why have two ships of the same class?
  12. zeeschuimer

    Counter the radar!

    Guys can we keep matchmaking discussions in the thread where it belongs?
  13. zeeschuimer

    Counter the radar!

    The destroyer actually is playing the role of a submarine in the game. The cruiser actually plays the destroyer role in this aspect. What is a bit weird is the duration of RADAR/ SONAR. In fact it should be endless. That would give the game a completely new dimension. Passive detection of RADAR would force the RADAR-ships to use their equipment very cautious. That could be made a skill as well
  14. zeeschuimer

    Counter the radar!

    Well, I think a clever player will use it on any captain of any ship. It has many advantages: - at the end of a battle with only one sneaky runner left, its easier to set a trap, - battleships will know the direction of a threat, so they can better maneuver to evade torpedo's, but as well punish that cruiser hiding behind an island hammering you with HE, - destroyer chasers can easier find their target, especially when two have it (cross bearing), - a faster ship, like a cruiser, can scout where the opponent is heading for in ranked battles. In ranked it is even a must to have this skill imo.
  15. zeeschuimer

    Counter the radar!

    Interesting guys, but to be honest, counter measurements ask for counter-counter measurements... Chaff would be nice, but...considering the very short range of RADAR in this game, its a bit nonsense. The range of RADAR in the game is as far as the normal visual range (about 10 km) That makes it only useful targeting ships in a smoke screen or ships with very low profile. The Hydro acoustic devices (SONAR) range is pretty much as a good SONAR. Mind that finding a surface vessel with SONAR as it was implemented these days was pretty crap. The water surface works as a mirror for sound waves. Not to mention the temperature layers in the water. The problem with chaff is that in these days it was dropped by planes. RADAR in the end 'burns' through a chaff cloud. A decoy can easily be detected by a RADAR-operator and will not be effective very long. For SONAR it will not be effective unless a ship uses active SONAR. Noise making device will distact an acoustic torpedo, but not the ones in this game. Then jamming...That would mean the RADAR will be getting a load of noise, so the RADAR-operators screen will be filled. But...if he puts his device on passive search, the jammer actually gives away the position of it. Then deception..That would only work for a tracking device, like fire control RADAR. Search RADAR will not be affected. A fire control RADAR has a beam actually pointed at the target and the distance is measured.That can be mislead so either the beam will be distracted, or the measured range. This is pretty easy, but easy to detect for an operator too and there are counter actions for this too. Now the only thing that should be corrected is the detection of ships behind an island by RADAR or SONAR. That is really nonsense. But...that is vice versa. If you can't see it, it can't see you either, unless it has a mast or whatever with a device seeing around sticking over it. But then again that would mean he gives away his own position. By the way, using a device like RADAR in a smoke screen would be hilarious in real life. One would yes look through the smoke, and yes detected by the ships it is covering for in the smoke, because of transmitting, thus detected easily by RADAR-detection devices and give actually away the exact bearing. a torpedo in that direction would do the rest. Also, two cooperating ships can make a cross bearing and beye, beye. All in all the game would be so complicated, that the time for a round would have to be stretched.