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  1. zeeschuimer

    Chat Bullying

    I know very well what I do and what I did. Your 'community feedback' is well understood here. It's always the same. Deny, deny, deny, no matter what they say. Wargaming is always right and if they are not, an apology but never turn the actions back. look at the Puerto Rico debacle. So using chat is a reason to give someone a chat ban if one complains about the answers he gets. The game itself says so! You get a chat ban if a certain amount of complains is achieved. It tells you right in the face and here it is just denied? Come on! 'You would be the first proven innocent'...how can you knoiw if you don't even know who reported you and why? That is never told you! Just like it is 'coincidence' the top 10 of this game in Naval Battles is...CIS (except for one, but thats a futility) . Coincidence or 'chosen' 'patriottic' algorithms? We know soviets better than you think...and then you say: '...claiming stuff we know as wrong...' Where have we read that before in the past history?
  2. zeeschuimer

    Chat Bullying

    Why are the answers just as predictable as Wargaming is itself? Blame the one who dares to discuss our politics. It is just the same old song and very recognized outside St. Petersburg. Just check wargaming at Trustpilot...
  3. zeeschuimer

    Chat Bullying

    Then you have to talk with customer support. For the second we ( in our clan) have tried ourself. A player who kept sending insulting messages got a report and could continue his actions. First after 5 counted reports he was shut up. Coincidence? I don't think so. But, as usual, the players get the blame themselves, their rig is broken or their internet malfunctions. There is nothing wrong with my reading and the explanations are just not correct. But Wargaming has a reputation here. Egoleter, please...
  4. zeeschuimer

    Chat Bullying

    I think you are wrong. I have seen it done. Customer support told me that they couldn't do anything against it as it is AUTOMATIZED.
  5. zeeschuimer

    Chat Bullying

    After all these years I must conclude that all the articles I read are simply whiped away the way you do right now. This discourages people to get on this forum. Furthermore you simly deny what is stated. If you would do your work as Admiral of the Fleet, you would take this more serious than you do now. Take your resposibilty man! If one single player can simply silence people with 5 clicks there is something wrong with this system and invites to harrass and bully others.
  6. zeeschuimer

    Chat Bullying

    The last few months I have noticed there are players in this game who found a 'legal' way to bully other players. This is done simply by flooding the complain system with reports about chat violations. If someone feels he is not getting what he wants, he simply starts reporting and after a certain number of reports the other is automatically getting a chat ban. I noticed that people who made a complaint here in the forum about this practice get reactions that are childish and actually making this forum not useable. 'Çustomer service' seems to run away from its resposibility and actually responds with an automated answer and in this forum doesn't react at all. Players who put a valid question about this system are simply neglected, set away as moaners or harrassed in another way. I wouldlike to point out that this is an expensive game where many players have invested more than in any other game. A premium buch of pixels costs more than a complete game. If someone damages other players in this forum or in the game there should be moderators to check this. When my car fails i go to a garage with it and expect it to be fixed. Moderators are the 'mechanics' to fix problems concearning the behaviour of players. This can NOT be done automatically, except in a totalitary system! WAKE UP WARGAMING!
  7. The number three here *edit* torpedoes his team member (Me, as last in the list) and apparently does not get any penalty at all. Wargaming has definitively her own standards of game honesty.
  8. zeeschuimer

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    You don't seem to know how stats are made up. If one has a win ratio of 48% it means that he was in the losing team. Wich actually means that wargaming has rigged players already before they play a battle. When YOU are SO good that every battle you play depends on YOU, that is a pretty arrogant definition of yourself.
  9. zeeschuimer

    Mass reporting resulting in chat ban

    This is what makes this whole forum poisonous. If one uses his in game chat complain agains someone, the SYSTEM gives you a chat-ban. Wargaming automatized this. So, he is not a liar. You lack knowledge of this soviet game making.
  10. Indeed. One bunch of pixels cost as much as a complete game developed in a civilized country.
  11. zeeschuimer

    When WG greed ends ?

    BarskiPatzow show yourself, instead of supporting a criminal regime on the back ground! You are worse than the Iranians who at least do give in they made a mistake! Russians apparently can't!
  12. I think you are a bit over-optimistic about your Italian gunnery and under estimate the (unfortunately) only three dutch ships in this game... (T61, Gadjah Mada and Friesland). For patriottic reasons Leningrad will not put in more dutch ships.
  13. How about getting the Andrea Doria in this game?
  14. How about getting a job instead of playing games?
  15. zeeschuimer

    lifeboats on battleships

    Hold on! Your last picture does NOT show a paravane or mine sweeping tool. That thing is a variable depth sonar or VDS. It can be set on different depths, so it can listen under a salt or temperature layer. It is in fact the same SONAR as a hull mounted one, but on a cable so it can be lowered.