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  1. zeeschuimer

    Friesland with the Dutch Flag

    One remark. The uniforms of the dutch officers are not correct, at least not according to the ranks. The warrant officer has no oak leaf around the anchor, just an anchor with crown. He is a non-commisioned officer. Below commander, no oak leaf on sun cover. The commander has one row of oak leaf on the cap sun cover. Captain and up have double oak leaf.
  2. Unfortunately I couldn't be there, but if there are still any questions on the items at the museum I can answer them for you. (I'm retired warrant officer weapons engineer of the dutch navy)
  3. Well, it is not the navy flag, as we don't have such. It is the jack, or 'geus' and is only carried on the front stack when in a foreign harbor or when a foreign ship visits the harbour. So when a british ship visits Den Helder, this jack is carried. When the dutch warship visits London, it is also carried.
  4. Piet, I think the Dolfijn class subs (the Tonijn is) is a bit to modern... About dutch ships, there are more choices. Hr.Ms. De Ruyter (pre-WW2), Hr.MS De Zeven Provincien (post WW2), Hr.Ms Sumatra (cruiser comparable with HMS Emerald), the battle cruiser project (wich will be like KMS Scharnhorst, as she had the same gun set up, so tier 7 at most) and not to forget the big fleet of 26 submarines of different types. (Keep in mind, Germany had 31 submarines in 1938). For the rest of the European fleet, think about the spanish cruisers, swedish cruisers, danish destroyer (HMDS Peder Skram), swedish destroyers. As submarines get into the game, it might be intersting to put frigates in as well..they are the real sub-hunters. This game will change....
  5. Friesland is a province of the Netherlands and putting a friesian flag on it would be an insult. Ships carry nation flags and not local area flags. There is no way that flag can be put on her.
  6. T-61 was dutch design under the german occupation. It can hadly be called a dutch destroyer as she has never seen the dutch flag raised on her.
  7. zeeschuimer

    Submarines are Coming

    Hmm, interesting. I didn't know they were that far in 1943. Well, if that happens, it opens a complete set of counter measures. Decoys, variable depth sonar, towed array sonar, passive and active, temperature layers, speed of the ships (faster means hardly possible to use sonar) and what I think will happen then, the enormous number of team kills...
  8. zeeschuimer

    Submarines are Coming

    Pffeew...quite a thing here. Destroyers will become more important now instead of being forced to cap. Ahh...capping. Subs are ghoing to cap as well? Interesting. Shoot ships under water with HE? That is complete nonsense. HE bursts as soon as its fuze detects the surface. So depth charges? Now what about the weapons like the limbo AS mortar on HMS Daring or the launchers on the upcoming dutch DD? I don't know what is meant with 'homing torpedoes in one of the previous comments, but torpedoes in the days this game plays didn't exist, as far as my knowledge goes. So the game will change to World of Submarine hunting, as battleships and submarines will now turn into high value targets (HVT's). The only thing they can do is launch spotter planes.
  9. Absolutely fantastic! As former dutch navy veteran, I'm really pleased to see this. The museum has much more, like the minesweeper Abraham Crijnssen that escaped camouflaged as an island to Australia during the Japanese invasion of the Dutch East Indies. Or the fully restored ramming ship Schorpioen.
  10. zeeschuimer

    Okt. Revolutsya

    It will be available again, we know World of Warships :) In tier 5 I think it is the best battleship to play. Some ships just excell in their tier. BB Warspite in tier 6, For cruisers I would vote for Graf Spee. Same guns as Scharnhorst, just a turret less. Destroyer, definitely the T61. This destroyer plays really easy. Tier 7 I would vote for Scharnhorst, Cruiser not sure yet, but Abruzzi makes a chance as premium Regular I would vote for Fiji.
  11. zeeschuimer

    Okt. Revolutsya

    Don't, you better get the Guilio Cesare. Revolutsya is just a moderate ship and exells in nothing. Therefore, a complete new russian fantasy BB line. Just to camouflage the bad real thing.