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  1. Well said sir, we've all said things we regret in the heat of the moment. It takes a bigger man to apologize, no matter the circumstances.
  2. Djinni

    "The Vuk"

    Mister Greek you're a braver man than me my friend!
  3. Djinni

    Don't you just hate it when.....

    This ^^
  4. Djinni

    So what is your jinxed ship?

    Since OBT from CBT it's got to be the Clemson for some reason, and I LOVE that ship!
  5. Djinni

    please add this to the game

    Great idea.
  6. Djinni

    Torping own Team Reporting

    You mean the joy DD's and CV's will have!
  7. Djinni

    Three days to go...

  8. Djinni

    Whats your most WTF moment you ever had?

    I just had one in the Farragut, just at the start of battle someone knocked at the door and I had to answer. So I naturally stopped the ship and ran to the door - the guy wanted to TALK. When I got back to the game (my fault I know) I hadn't stopped the ship, I was at full speed! Somehow I was in the middle of the enemy fleet. It was like Cpt Spiers in Band of Brothers during the Attack on Foy "For some reason the Germans didn't shoot at him I didn't think they believed what they were seeing. But the amazing thing was he came back." I turned fired torps, increased engine and popped smoke. Ran into an island to avoid a Mine's torps and somehow made it back... only to die a few minutes later though...lol.
  9. Djinni

    Platoon help

    I would love that to be implemented.
  10. Djinni

    Whats your most WTF moment you ever had?

    I have had the same happen to me! It's where you stare at the screen with your mouth open, just catching flies.
  11. Djinni

    Awards are in wrong language

    Mine were in French so I checked yesterday before the patch and they were in English. Since the patch, French again.
  12. Djinni

    Any UK/English speaking based clans around?

    I'd be up for that
  13. Djinni

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    I thought it was just me!
  14. Djinni

    British Premium Content

    If you search for HMS Cavalier on google maps you can have a look inside her.
  15. Djinni

    British Premium Content

    If the Colony Class don't make it to main tree I'd like to see HMS Fiji.