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  1. Leutnant_Kramer

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    Here's the trouble, though. If you need premium flags/camos, it's not for free, either. Sure, they may be "trash" from previous lootboxes but they were paid for nonetheless and they won't be available for future endeavors. Besides, if WG may use flags and camo to stuff lootboxes and claim that I got my money's worth, I may also count those towards expenses for a "free" event. If not...well, then I would like to get something worth anything from lootboxes.
  2. Leutnant_Kramer

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    That's the beautiful thing about this apology. They can apologize for something that they actually did badly and not change a damned thing as a consequence. Simply masterful.
  3. Leutnant_Kramer

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    Had a nice long commentary written..but then the forum destroyed my reply. Twice. So now in short: It's true, the communication was bad and it's totally on them. Then again, communication is still bad, isn't it? They still don't acknowledge that you would need to put in at least a full time job's worth of effort into the grind to get PR "for free" with only expenditure of camos and flags (because apparently those are free, right? Well, unless they are used to stuff lootboxes, so you get your money's worth). Gorizia is still one hell of a grind. Most players would still have to pretty much spend all or most of their gaming time during the event period to get it done. And those T VI ships you can get depend on getting Gorizia first. Rewards for what directives you can reasonably complete look rather lackluster. Construction stages are a bit better but still look meh to me. Snowflakes are somewhat nice. And I guess it's a good thing that I can stop playing WoWs for the next month after maybe another 150 coop games to get all that snow off my ships. And 4500 steel is not too bad, that's almost a third of a Black. The TX container drops, though...well, those are really not worth speaking of.
  4. Leutnant_Kramer

    Last Chance to Get Your Hands on Festive Treats!

    Well, they had this model before where you had to first get the ship, then do the missions - but those times, you could get those ships a lot easier than Gorizia is now. And of course it was a dirty cash grab model of mission design then, too. The real shame is that WG apparently can't make content people may want to spend money on and instead make content to make people feel like they have to spend money on...
  5. Leutnant_Kramer

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    I wonder if you would actually spend more on just buying the boat...or on all the camo/signals you need (assuming you had to buy all you use specifically for this event), assuming regular levels of average XP/winrate (and non-insane teams during the event). Maybe I'll try and figure it out..solving this sounds easier and more fun than the PR grind.
  6. Leutnant_Kramer

    Update 0.8.10: “Resolute and Rapid”

    Uh, British heavy cruisers are coming. And only four out of six are paper ships.