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  1. Well, WG certainly meets the spirit of the day - it's all about commerce, after all. Well, I don't really need any black versions of other ships. The Armada bundle is a fantastic offer (compared to buying single ships) - but still ridiculously expensive. And sure, I would get maybe 150k doubloons and another roughly thirty ships - I have no idea what to do with all those doubloons and most of the ships I probably wouldn't play more than once if at all. So nuffin' for me, thanks.
  2. Leutnant_Kramer

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    Like finding a bag of D-Marks (not sure about Francs but I guess it might be similar) will allow you to change them into Euros (indefinitely), you can still use your FXP as captain XP - it just lost a lot of its former value to inflation. On the other hand, there might be new FXP ships coming? It's not like the need to create FXP dumps has gone away, I think. Especially since people exchanging large amounts of elite ship XP for FXP is probably a decent source of revenue for WG.
  3. Leutnant_Kramer

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Three knocked out main guns in a battle with a battleship is just silly. Tried shooting cruisers - they died before they lost turrets. Tried shooting destroyers, died, too. Tried shooting battleships, game ended before I knocked out enough turrets. Tried HE, disabled all modules on a Nürnberg - except for two of her turrets. Trying to knock out turrets without killing ships while driving battleships is ridiculously hard and you also play rather badly in terms of winning.
  4. Leutnant_Kramer

    WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    Nothing about aviation in there...I've got this.
  5. Leutnant_Kramer

    XP on Premium & Fully Researched Ships

    No accelerated crew training. You can use doubloons to turn it into free XP. Otherwise it'll just sit there and accumulate. EDIT: Looks like it might change quite a bit with the big 0.6.0 - I don't promise anything though.
  6. Leutnant_Kramer

    Mutsu - Premium T6 IJN BB

    Do they include the crew member who blows the ship up if you don't engage in glorious battle after five minutes?
  7. Leutnant_Kramer

    Detonation - fun and engaging mechanic

    I don't get detonations nearly enough these days....running out of flags.
  8. Leutnant_Kramer

    Grinding for USS Missouri

    How is LSD helpful (except that you can save on the Halloween-camo while still having a fabulously colorful ship)? I would suggest lots of free time, adult diapers and a steady supply of stimulants.
  9. Leutnant_Kramer

    Ship wishlist 2017

    SMS Wolf SMS Möve SMS Seeadler ... What do you mean they're no real warships?
  10. Leutnant_Kramer

    Is it time to remove capping from the game?

    Unless you can suggest other objectives to fight over (and there are definitely possibilities like and assault mode with a port, beach or island to be assaulted/defended or a convoy to be raided or defended - but both of those are asymmetric goals which require some more balance work than symmetric objectives), bases are the way to go. They are an indicator for battlefield dominance and therefore victory by tactics. The OP's suggestion would be to remove objectives from the game, leaving nothing to fight over and therefore no victory condition by tactics - just elimination or dominance by numbers (which are the same thing with the difference being time). In a way, it's a nod to reality. If you dominate the battlefield, you are likely to have won (you can of course lose a war of attrition but I doubt WG will introduce supply chain management, industrial production limits and greater strategic campaigns anytime soon).
  11. Leutnant_Kramer

    Disappearing Enemy Ships

    Well, half a second of latency is tough, shooting (and hitting) is definitely easier for those of us with 30 ms. Hope living in the wilderness of northern Scotland has some perks to make up for that. Visibility isn't really modeled to real world mechanics, with those destroyers and cruisers in open water - part of the scheme to make destroyers worth as much as battleships.
  12. Leutnant_Kramer

    Paying Costumer....

    CustomerCustomerCustomerCustomerCustomerCustomerCustomerCustomer Sounds weird if you say it a lot. Like it's not even a word.
  13. Leutnant_Kramer

    Question about new Commander skills

    Hope they listen a bit to the community though. I would hate to see all those skills make it in that give you info about undetected enemies
  14. Leutnant_Kramer


    I wonder how much introducing bonuses at the times when you think people play the most is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I mean, I certainly play most when there are some nifty bonuses to be had...
  15. Leutnant_Kramer

    Other examples of regional differences?

    Well, either the "secret" final turned out to be 10x the event camo (which still is better than the current New Year's paint due to actually being, you know, camo) - or we didn't get it because either WG "forgot" or because we didn't reach the new secret final reward after they moved it from 10M or 12M to 15M of whatever we collected in the event. Now don't get me wrong, there was a good reason to move the goalpost - it allowed players to continue their personal scores in order to reap some good rewards which would otherwise have failed due to technical complications. But at the same time they knew that we couldn't possibly reach the new goal - so tying the final reward to the new goal would just be cheating. Either way, the result didn't quite keep up with the expectations of the promised reward. Edit: Then of course there was the screwup the weekend after the event when we should have gotten some sort of (among other things) captain XP boost from the event but they had technical problems and all the people who had premium time from the event for that weekend were pissed when it was postponed but I'm afraid I forgot the details. On the EU server, the number was still a good chunk higher than on other servers, after they changed it. Somewhere around the 'can't get it if you missed the first week'-mark.