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  1. Leutnant_Kramer

    Bug Reports

    https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/hot-issues/10794/ These issues, apparently...whatever *they* are
  2. Leutnant_Kramer

    Bug Reports

    Same here, I just love "Technical issues found" with no hint as to what those issues are.
  3. Huh, WG is even more sneaky than I noticed initially. I was only looking at the Crowns (the rare currencies typically having been those with lower numbers, also there are many more sales for Florins) and (assuming a constant 20 per Directive, 320 total) there should be more than enough of those to get all three carriers by the fourth week (300 total needed; especially considering the 120 you can get through daily missions). Should have gone by color (Florins are golden). For the three carriers you also need 3900 Florins. You get at best 800 from containers from directives (again assuming consistent rewards), 1200 from daily missions and 100 from daily shipments, for a total of 2100, 1800 short of the carriers. Even if you get to exchange Crowns for Florins at some point (at 1:8), for those (at most) 140 Crowns above the 300 you need, you would get only 1120 Florins. So unless there's some way to get Florins WG has not mentioned yet, you would at least have to spend 4000 doubloons on additional Crowns (if the exchange is added) or seven appropriate loot boxes (or 18, if no exchange is added). Well, or you could buy an Exeter and complete the mission for 300 Florins, leaving 2000 doubloons worth of Florins or four loot boxes. By the way, those exchange rates for other things you can buy for Florins are a bit wonky, too. Assuming the exchange rate of Crowns to Florins 1:8 and doubloons to Crowns 2000:50, a premium day costs 1500 doubloons, you can get an exchange rate of doubloons to credits via Crowns and Florins of 1:800 and you can even get e.g. Equal Speed Charlie London signals at a cost of 96 doubloons (instead of the normal 16). I know that the event currencies aren't intended to be used this way but I just thought it fit right into the rest of this post. Well, for some reason I now went from "Let's get those carriers into my port" to "Why do I even keep playing and supporting this game?"
  4. Sneaky. No word on the Knight of Devon mission which you can only complete if you buy Exeter which is right now only available in the big bundle version. Also, limited list of nations for the missions imo is fine as long as there is no opposing restriction when it comes to targets (*cough* kill Russian ships). Most of the tasks can be done in Coop - but I don't really think there is a reason why you would need to. If you really don't want to play Random, though, I guess you're out of luck
  5. Leutnant_Kramer

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    Is the portal hiding something from me or are those ten extra-long minutes?
  6. Leutnant_Kramer

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    What's with those flag prices? I get that the economy is somewhat ...well, I don't want to say "broken" - but I doubt that selling marginally useful signals at a ridiculous cost will fix it. Also: Yay, Alaska! Looks like I'll be back down to 900k free XP on Thursday
  7. Leutnant_Kramer

    January Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    Could have sworn Admiral Franz von Hipper was a man.
  8. Leutnant_Kramer

    Collector's Club Launch

    When will the traditional holiday discounts come? It looks like I need more port slots.
  9. Leutnant_Kramer

    PSA - Steel Rat to be removed due to bug!

    Easy (partial) fix: Heal doesn't work in the filth - shouldn't impact teamplay much, eliminates filth-farming I miss my rat....
  10. Leutnant_Kramer

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.12 - Discussion Thread

    No need to be miraculous - the partial ship was floated (they needed the shipyard space) and scrapped in 1920 when the Hochseeflotte had long been scuttled. It would be nice if there were more actual WWI (or pre-WWI) designs in the game. Of course they may have a problem against interwar ships and carriers. Some pre-dreadnoughts would be cool, too, and correspondingly armored and protected cruisers (and possibly old style torpedo boats - but those would be pretty small). Those old style cruisers and the one pre-dreadnought so far are kind of confined to tiers 2 and 3 alongside newer scout cruisers, early dreadnoughts and WWI destroyers. I certainly would like it if they chose (and managed) to kind of enhance the lower tiers and split them into somewhat distinct 1890 to 1906 / 1906 to 1912(1914) / 1912(1914) to 1920ish blocks (basically pitting ships of similar developmental phases against each other). But I guess there's too little demand for that and it doesn't work with the Tier I - Tier X system anyway...
  11. Leutnant_Kramer

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.12 - Discussion Thread

    Where did they get that Prinz Eitel Friedrich? Sure, there was a ship by that name but being a mail steamer converted to serve as an auxiliary cruiser/merchant raider - but that barely qualifies as warship, certainly not as a battleship. EDIT: Never mind, looks like it's one of the Mackensen class battlecruisers
  12. Well, WG certainly meets the spirit of the day - it's all about commerce, after all. Well, I don't really need any black versions of other ships. The Armada bundle is a fantastic offer (compared to buying single ships) - but still ridiculously expensive. And sure, I would get maybe 150k doubloons and another roughly thirty ships - I have no idea what to do with all those doubloons and most of the ships I probably wouldn't play more than once if at all. So nuffin' for me, thanks.
  13. Leutnant_Kramer

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    Like finding a bag of D-Marks (not sure about Francs but I guess it might be similar) will allow you to change them into Euros (indefinitely), you can still use your FXP as captain XP - it just lost a lot of its former value to inflation. On the other hand, there might be new FXP ships coming? It's not like the need to create FXP dumps has gone away, I think. Especially since people exchanging large amounts of elite ship XP for FXP is probably a decent source of revenue for WG.
  14. Leutnant_Kramer

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Three knocked out main guns in a battle with a battleship is just silly. Tried shooting cruisers - they died before they lost turrets. Tried shooting destroyers, died, too. Tried shooting battleships, game ended before I knocked out enough turrets. Tried HE, disabled all modules on a Nürnberg - except for two of her turrets. Trying to knock out turrets without killing ships while driving battleships is ridiculously hard and you also play rather badly in terms of winning.
  15. Leutnant_Kramer

    WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    Nothing about aviation in there...I've got this.