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    I found my US CA's best with the power modification. But im a island camping monkey rat (R). Concealment + power mod. Ambushing is really powerfull on US CA's, but one has to be highly map aware to excell at this. My whole game plan is always the same: find an island and abuse it. Unless theres a friendly team playing US DD. Now thats a match made in heaven.
  2. Tomasberkut


    Hi. I think you missed a lot with the pensacola and new orleans. The pensacola sits in a niche of being relatively low tier while posessing monstrous guns, very good manuverability. The new orleans has radar and excellent concealment with strong guns. Both eat crusiers and dd's like musli, chewing them thoroughly. I fell in love with both. The baltimore is a lot more clumsy and more visible. But those guns. My favorite part with both the balti and des moines are the catapult launchers. Who needs CV when you can lobe those ap monsters over islands with impunity. Islands are your friend. Its like having russian armor. I never even bothered to install the range module. 14.4km is enough. Every ship from the pensacola to DM cant deal with BB's. You just get wrecked. I find it hard to play with the DM cause its such a attention magnet. While the mentality with the pensacola is of "hey, look, a damage piniata" the DM is "I have to kill it before it lays eggs". Getting shot at every 4.8s reinforces that thought further. Personaly I like the DM the most, NO a very close second and Pensacola/Baltimore third.
  3. Tomasberkut

    Baltiless - Des Moines. Your advice please

    Hi ! Finished the Balti, DM in port. Baltimore was a pleasure to play. The catapult launcher + decent stealth + radar + hydro + ap combination is so much win. Excellent against crusiers and DD, works against BB only when shooting from behind an island. I never found the need to install the range update, the whole grind was with 14.4km range. Love the BB hate when they call me an island hugging monkey rat. The DM feels more clumsy, she obviously had too many donuts and doritos. Harder to park behind islands. AA feels stronk but needs 7.2km range. Very nice gun angle. 4.8 sec reload. DAT RELOAD. She has so much dpm I dont know how to play her. 56s radar. The area denial. Ultimate counter against smokers.
  4. Tomasberkut

    Russian CV line

    Hmm. I see chance in a new game mechanic. Instead of using silly torpedoes make TB's drop Yamatos. In case they miss they continue through the game as bots on the green team. Sounds more balanced than the Kebab.
  5. Tomasberkut

    Russian CV line

    Finally some worthy topic to discuss. I think only the TX is worth discussing, as the rest of the line will be a pain grind for that glory X. First of all, lets make it the first CV with in game adjustable squadrons, 9 slots. 10 planes each with no reserves. With IJN concave torps, 300kn rocket supercavitating torps, no aim time. Torps are special, they make the ship both flood and set aflame. DB set up as super penetration, smart bomb HE 10000lb. Ofc lets not forget that the planes dont panic under DF. And Chuck Norris as the rear gunner. Su 27 fighters. T button for all plane replenish. U for special, russian DF, +300% range, *25 dpm. Y for super heal. AA / secondaries. I suggest moskva guns as DP guns. Nuff said.
  6. Tomasberkut

    Baltiless - Des Moines. Your advice please

    Hello. Regarding the DM AA build. I know from my CV experience how much of a pain that sphere of death a properly placed DM can be. Sitting behind an island, radaring at green DD's, shelling friendlys with those wonderfull catapults. Ive had many matches where I just HAD TO get that guy from behind a rock, at any cost, no matter the losses to my planes. From a CV's point of view its like cutting off your hand with a tea spoon. If he has platoon mates in a Minotaur and lets say a Gearing, and those guys have decent AA. Well, have fun with both of your legs. The accuracy module vs AA range. I have wooden stumps in place of hands, my aiming is as bad as it gets. Theyre good at CV clicking, building race engines, pleasing my lady, not something as complicated as actually aiming at your opponent. Most of my fights in the Pensacola, New Orleans and Baltimore are at less than 10km and from an ambush. I dont even bother to install the range module on the Balti. Playing against CV is all about clicking those pesky airplanes away. DE vs SI. Ill deff change that to SI. I dont shoot that much HE anyway, theyre maybe 10% of my volume of fire. Exacly like you say, radar and extra heal is a lot more beneficial. I never even considered BFT. ROF for me. For my playstyle DPM is very important.
  7. Tomasberkut

    Baltiless - Des Moines. Your advice please

    Well, she's a wonderfull ship to play now. Im having as much fun as playing CV. She's a painfull, grief inducing thorn for the enemies. I know how ill set up the DM, she needs 7.2km AA. I dont feel tears raining from the sky. CV's seem to be the most annoying pests when they notice im running hydro. Come to thing of it I always liked to attack CA's if they had no AA, high value target that are squishy. Karma.
  8. Tomasberkut

    Baltiless - Des Moines. Your advice please

    The grind finaly starts to turn in to fun games. Got the hang of playing her in a way thats more beneficial to the team, its very hard to perform well in this ship. I have found her to have a large impact on the outcome of cap skirmishes, she's also very nice at making RN crusiers a living hell. Its very effective against the smoke meta, while performing very well within the smoke (if ally DD play with you) thanks to that wonderfull hydro + radar combination. Finally unlocked the catapults! Love them, they hit hard and fly high So much more islands are available, I have to learn all the juicy spots again. I dont know why do people complain about the Baltimore so much, is a nice ship to play. Maybe its the fact that Im the type of guy to dislike the Myoko, Ive found it to be medicore at best. Not my bag of cookies.
  9. Tomasberkut

    Baltiless - Des Moines. Your advice please

    Hi ! Finished playing through the New Orleans, boy was this ship a joy to play. Fast, agile, stealthy, tanky, those guns. So far the US crusier line is a joy to play. The cleveland was a fun little firestarter brawler, the pensacola was a masterpiece of one salvo go to your port mr ca can I have another please while dodging shells, NO was excellent, a keeper. The baltimore Well, in stock form and lacking a captain she's ... not as good as the pensacola or NO. I cant put my finger on it. She's more clumsy, elephant in the glass shop like next to islands, the 13.2s reload is a little too much in clutch situations. It seems to have a shoot me sign written on it. Make that a giant billboard with full ilumination, firecrackers flying everywhere and a whole air show with planes leaving smoke trails in a shooting range target style. Unlocked the captain yesterday and feels a lot better. The situational awareness skill is a must. The good sides. The guns. At least the stock ones hit very hard. The shell arc is meh. I wish it was more like a catapult. Very effective up to about 10km, later my shooting skils tell me to go and play tetris or do some monkey clicking CV stuff. She's tanky but I get more haha you funny citadel hits than on the NO.
  10. Tomasberkut

    Cleveland help

    Islands are your best armour. Use them to your advantage. The guns have amazing arcs for this kind of play. Crush RN dreams of imperialism with AP. Burn everything else. Do not fear to brawl if the situation requires it - the lack of armour make it hard to get good shots in it, the citadel is very hard to hit and it packs a really mean punch. Thats how I went through the Cleveland. Fun times.
  11. Tomasberkut

    Pensacola is it any good now? (Review)

    Grinding through the NO atm. My biggest issue is the lack of priority target skill due to the captain being retrained to the new ship. Except for that it feels like a good ship, its not a pain grind. I need to adjust to the meta and forward facing guns.
  12. Tomasberkut

    Pensacola is it any good now? (Review)

    Hello Im finishing the grind on the Pensacola, some input from my point of view. The cleveland was fun, the non existant armor, 12 guns and space time ninjutsu citadel make it a really nice brawler, especially against british paper ships. Played her as a close ranger island hugger brawler, was fun. I really enjoyed the catapult gun balistics. The Pensacola. Holy f***. At this point this is definately my favorite ship in the game, maybe except the mighty Shokaku. Its my no. 1 normal ship for sure. First of all, the arnament. Absolutely amazing AP. I swear they load battleship caliber shells at the breach and squeeze them to 203mm through the barrels. They hit so hard and from every angle. They punish broadsiding BB really hard, demolish every crusier that dares to show broadside or face you straight ahead. I cant get over how good they are, compared to the Japanese and German lines. Very accurate, the flight characteristics are very nice, one can hide behind island and shoot enemies with impunity. They dont have that RnG© feel to them, they just plain work as intended. The HE. It works nice with demolition expert and flags, demolishes DD's, sets BB's on fire, works against properly angled CA's. I dont use it too often, the AP is just so strong. The ship is very manuverable, I cant count how many torpedo beats ive done in it, how many BB shells dodged. Its also narrow, thats also a nice thing. Quite fast. Stealth is kind of ok but I rarely used it, using the guns too much. The armor. Well... it kind of works, holding the citadel together. I do get bounces on some CA's, RnG© helps against BB's but its not meant to be used as armor. Its not meant to be used in the first place I tend to be an agressive island hugger and brawl with CA's when the situation requires it. Works really nice with a DD in platoon with smoke. Im really looking forward to the NO.
  13. Im still waiting for the T4 - T5 premium CV with manual controlls. Because reasons.
  14. Tomasberkut

    The CV Captains Cabin

    This is interesting cause I would say the game works a lot better than it used to. http://imgur.com/a/p1g4n This was literally my first post CV "rework" match in the Haku. The controls (apart from the crude anti cv pick thingie with the timer) feel better. They dont stick as bad as they used to, they respond to my input and it feels a lot more smooth. There was only 1 time where I managed to make it go crazy but that was an instance of trying to manual micromanage literally every plane at a middle end game scenario. But when it went bad it crashed so bad i had to literally wait one or two seconds and do the jump through squadrons and do random commands routine to unstick the UI. Its a bag of mixed feelings. Yes, there is a massive quality of gameplay increase, I mean its finally possible to just play instead of working against the UI. Really nice job on this part WG. I think now is the time to fine tune the controlls and bring them to Blizzard quality, see what happens stats wise when they work, finally perform the CV rework as intended thingie and add british CV line. Oh and add a premium tier 4 CV with manual controls. Because reasons. Had some really nice matches in the Midway but with the controls reworked one can really go to town with the Haku. I feel the Midway really needs a buff compared to its IJN counterpart even more than it used to. I think that a DB rng reduction would be enough to make it as monstous balanced as the Haku.
  15. Tomasberkut

    [Balance] 2 CVs per team is too much.

    Double Hakuryuu was so epic ... Such strong teamplay visible from the very first plane spot.