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  1. Whatever im in, they always seem more of a hindrance rather than an asset. In a cruiser, does not even have to be aa, they will always crawl behind you looking for aa cover incase they get spotted by cv. In a pan dd, they will always mess up your strike. The BlackBerry get spooked by jap torps meaning they just act as an early warning signal that enemy dd is nearby. What is with all this area denial bs anyway. If you want to remove a threat you sink him. Facing three waves of torps head on is not even a threat mostly, unless in a dreadnought. In a BlackBerry. Never once seen a jap dd act as a scout. When alone on a flank. Instead too concerned with spamming fish at maximum range hoping to score some damage. Most of the time a jap dd is considered a genious if he just caps at end of battle, since risking it supporting another ship fighting an enemy dd would harm his stats.
  2. hollowbaron

    HE for all secondaries?

    I think in general players over rate he and dismiss ap. In my best random battle in an october revolution I sunk 8 enemy players, all using he and I only used ap throughout. Never understood though why when in a mossouri, a dd will expect you to storm a cap just because you have radar despite there being jap and pan dd hiding there. Then the dd jokes about the great he ability of the mossouri when you have a fer der grobbe on your [edited]desperate to get withing secondary range, but because he is angled and with the turtle back armour protecting him from plunging fire within 10km, I get insulted for firing he back at him knowing ap is useless in this case and if the dd realised I dont actually have to be banging his mothers [edited]at close distance to support him and if he scouted a bit instead of running behind and island and bitching in chat I could advance with him. I play dd as well as b,b so I can moan either way :) When in a dd instead I wish there was a formation, in general dd and cl like belfast in front. Then ca mid distance and battle cruisers like hood and amagi flanking from edge of centre map while bismark and tirpitz get up close after area is scouted a bit. While there should be discipline, in random its all about knowing what position best suits you, where you can do good damage but have an escape route. In ranked battles its like everyone is a zombie to their bosses ghost echoes on teamspeak during clan battles where they have to conform. Like the map in ranked where all battleships are supposed go to b and just sit there with forward facing guns towards other battleships spamming he. May work in clan battles where your all talking, but in ranked the odds of ordering a dd to do surprise attack is remote. Instead odd thing in ranked being a solo warrior mostly although I try to be selfless and support when I can. I prefer flanking in a battlecruiser to the stale mate where other battleships destroy each other. One battle which I won, some dd who died cunted me off the whole time for sailing to edge of map when I had two dd on me. Despite that was broadsiding enemy battleships who did not even notice me, who were almost stationary or reversing. Did this while fleeing from dd and manage to sink one of the dd with kii torps. So really wish everyone stops talking bs when others dont listen to armchair admiral who thinks everything should be rehearsed like light cavalry charge in crimea. I think most argument in random boil down to neither party willing to rush the enemy lines, since they will just be cannon fodder especially when mossouri radar runs out. So everyone wants to claim all the damage but are unwilling to go foward. In my experience ca like the frenchies and ruskies tend to camp behind b,b while some like main jap dd run a mile at sight of another dd, peter pans tend to hover at the half way point where their guns may be effective againt enemy dd. Russians are worst campers. They will never contest a cap despite having best guns because of concealment issues and possibility of getting smoked early with bad stats. While germans try to play like pans but fail even with the hydro. Americans are the new japanese. Even if your the worst dd player on the server, if you know how to aim while doging, you can own any other dd if you go full bezerker on him. I dont think enough b,b players have played dd and vice versa. As for cruisers, they will always be op, since most have a one track mind and can only focus on a couple of things at a time. I've seen experience players in cruisers wreck whole teams of b,b and dd while alone. Watching them you would think that cruisers need a nerf but in general they need a buff.
  3. hollowbaron

    HE for all secondaries?

    Maybe im missing something but I think making all secondaries use ap would actually make them op. Whats a bigger threat ignoring the radar. Fiji with just ap or atlanta with he? For me in a dd the fiji is a bigger threat, while in a ca or b,b obviously atlanta for fire threat. Reason I don't rate my atlanta vs dd that much unless at knife fighting distance is that my grandmother could avoid the candle of fire sent by atlanta because of the high arc. While with fiji if you turn broadside to avoid fire from other direction it will citadel you like a yamota deals with a des moines. For dd in general I know everyone prefers using he against them especially in a b,b, instead for me I rather send ap at them, for all the bounces and overpens, if the dd does that magic turn when he is at a perfect angle, between a bounce and and overpenetration, the event is followed by him clicking on map furiously and blaming his team for his demise. The kebab among others can bounce.
  4. hollowbaron

    HE for all secondaries?

    Actually definately not. But not for the reasons you suggested. For example I have ifhe on tirpitz for the secondaries because otherwise all your secondary are doing is setting fire. But thats only if your up against a battleship or ca. Instead when a dd is trying spam dildos in your direction the ap works better on his side than he in my experience as you wont overpen like you do with main guns ap. With just he, certain ships secondaries would feel like an atlanta with trump in charge, after he has returned broke from the meth farm for all the hookers he has paid off.
  5. hollowbaron

    Remove Straffing?

    It's a suggestion, not a demand, since I don't even play the enterprise or saipan sitting in my harbour as I am a liability to my team when facing someone who can strafe. I understand manual fish and bomb drop, but last time I lost a battle while in a saipan against equal tier benjamin or bennito whatever it was called, becuase I lost in straffing to him. I understand for skilled cv players my opinion is worthless, but really im not trying to change the game for them. Its more about journeyman level cv players like me who get screwed up by experienced cv players who can strafe perfectly. For me strafing is alien to what should be a mostly strategic role where you have to think about what to scout and what to hit. Not how fast you can point and click while moving aircraft back and forth like its command and conquer or something. My view is that cv play should be like a chess game, not a point and click nano spam like it is with strafing. Also while I dont take enterprise or saipan into battle I dont blame those who do, despite not having the point and click skills for straffing. I think requirement for cv player to actually enter a battle should be about how well he can support his team and sink ships not about point and click straffing. I think removing straffing would balance things out in randoms, since super unicorn cv players will not be able to destroy a journeyman level cv players quickly and it would be more a war of attrition the way it should be I guess. Then no one will complain about retard cv players vs super unicorns as will be relatively balanced.
  6. hollowbaron

    Why players not are climbing the ranks in Ranked as expected

    Must be some lucky Mofo but only lost two game on climb to rank 10.
  7. hollowbaron

    Asashio and Teamplay

    I suppose im not a good asashio player then for getting 200k damage in a t10 battle and being top. I suppose your probably a trump fan. Just shine the palle of the one who claims to have the biggest [edited] but probably cant even use it. My guess is the whole reason you started this topic is because your a bb main and get pissed off when playing mossouri when the radar does not prevent you from being torped. Funny thing is im bb main as well, but I don't [edited] about dd just cv. But if I did [edited] about dd i'd be direct, not try to wrap this up like a stealth suggestion to get the asashio removed from sale like kamikaze. But some seem convinced because they walk with a sterling silver walking stick they can use it to direct troops and resources.
  8. hollowbaron

    Asashio and Teamplay

    Really? Maybe you misunderstood modersty for ignorance. Since I have too many ships. I dedicate a day to each class, apart from cv since I dont have time to learn how to strafe against unicorns or whatever their called. I got three kills in akatsuki tonight and thats my worst dd. Although I was always yolo in previous battles. Last month I average 1-2 kills a battle in most dd. When I said I was bad in dd I meant I was bad compared to mystical men with horns on their heads who look like horses, not bad like I torp allies and cant knife fight.
  9. hollowbaron

    Asashio and Teamplay

    If Asashio is crap because it can't pose a threat to dd or cruisers, then I guess fiji an edinburgh are half as crap, since they are useless against bb. Especially edinburgh if running radar rather than smoke. If you have a leak in a nuclear reactor, you can either call the local handyman who can probably fix the wonky leg on your desk as well or call someone who is highly specialised who will probably not be able to fix the leg on your desk. Different situations call for different people I guess. For me asashio is by far the most fun dd for me and I actually hate playing japanese dd but like pan asian. Although compared to other classes apart from cv dd is my worst class. Had one game in it that just had one missouri and cv, 5 dd and rest cruiser. Decided to just aim for cv, got spotted by him and got killed for 0 damage. While other games with mostly bb, it can do very well. Its situational but then the game is situational. Rarely you get a battle where you really can't do much regardless of anything. They are rare but happen to everyone. Also I find it's the only dd where I literally am forced to play cautiously, while mostly I play too aggressive in dd, but can't really help it. When I think about it though. Its a good dd to pad stats. Since most of the time in gunboat dd if I have to contest a cap I will go all in or nothing. Bad tactic I know, but usually I kill at least one enemy dd, but most of the time get destroyed shortly after trying to escape. This kind of tactic gives really bad stats in reward, but I guess by at least taking out an enemy dd, before dying there is over 50% chance he is better in dd than me so is probably a bonus especially if I survive. On the other hand with the asashio, I can farm damage well, but won't even bother contesting a cap unless there is some exceptional circumstance, instead its mostly spotting with excellent concealment and hitting bb, in between. Also another factor is that asashio is probably the only dd I stand a good chance of surviving in to later stages of battle, since my aggression is curbed by its limitations. Only other dd I think I do well in is Ganja Major, however its called. With japanese dd I find because of range I end up firing mostly for area denial and almost always a cruiser there to detect the torps, with the detection range of standard torps, its rare for anyone to hit more than one torp. Instead with deep water with 20km and far lower detection than surface torps you can do a lot of damage. But mostly I think reason why bad dd players do well in asashio, is simply because they lack the guns for yolo and the torp reload boost keeps mind thinking so away from trying to finish off a belfast on low hp with cannons or shooting a distracted khab.
  10. hollowbaron

    How do I report a cheater?

    Just think in all the time you have been asking about the best way to report a player who did nothing personal to you. If instead you had just played a few games you could have got the Varyag for free and carried all the games at your tier. Everyone complains about CV not being fixed as well as a host of other things. This is part of the reason. Weekenders who play a few low tier battles while drunk, get mad their team as they lack skill to carry a game, then rant either on forum or to WG as if they are actually of any importance to either.
  11. hollowbaron

    More and more frustrating....

    Zapatativa obviously wg rigged mm against you because your still playing a konig. If you start playing dd you will be the extra dd in battle and will own each time. Or just play bismark and you will have advantage against dd with secondary build and hydro
  12. hollowbaron

    More and more frustrating....

    There is something strange about mm and not the disparity between radar etc. By probability a series of ten wins and ten losses should be very rare. Not once a week for sure. If mm selected completely random players. For me personally these winning rates don't relate to how i'm playing myself that much. Although if im playing really well and getting between 5-8 kills in a random battle I am much more likely to be on winning team but games where I kill 6 and still lose if its part of series of losing games. My own theory is that WG in each battle split each team in half between players who are playing well but have bad stats and players who are playing crap but have good stats. So one team has good players playing bad and bad players playing good vs a team of good players playing good and bad players playing bad. Split 50/50 but since good players have more of an inpact on game the team with good players playing good will usually win, until player wins and resets it.
  13. I asked racer57 about this then almost novichoked my home brewed cider when I saw his stats. But he claims that while he was in hannah montana, you accused him of camping and then said you were going to start twirking on a wrecking ball so he silenced you.
  14. hollowbaron

    We have to do something about this...

    This happened once to me in tirpitz. I went pink after somehow killing myself with a torp. Probably have screenshot somewhere. I launched at enemy ca. Then 5 seconds later my own torp hit me but did not appear, at least not from direction I launched it, where I was looking. Happened a couple of moths ago. Was not teamkill reverse damage. clearly said I destroyed myself.
  15. hollowbaron


    I think its frustration on both sides. When in dd I get pissed off with radio location and someone spamming left right as they know someone is there and almost looks like their protecting the cv who in turn does not care about them. While in anything heavy its frustrating when a dd is 6km away and many of of the shells hit but because of overpen they do 1k damage from full salvo. I think in general a solution is to move away from the power creep penetration based gameplay on wot and move towards a more punishing game where mistakes are far more costly. As in reality in a game between tier 5-10 all were doing is spamming a mix of ap and he and deciding which based on time of reload and time to travel. While doing maybe 5k most in one he salvo. Id rather get deleted early on if I make a mistake and I cant recover from it than spend rest of battle hiding away firing he while still getting spotted. Imagine a duel between two men over some dispute. One carries a katana and the other a claymore. While the merits of each weapon are epic, the duel will hardly end in a stale mate where both have bruised fingers and need surgery to seperate from mouse. In wows claymore and katana are both made out of plastic and could not lob a head off a tuna caught in a net. Instead its like playing a porno version of tennis where both sides lose from exhaustion, at doing less damage to plastic surgery than agent oranges polygami