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  1. Kovaneer

    WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievement List

    I just had a battle with my ARP takao, and I got that HIDEOUS Figure! That Wilhelmina knock off... I had to redraw her face, and I could correct that horrible face in less than 15 mins... HIRE ME!!! :D And here you can see their and my work XD
  2. haha, who can't install sns again? I guess i left some files undeleted or what... I deleted the whole SNS directory, but it's not enought. What are the files i should delete from the wows install directory?
  3. hey there! thanks for the new ship name selector ^^ I'll check the other mods as well !!
  4. By the way Is there a new update to the SNS for the current wows? O_o
  5. Alrighty, I made it work, thank you for the infos Turrets are reds, I need the stripes on the hull now
  6. Somehow it doesn't work, but i don't know why, its in the ship folder cause the turret's skin was in the same file as the hull, but no luck
  7. Alright I edited the dds. how should I put it ingame? O_o
  8. wow, nice, btw where can i find these textures in the list? Found it, i just have to figure out the turret placement in the file...
  9. BTW Is it possible to extract ship textures with ShipPKG? so i can repaint them the way i want? I'm looking for a red turret topped prinz eugene skin, but nowhere to be found
  10. What's the difference? i know the akatsuki was a late fubuki model right? The propulsion worked differently so the funnels looks different, but what else?
  11. full reinstall = Works like a charm no interference with modpack BTW why does SNS changes Fubuki to Akatsuki instantly? any historical info or whatever?
  12. Win8.1 64bit .Net framework 4.5.1 I used SNS around march to may, so i don't know what happened since then... (busily installing...)
  13. Kovaneer, on 20 July 2016 - 10:33 PM, said: btw I use ASLAIN modpack... could they interfere?... i think i uninstall it, and let's see... i will report it Tried it, same reaction I'll try a full reinstall of the game with a virgin folder...
  14. I did it, but no luck, I deleted all the files that was in the last rar i used before the new one i downloaded yesterday. same error message... Any ideas? btw I use ASLAIN modpack... could they interfere?... i think i uninstall it, and let's see... i will report it