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  1. Kovaneer

    WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievement List

    I just had a battle with my ARP takao, and I got that HIDEOUS Figure! That Wilhelmina knock off... I had to redraw her face, and I could correct that horrible face in less than 15 mins... HIRE ME!!! :D And here you can see their and my work XD
  2. Kovaneer

    Accuracy vs turret rotation upgrade Mogami

    now Basic Firing Training goes up to caliber 139 an NOT 155, so the mogami is out of range now that's a bit harsh... anyway the first turret option is still gives you like 2 times more max damage in a minute, but what about real penetration...I still feel like wasted money on 2nd turret option, but time will tell...
  3. Kovaneer

    Project R is up on EU

    It is fixed on mine as well ^_^
  4. Kovaneer

    Project R is up on EU

    Thanks guys, for reassuring me,I'm not th onlyone with this problem, so they might fix this problem, rite? XD If they do this "7pearls in the toilet" on a weekly basis I even have to buy back a tier3 and 4 ships and buy a carrier again to finish the course. I would definately loose interest in the game then and never log in after, while i say myself, that i'm quiet dedicated on reaching tier 10 in all japanese lines and german as well, (nagato/myouko/hatsuharu<-buying fubuki this week/nürnberg) and i was looking forward to more arpeggio themed upgrades... Lol Takao would be nice to have, but since it's a Atago, we will never get one of the best milker ship for free XD
  5. Kovaneer

    Project R is up on EU

    Hi guys I had a serious problem with the Project R I sent a message to WG and posted on here: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/project-r/ But i can't find it there anymore... could WG delete it??? O_o (i was blind) So last week i collected 57 pearls for the weekly stuffs, and 40 for others (97 pearls) and the new weekly chart shows 12 pearls now 97+12=109 BUT THE SITE SAYS I ONLY HAVE 102 PEARLS!!! seriously? how can they not give me those 7 pearls when you don't even have the chance to get yourself 260 pearls before closing the contest..... It's really frustrating since i was working hard for those pearls... any experience for same bugs???