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  1. f34rYz

    yeye..... Tir X

    Someone translate pls.
  2. f34rYz

    Nerfing chance to cause fire?

    Out of 120 HE hits on BB's only 5 started a fire with my Mogami...
  3. f34rYz

    No, seriously, bravo WG, bravo!

    And upcoming threads about "got one shotted by a BB from 24km, nerf pls"
  4. f34rYz

    Asked: handy command keys for playing Battleships

    CTRL+SHIFT+X lock to zone P = AA on/off Torpedo: X calculate target CTRL+G HUD toggle idk if there is more, i rarely use them.
  5. f34rYz

    Minekaze post 0.4.1 - Buffed or Nerfed?

    I rarely use my guns on IJN DD, specially Mutsuki with the C hull and top guns. You're not supposed to gun other ships, its merely a "finishing off" tool in my eyes. Other than this and setting CV's on fire as you approach them pretty much no use to me. Furutaka was really hard go grind. Most of the time i charged BB's and zig-zagged close enough to launch torps from both side.
  6. f34rYz

    Tripitz vs USN DD

    Yeah, its the only proper tactic sometimes. Specially if the BB is busy fighting someone else. I was able to sneak up to 1.5km and launch my torpedo salvo players need to be adaptive and pick the best course of tactic.
  7. f34rYz

    Tripitz vs USN DD

    Use islands and other covers to get close and lay some torpedoes ahead of BB's what they can't evade. Most of them like to fire 1-2 salvo after leaving the island's cover and then turning. Use that time to get some hits in. BB without cover is a dead BB. Learn to use some tactics instead of charging them head on (sometimes works). USN had horrible torpedoes. You shouldn't mention it in the same sentence with Japanese or German torpedoes.
  8. f34rYz


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