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  1. Biermeyer

    From which type of ships will the tech tree start?

    Oarf, patrol gunboat is a bit like a light destroyer, with no deep charges ^^
  2. Biermeyer

    From which type of ships will the tech tree start?

    If I remember well it's destroyers but I'm not sure. For the american it's a little destroyer from the 30' if I remember well :)
  3. Biermeyer

    Art representations of warships

    There is some very nice pictures in thistopics :) Thanks guys
  4. Biermeyer

    We need ships!

    This arty is going to be a bit hard to destroy ^^ And it don't fire only 150mm ou 180mm gun, but 280 or 380mm ^^ Boooom little tank
  5. Biermeyer

    Boarding ships!

    What that system of boarding, it gonna look like the miniature game Dystopian Wars, wich is very very funny :)
  6. Biermeyer

    the game is not ready!

    Little question ^^ What is E3 ^^'
  7. Biermeyer

    World War I in Photos: The War at Sea

    Very nice pictures and beautifull ships. But I've a little question : how so hold pictures can be in a such high quality?
  8. Biermeyer

    Hood vs Bismark

    Just about the video : very nice and interesting. I know this history but it still very interesting....
  9. Biermeyer

    Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

    Thanks for the information, I wasn't sure that this project was canceled ;). But UK want to build 2 carriers!! Trully? That surprise me because it cost a lot lot lot....
  10. Biermeyer

    French battleship render I made for garry's mod

    That is funny ^^