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  1. Askorti

    Congratz torpedo-whiners, you win

    Only bad/preoccupied players who sail in straight lines get torped by DDs. It is not DDs that need a nerf, it's TBs that need it.
  2. Askorti

    Why use Mods in a Beta game or any Game

    Because people feel like it and they can, so they do it. Don't ask silly questions.
  3. Askorti

    No more Mods after Patch 4.1 ?

    Mods that are approved by WG will work. They simply want to control what you can and can not do to the client.
  4. Askorti

    Weird Torpedo spread

    No, in panic mode the torps simply spread outwards, while here they are like a fan(a handheld one, not an mechanical one ;P), so they cross each other and then spread.
  5. Askorti

    Why am i getting such low Damage rolls?

    I doubt you could overpenetrate a Wyoming with another Wyoming, It rather sounds like spalling damage, so you simply didn't manage to penetrate the armor but the force of impact of the shell caused bits of armor on the inside to fly off and do some damage.But yes, spalling and overpenetrations do 10% of your max damage.
  6. Askorti

    Battle loading for too long - Windows 10

    Interestingly enough, for me the game loaded much faster in CBT than now. In CBT only the first match on a map would load somewhat long, but then every subsequent one would load very quickly, to the point where I would have about 20 seconds of the countdown left. Now I always load something like 10 seconds after the countdown. No exceptions. And I didn't change anything about my rig at all, same system, same drivers, same hardware.
  7. Askorti

    ctrl+x locks your turrets in place

    I've been using ctrl+x for a long time, at least since CBT. Very useful if you don't want to hold your RMB while you sail to your destination and want to still look around. Especially in a BB.
  8. Askorti

    Meanwhile someone gets the Bismarck news ... ;)

    Just imagine. If you guys think that the "BBs are weak" whine is bad, think what it will be like when the Bismarck comes out. Oh god, it will be awful.
  9. Askorti


    Or just don't try to broadside a BB in your cruiser...
  10. Askorti

    Fire is no viable option for BB.

    Not always. Shooting HE at CAs is almost always a waste of time. You can use 8in CA guns to shoot AP at BBs at range to utilize plunging fire and possibly penetrate the decks. You can use AP rounds on CVs after you've set them ablaze with HE.
  11. Askorti

    Fire is no viable option for BB.

    Battleships are supposed to deliver Knock-Out salvos to the citadel, not play around with fires, simple as that.
  12. Askorti

    share all XP equally between "division" members

    Could you first read and write second? The points you mention were covered already. What is it with people voicing their opinions without even reading a thread?
  13. Askorti

    share all XP equally between "division" members

    I could get behind this. But it should be fully optional and no tier spread. And maybe there should be a restriction in place that the difference in exp between participants can't be too big, so that one member isn't leeching off the others. And I think there should be a small bonus if all division members are in top 3 in the team. As an incentive to play better.
  14. Askorti

    Stationary warfare

    My Isokaze loves stationary enemies. So yes, go ahead, don't move at all. Just wait for my care packages. :3
  15. Askorti

    Scout planes no distance indicator

    Couldn't agree more. I mean, you do have your minimap so you can roughly calculate the distance, but it's still annoying.