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  1. Annie1517SXP

    Should the "Atlantic" map be removed?

    Well yeah, border humpers are extremely annoying. Especially if you're in a BB and don't have the fire rate to pepper the cheating buggers. But that's applicable to all maps, not just open water maps.
  2. Annie1517SXP

    Should the "Atlantic" map be removed?

    I don't see why people hate open water maps so much.... For destroyers, all I have to say is git gud. For American DD's? Hope the enemy team are terrible shots.
  3. Annie1517SXP

    USSR BBs?

    Honestly I think that thing is butt ugly, It's too round....
  4. Annie1517SXP

    What does retraining entail?

    Oke, thanks!
  5. Annie1517SXP

    What does retraining entail?

    I want to take my Omaha commander and put him in my Cleveland, but I have no idea what retraining is. Will it remove his skills? That's the entire reason for my wanting to move him.
  6. Annie1517SXP

    HMS Warspite question

    Why did she have the french flag on one of her forward batteries? Couldn't find an answer on Google.
  7. Annie1517SXP

    Terrible AA-Perfomance needs a buff...

    AA like this plz. Make it happen WG ;)
  8. Annie1517SXP

    Believe in Yourself

    This whole thread:
  9. Annie1517SXP

    Am I doing it wrong?

    thanks for the great feedback everyone, it really helps!
  10. Annie1517SXP

    Am I doing it wrong?

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to the game, my highest tier ship being the tier 3 St. Louis (love it) and the tier 3 american BB. I have a slight concern though with the way I'm using ammo types. You see, I'm not 100% sure when to actually use HE as opposed to AP and vice versa. They way I'm using them at the moment is: AP If I'm at range enough for plunging shots / if my HE shots are doing nothing AP all the time if I'm using my BB HE if plunging shots aren't possible / if my AP is bouncing Am I doing it wrong? It may be a super stupid question, but I like to play games correctly, if I can
  11. Annie1517SXP

    k then

    Ah, I get it. Thanks for clearing that up
  12. Annie1517SXP

    k then

    So mine's just bugged I take it, considering I have to wait 32 hours for my second mission
  13. Annie1517SXP

    to watch and help after death

    This ain't 4chan mate. Thanks for the cringe material
  14. Annie1517SXP

    k then

    So uh, yeah.... What's the deal with this? Don't really mind or anything, I just think it's a bit weird