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  1. K4dy

    How do I counter a Saipan ? [Solved]

    Yes I know they are rare but they still exist. I created this topic for exactly that possibility. It'll happen sooner or later and I want to know what to do when it happens :)
  2. K4dy

    How do I counter a Saipan ? [Solved]

    Funny you should mention that... I had the same idea but posted this in the wrong forum. Much to learn I still have...
  3. K4dy

    How do I counter a Saipan ? [Solved]

    I did not forget the options for counters but there are ENOUGH good saipan players for me to create this.
  4. K4dy

    Saipan [wrong neighborhood, lol / closed]

    People seem to be surprisingly upset with my -> Suggestion <- I am not complaining but I was just pointing out what people say and what my opinion on it was. Yes, I dont have thousands of games played because I also have a life thank you very much. I do know my way around the game though so get your things together and dont bother. My intention was to post this in the suggestions thread but as it seems I have failed to do so, there it isnt allowed to comment on a SUGGESTION. Closing this topic now and hoping to open it in the right thread now.
  5. Dear World of Warships team, It is impossible to ignore the amount of "this ships is op" or "broken" comments that the Saipan receives constantly. The biggest issue in my opinion is the way it can strafe out of a fight without loosing a plane and having the ammo capacity to do it many many times. That in combination with tier 9 planes just being faster and more powerful. And yes, a squad only has 3 planes and the Saipan does not have a big reserve. But a skilled Saipan user will be using the "Air Supremacy" skill for his captain and will know when to strafe out and not loose a plane. I opened a discussion in the forums once and submitted a ticket to the support center on this matter too: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/tickets/2191766 I believe by looking into either of the following suggestions that it would balance the Saipan but not really decrease it's overall effectiveness. -Don't give the saipan the ability to use the Air Supremacy skill (Or, if using the air supremacy skill, they loose the perk of not loosing a plane in a strafe out of combat) -Reduce ammo capacity -Reduce fighter's air speed -Cooldown for Straferuns Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that 2018 will be a great year for WoWs! -K4dy
  6. K4dy

    How do I counter a Saipan ? [Solved]

    So to summon this up: If the Saipan is running the fighter loadout and knows what he is doing you don't stand a chance. All you can try is to deal more dmg to ships than the Saipan can or get a lucky strafe run. If he knows what he is doing he can always have the advantage in a figher fight since he can strafe out without loosing a plane. Thus my conclusion: Bite on a stick, get yourself many napkins and cry yourself through Tier 7 with a lot of luck. OR Use free XP and get to tier 8. I have learned a thing or two and will definetly try them out in the next battles so thank you guys! (Big thanks to ShinGetsu for the funny and actually helpful comment!)
  7. Hello fellow players, The support team has sent me in this direction after my last ticket reply. My question still stands and I was hoping that maybe there is somebody out there who can help me out here. I will be cheap here and just re-use my support ticket: I can certainly understand that it is impossible to predict how a game plays out, so I decided to focus my question on a pure mechanics question. Let's say I am playing a Hiryu and the enemy team has a Saipan with the "Air Supremacy" captain perk and the three fighter squadrons deck layout. The game starts as usual and let's pretend there are equally skilled and strong ships in both teams and they spread out into all directions so you can always send your planes over friendly ships. Let's also pretend that I lure the Saipans fighters into friendly AA range and then fighter lock all three of his squadrons. Here is where I dont know how to beat him because: The saipan can straferun away from my planes without loosing any of his planes while doing so and therefore, getting the fight back on his terms. And since he has ridiculous ammo due to Tier 9 planes he can strafe like 10 times before having to rearm. In the meantime, I can't drop a ship without loosing all my planes since the Saipan can catch my attack planes, take them apart and when my fighters arrive he can just strafe away again. So it is a constant cat and mouse and demolishing my planes until I either run out or the game is lost and no damage is done. In such a situation, what do I do ? Flamu explains this, too. So either Ranger or Hiryu (And Kaga, I musst add) is cought by this situation and no wiki or video explains how to use your advantages againt a Saipan due to them focusing on the "in general" picture. I hope you can understand where I am going with this and can not wait for a solution. I mean... there has to be a mechanic in the game that I can use here. Otherwise this Sub-category is pointless ?!? Thank you for any insights and technical replies, -K4dy That is it from my side. Many thanks to you guys for any answers you are able to provide! :)
  8. Thank you for your advice! I will make sure to get the Missouri next. Also thanks for the really helpful info how the missions work!
  9. Thank you, I will keep that in mind for future grinding :)
  10. It´s permanent ? That just took SO much pressure and future grind tears off me. Thanks! And I guess I can save it for Missouri then :) Uh... how do I close this again ?
  11. True. I have a tier VIII destroyer and currently about 700.000 free xp. I need an allrounder that has the biggest impact on all of the missions. I think without a tier IX cruiser its impossible to get Yamamoto.
  12. Hello World of Warships Forum, The question is simple. I currently have the possibility to get any Tier 9 ship in the game (if necessary even Missouri, excluding USS Black because obvious reasons) I have almost no experience in high ranking battles but I don´t want to miss out on Yamamoto since some missions require Tier IX minimum. What ship should I get ? Thanks in advace!