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  1. SlingaDing

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    Oh please just [edited]stop it now. This is the EU forum and most , if not all, bar you apparently, know who she is. Go and feed your attention seeking elsewhere you muppet!
  2. SlingaDing

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    With over 13,000 battles to your name I can’t believe for one second that you dont know of LWM. I suspect you’re nothing more than an attention seeking troll
  3. SlingaDing

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    The time has truly come where all CC’s / streamers should unite in support of each other and agree to a period of boycotting any form of broadcasting this game, to give it absolute zero promotion to send a strong message back to WG. Sadly I fear there are too many spineless ‘yes men’ amongst them for this to happen though. @LittleWhiteMouse Thank you for your immense contribution to the game, your efforts, on my part, we’re truly appreciated!
  4. SlingaDing

    Great things the skill rework gave us

    A considerable amount of valuable free hard drive space after I uninstalled it over the weekend.
  5. SlingaDing

    Best playing day ever

    I have 19 x 19 point captains, and god knows how many other lower point captains already assigned to other ships, of which I have around 300. Honestly, I can’t be bothered at all with even looking at it. I’m all for keeping things afresh, but these have been built up and specced for each ship over 5 years of playing. How long have we even got to respec these before it costs us money?
  6. SlingaDing

    Share your Santa Loot Here!

    Seeing as this years been a total write off and I’ve not been spending money on going out, holidays etc I thought I’d spend a bit on Santa gifts. 16 x Mega, 16 x Large - in order of drop: California Eric
  7. SlingaDing

    Santas refund

    Your best course of action is to stop playing the game altogether. @Wargaming - In a year when everyone is in some part suffering financially, mentally and possibly with ill health too, your vile, disgusting business come up with yet another of these container scams! Game over for me now, I won’t touch this game ever again 👎🏻
  8. SlingaDing

    PC locks up on Port Select Screen

    Thanks for the reply. not sure, I’ve been afk for about 2 months but it was fine last time I played
  9. Trying to change the port but when I do and click ‘save changes’ it locks up my PC. Has anyone had this problem and if so do you know of a fix please?
  10. SlingaDing

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    31 x SC's, no ships but happy with that lot
  11. SlingaDing

    Record for Secondary Hits

    462 in Ranked Sprint, which considering there is only 3 enemy you can fire at I think is quite credible
  12. SlingaDing

    Ranked Sprint 13, How did you do?

    Pommern, 22 x battles. I've absolutely loved this Rank Sprint. The early games consisted of some questionable teammates, but going through the ranks their were some really good players who wanted to work as a team.
  13. SlingaDing

    Odin, how do you find it now?

    Absolutely bang on! They’re not made for sniping, but you also cant just go charging in with these ships, you need to really think in advance of what you’re doing, find a good spot but also a good escape route if you need it. re Pommern, I’m also finding this thing a beast in ranked, it’s actually saving me from raging with some of the ‘teammates’ I’m being put with! 🤐 (411 secondary hits! 🔥)
  14. SlingaDing

    Odin, how do you find it now?

    Same with me, I love the ship and have a lot of fun with her. Stick Lutjens on her for extra secondary goodness 😁
  15. SlingaDing

    Summer sale

    Oh! no thanks!