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  1. TheRonson

    CV vs DD: further nerfs needed

    Yes, that's right, but before all the changes the guns would at least open up, but now with different attack heights and attack speed, they come into range so fast when you factor in the lag, you may as well remove the guns.
  2. TheRonson

    CV vs DD: further nerfs needed

    I would also like to add, T5 battle, Kamakazi, constantly buzzed by rocket/bomber aircraft throughout the whole game. So close enough to fly over you and return and fire rockets but not once did the AA guns open fire! so I presume that these attacks are always now going to be beyond the range of all AA guns on T5 DD's.
  3. TheRonson

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    @ Alltereg0, The High-Velocity Aircraft Rocket, or HVAR, also known by the nickname Holy Moses, was an American unguided rocket developed during World War II to attack targets on the ground from aircraft. I was in a DD today and the team stayed well back ........... so Attack aircraft sat on top until smoke ended and then I was ended. The whole of the enemy team was aiming at one ship. The lightning speed of the planes leaves you with zero time to react.
  4. TheRonson

    The game is ruined

    What has changed? normally 2 squadrons of Torpedo bombers hovering near the Minotaur at a range of 2.5 - 3K wouldn't stand a chance, it would be cannon fodder, probably kill 8 out of 10 without fail, but sometimes all 10. Today with the Mino Broadside on to the 2 squadrons, guns blazing ..... and nothing! Zero kills, then the aircraft all disappear at 3k distance. Is this part of the new CV changes to the game. Aircraft coming in and out of view at 3k, and now impossible to shoot down? Also as the strike aircraft are launching at the immediate start of the game so resulting in zero spotting now for DD's? Is this WG idea of an improvement.
  5. TheRonson

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    All I pick-up on was how easy it is to damage the PEF at any angle, so I target often and it works.
  6. TheRonson

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  7. TheRonson

    Black Friday containers...broken?

    Think I have only 1 black Friday container to get and just keep getting 2 tins of paint.
  8. TheRonson

    Black Friday containers...broken?

    @Deckeru_ Maiku your right, I play some ships as they are aesthetically pleasing, and sometimes certain ships and Tiers just to slow the game down instead of frantic pace battles in DD's or glass-bottomed fire starters. Nowadays I find I am just selecting a ship to complete missions and you find that quite a few of the ships you have given up on are totally OP! That's why I will never have a good service record. It used to be 52% but now it is 55% so getting there, and that's using some crappy aesthetically pleasing ships like the RN line. Question, so the " Black Friday Containers " in the " Thankful & Grateful mission " are just the regular containers and that includes the final container ?
  9. TheRonson

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Ranked out in 28 battles on EU, seems to be a common number. I used the Minekaze mostly and seemed to have more success than with the Kamikaze. What's going on with the Royal Navy Scenario challenge for yesterday, no T5 battles available?
  10. TheRonson


    It's a problem with the Game and it's to do with updating, View changes etc, they know about it but obviously, they can't fix it. I installed the latest full version of Windows 10 64 bit from Microsoft 2 weeks ago all the latest drivers etc, etc, for GPU's. Everything installed perfectly, the only APP on my PC is World of Warships nothing else, no Avast or any of that **** . The game ran seamlessly for 11 days zero crashes. I have not done anything with the PC and now it's back to a crash a day, I am sure it's one of the faults WG admit too, and it's "View Changes". The crashes occur mainly in Destroyers where your constantly flipping around when you're in close contact. Under " Performance related bugs" in "Known issues" they are 9 problems that will crash the game. I have just done a totally fresh install and nothing has changed. doing a new ticket at the mo but seems pointless. I have an i7 PC 16gig Ram with 35Mb/ps rock solid connection, this game only uses 25% of my resources. The game is actually still running on the PC, the sound is still running on, I cannot close it down unless I log out, it's becoming a right pain. P.S. ran this game for 18months problem free! ( that may have been under windows 7 )
  11. some interesting info from WW1 Picture of German battleship SMS Bayern sinking at Scapa Flow ( there is a typo under pic should be 1919 ), also have a look at the thickness of steel on used on land-based gun barrels in the Picture above it. I didn't think you could burn through that thickness of steel, seemingly Oxy-fuelled cutters can cut through 48" of steel. See the link below https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6180253/Incredible-images-wave-hope-swept-Europe-World-War-One.html
  12. TheRonson

    Anniversary Event

    I have enjoyed the Anniversary Event as I received a few large containers of Coal, etc, completed the mission with time to spare, and used the tokens to purchase the Musashi without using any of my free XP and all in the space of a few weeks or so. Then I bought the Worcester with free XP and I thought I would have the Dasha Capt with 10 skill points to speed things up, I picked the American Dasha Version for the Erie as I thought the voice over maybe in English but no. Seems I am stuck with the Russian speaking Capt Dasha ............ but you live and learn.
  13. TheRonson

    Can someone tell me what error is this?

    Fixed this, with a new install of Windows and everything else that goes with it. Had 2 days of trouble free gaming. I have binned the Windows 10 upgrade, and installed a Fresh full 64bit version.
  14. TheRonson

    Kicked out of battle?

    I can get into the port, select a ship, and the WG icon just whizzes around in the centre of the screen ..................... and that's it.
  15. Just been trying a few of the Tier 10 Unique upgrades for certain ships. Such as the Shimakaze with 25% off the reload time, but minus 80% of the traverse speed and -50% risk of incapacitation. This makes the torps impossible to use if your normal gameplay is in amongst the enemy, or in situations where quick turns in the cap area are the norm you .......... you can forget it. If you patrol the borders with 20k torps then this is for you. But I find it impossible to get used too, so that was a couple of wasted weeks. Gone back the Tubes Mod 3 so it's only 10% loss on reloading time, but get rid of the -80% traverse speed.