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  1. TheRonson

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    Just confused by the emblem 20/20 on the containers and in the game, the same emblem on the " New Year " icon at the top left, where you actually collect " Shipbuilding tokens". Does WG not realise that blokes don't read any instructions ....ever. I just complete all the collections because I have done all of them from the very beginning of the wow game. I am at phase 20 out of 36 with 8 days to run so I will only reach phase 25.
  2. TheRonson

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    Great eh! who would have thought, the first time in World of Warships where we are allowed to build our own ship and shipbuilding containers are irrelevant? The only thing I keep getting in the container is something called a " duplicate " got about 40 of those!
  3. TheRonson

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    So the " shipbuilding containers " have nothing to do with building the Puerto Rico ?
  4. TheRonson

    Season 10 Ranked Sprint, how fast did you rank out?

    52 battles all in Bismark, took both encounters vs DD, I would say I won 2 encounters out of 3 vs the Tirpitz at the start but found it easy to deal with in later games, just lead him on at 12k and turn away, let him follow ( as they seem desperate to use torps) and if he does follow he's finished easily in rearguard angled action. Won 1 and lost 1 vs Massachusett, massacred all 4 types of cruisers, cant remember being beating by a cruiser. It's been good fun and I think it will help many players including me learn how to survive in that situation.
  5. Got first two Dockyard containers today................. Duplicate........nice
  6. TheRonson

    Camouflage Design Contest – King of the Sea

    What's the simplest way to strip a ship down to just the outlines? photoshop?
  7. TheRonson

    German BB accuracy gets a buff !

    Well, the guns are a joke on the Bismarck when over a certain distance, and if angled you never even get 1 hit, and it's also down to the gun layout. It used to be one of my favourite ships but against T9, T10, where you end up 80% of time its garbage! You have russian and America ships that always get 5-6 hits without fail EVERY single time they shoot.
  8. TheRonson

    Game don't EXIT

    I had this problem, downloaded the " hotfix file" ( extract them with yr favorite program) dropped them in the main folder ................. takes about a minute to do! working fine now! @ 250swb Your A/V could be blocking your download as there are two Bin .exe files https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/hot-issues/27005/
  9. TheRonson

    Game don't EXIT

    Same problem here, tried running game integrity test ( next to the play button ) but it didn't help, for the weekend if you don't want to re-install...........on windows 10 go...... CTRL-ALT-Del and sign-out ( only if you know your password) and back in again and it will be closed, only takes a few seconds.
  10. TheRonson

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    It is just another in the line of ships that promote camping but with a longer range than the Minotaur........... only pushed into the game and given HE because it's Russian. Can be wiped out with one shot but in reality just annoys players caught out as every single salvo will set you on fire without fail, unlike your ship that will take 3 goes to do the same. So just camp until it's spotted then yark it from a distance at every opportunity. Not as good as the ZAO for burning, think I have set 14 fires even with double the reload time............. but range is everything. P.S. Have you noticed the shell arc the Smolenski has been given! compared to the Minotaur, and then HE !! FFS the Russians are at it again with their skullduggery because they have form in World Of Tanks! remember the SU-*** range!
  11. TheRonson

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Picture of the Wood ship appears then crash straight to Desktop and thats as far as I get? Tried WG game checker in the Game folder " extraneous files found " but no fix. Uninstalled..................... now downloading 26 GIG
  12. TheRonson

    Indianapolis Marathon


    If you had 1 completed on Sunday ( Sunday 10th ) you could complete the mission.