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  1. SlabakBG

    British ship list

    Let me help you...
  2. SlabakBG

    German ship list

    You and me both man
  3. SlabakBG

    British ship list

  4. SlabakBG

    German ship list

    I am happy it actually didn't work that way, lol :D
  5. SlabakBG

    British ship list

    Wonder if they will implement it in-game
  6. Thanks for the preview, will defo check it out. Regrettably, Bulgarians has some issues when shopping from Amazon... will look it up elsewhere. Who knows, maybe they'll import it.
  7. SlabakBG

    German ship list

    As with WoT I wanna play ALL the Germans :)
  8. SlabakBG

    British ship list

  9. That sounds really interesting... Can you share a EU-wide shop with it?
  10. SlabakBG

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Can you please explain for those who don't understand ships very well... what is the tech level of tier 1 ?