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  1. RojBlake

    Public Test 0.10.8 - Soviet Aircraft Carriers

    I used to love playing Carriers but no longer care for them. The ability to fly and control the planes is great, if you want to do that, but I lost interest a long time ago when you removed the ability to remotely control all elements in the map mode. I like the fact I can choose to control the planes in the first person if I choose to, but I am unhappy that I can no longer use the map mode to control my planes and not have to go first person. As for Soviet carriers, I really can't say as the new way of playing (since change from map control to first person) hinders my abilty to evaluate.
  2. RojBlake

    Public Test 0.10.7 - General Feedback

    Having played the latest Public Trial version of submarines there are just a couple of points worth noting. Submerging is far to simplistic, I can steer any vessel and move forward or backward in increments, but diving and surfacing are to limited it needs a little more control. I press C and dive to periscope depth, press C again and it dives, but it does not stop, it just keeps going. I think a second press should drop a small amount and allow more control over depth. Holding the C key should dive until you let go and then slowly start to level out. It is currently far to clunky and almost unusable. Speed underwater is still a little to fast and battery life far to short, think speed needs 20% drop minimum and battery life needs to be doubled at least. Make it easier for ships to escape whilst sub is submerged, whilst allowing the sub to hunt rather than seek on the surface then dive to attack. We want to use realistic subs, not Nemo's sub from 20,000 leagues under the sea.
  3. RojBlake

    Public Test 0.10.7 - General Feedback

    Realism has been removed from the submarines, they are far to vunerable in the water. During the second world war they were a real threat to shipping, they were slower underwater than you allow them to be, but they could stay there for a long time, you put to much of a limit on them. Need to be able to stay submerged a lot longer, but make finding the enemy a little harder, more realistic. No radio contact underwater, so no location details from allies. Make it more real, at the moment Submarines are to Arcade like. But good first try.
  4. RojBlake

    XVM... for WoWs?

    This can be true and a lot of players do play like that. I use XVM in WoT, however I use it so I can look at my stats and improve my game and I like some of the visual mods it adds.
  5. RojBlake


    Not sure about last point, some of the games I've been in can get very desperate :p
  6. RojBlake


    Was just thinking, players of the Japanese carriers could be offered the option of Kamikaze, to add a little realism. Of course at the start of the game it would be crazy, but say your carrier was almost dead and little chance of getting the planes back and reloaded, give the option to crash the plane into a target...
  7. RojBlake

    Collisions and fines! Horrible feature?

    Great game, loving it, but the collision fines are very badly implemented. I am in a slow clumsy battleship, when a cruiser side-swipes me and I get fined, ok it is only a small fine and not a big problem, but he hit me. Needs tweaking a bit!
  8. RojBlake


    Hi, Firstly, loving World of Warships, outstanding game. Now to reason for the thread, I have noticed it is always the same sort of time of day and always clear weather. In tanks this is not as big an issue as plenty of places to hide, but on the high sea hiding is difficult. Will different weather and times of day be introduced? How about fog banks, where a player could run for cover or hide to ambush others. A floating fog bank would add a whole new element to the game, meaning a player could not hide the whole game through, as the fog would drift away or even vanish altogether. Is tis possible?