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  1. Sandflake

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    chose my BB two times in a row and ended up in a destoyer both times...... was not a achievement full day.
  2. Sandflake

    Option to Invert Mouse Y Axis, Please

    Indeed, so strange that the option is present, but you have to dig for it, WHY NOT JUST PUT IT IN THE GAME! I have not witnessed an alpha without this function let alone a beta. and i'm kinda in this situation, but i won't let go of my invertedness! so i take breakes to play other games with inverted
  3. Sandflake

    Option to Invert Mouse Y Axis, Please

    so uhh....... can we get this now? Quite a standard feature for a game, rather disappointing to see it lacking this far in development. (and Bwaka's fix didn't work for me)