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  1. vontrox

    Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    I actually think this will be fun.
  2. vontrox

    New PVE Operations

    I think it is really bad implented. Seriously, i expected some really cool PVE scenario, and all they did is wave after wave after wave of ships... numbers win, PUG do not. Not gonna bother anymore with this bullcrap.
  3. vontrox

    [DREAD] Dreadnought Era Aficionados recruiting

    Sign me up ! I have 70 ships in my port, almost every premium (i lack 2 or 3). So yeah, i have some nice ships from around 20st century, incl my flagship, the Imporator Nikolai I
  4. vontrox

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    Me to ! keep me posted please, i would really join it
  5. vontrox

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, sign me up I really love these old ships ! I hope that one day we can get a clan and hopefullu clan wars with only dreadnoughts. I would really love that !
  6. vontrox

    The Smith in preview

    It is a very fun DD I love it
  7. vontrox

    Saving Transylvania

    Wow....somebody is having a bad reading day.... can you point out where it said i am mad at my team ? Sorry, where ? Nope, didn't say that, i said, i found it difficult ! Tjees man....
  8. vontrox

    Saving Transylvania

    Soooo.... to be clear, i am the only one that thinks this event is a bit to hard looking at all the losses... i mean, fun event turns into a frustrating event after loss after loss....... Because i think it is insane difficult to win, specially with a PuG group even this is PvE....
  9. vontrox

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    i reached rank 15... and then the story went out.....loss after loss after loss.... people don't speak english, no plan, no team spirit, just LA LA LA LA, we do not care.... try to lead team, only to get killed first.... This game sucks,
  10. vontrox

    The new repair flat is bullcrap!

    They want you to use a Premium account.... Hence they need more money for the game, WG is a company that needs to make money...
  11. it...freaks.....me...out..... Seriously. I only play Co-op bc i loved the relaxed playstyle and people.... but last week..... same old same old, people have no idea who to play a ship, DD, CA or BB.... this game is slowly going to hell...
  12. vontrox

    Premium Ship Review: König Albert

    Any idea when i can purchase this beauty for my collection of Premium ships ??
  13. vontrox

    Ship size comparisons

    Where is the Imperator ??? nvm ! Found it...
  14. Plus 1 for above post !
  15. vontrox

    Mikasa needs a Buff!

    Mikasa sucks as a boat..... does well with secundaries only,,,,