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  1. Awesome changes to Shimakaze and Prinz Eugen

    About time the Prinz got a heal
  2. Here's another nice mess you've gotten' me into.

    he might be called Hardy but he looks like Bashar Al-Assad......
  3. PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    it's a WG inside joke that really means F U....
  4. Change Conqueror's name to King arthur

    ummm the Grosser Kurrywurst called it'd said Bratwurst was brat name https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Currywurst
  5. iChase removed from WG-CC program

    It's how they roll
  6. Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    they don't work weekends lol
  7. Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    You think they'd hire the person who picks water over petrol to put out a fire, come on this is WG we're talking about here. Fires out everyone!
  8. iChase removed from WG-CC program

    iChase was totally justified in everything he said about the GZ, I'm guessing WG has been getting advise from Gaijin on how to deal with issues, "What you want to do is piss off as many people as possible in one go, it works for us!" Seriously WG engage brain before [edited], cos right now you've only managed to get crap everywhere. You had 1 simple task after Fochgate and instead of doing what you promised you've now created iGate...
  9. What's the point of upgrading?

    think of the Lolorado as a chore you just need to get through if you want to progess
  10. Suggest me a premium ship

    Get yourself a Sharny, of all the premiums I've purchased it's still my favourite.
  11. Cool Guys cannot stop watch explosions

    just watched Flamu's vid, have to agree you did a great job on this one WG. Bask in your kudos.... BASK I say!!
  12. Gallant in Dunkirk containers, broken promise?

    Willy Wonka clarified
  13. Remove detonations please

    my Mutt-zoo detonated yesterday and you don't hear/see me crying about it, by a DD btw
  14. Remove detonations please

    crap happens detonations are fine
  15. just when we though things where getting better

    I was just saying earlier to my bro I wish there was a nice Tier 8 prem Jap ship, sick of trying to use the god awful Mutt-zoo arf!