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  1. yeah would be nice but you have to remember how WG-EU do missions they just add zeros to the end of whatever RU/NA do because reasons. Task 1: 500 wins + 3000k damage to battleships Task 2: 300k pure XP + 3000k damage to destroyers Task 3: 500 citadels + 3000k damage to cruisers Task 4: 1000 planes + 30k ribbons umm action stations..
  2. This would only be acceptable with a very special captain
  3. Well done WG-EU another totally failure from you. Can you even go a week without looking like a bunch of idiots. Guess not
  4. I'm not sure about anyone else but the stage 4 mission of Kolombangara is doing my head in, sink 1 destroyer & get 1750 BXP in 1 mission.... I can either get the XP or the DD but not both. Closest I've come is 1 DD & 1500 had to play my socks off. Seriously you need to replace that monster who comes up with this shite. How's anyone down at the lower tiers even supposed to come any where near this much xp per game let alone us at higher tiers.
  5. Whoever is in charge of setting the XP requirement for most EU missions should be replaced, cos the current one is a Edited sadomasochist. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.
  6. Seriously WTF WG!!, releasing the Hood single ship for sale after the event.... that's just a scumbag money grab dirty trick. FOR SHAME!
  7. This might help you.
  8. I jump into my own German BB & then we have an old fashioned fight, first one to die loses.
  9. Sword Fish that float!?!
  10. I wouldn't give Gaijin the steam off my piss after all the bs that company has pulled over the years.
  11. Good on you WG!
  12. I spend enough on Prem ships, wouldn't bother spending money on prem camo's
  13. Anyone else having trouble with the login to the game, get to the account connect screen and when I hit connect it just unticks the save password box, hitting the button just ticks the box. Done a game integrity check, started game in safe mode (I don't even use mods) & a pc restart to no avail. Seems to have started after going through some of my replays. *edit* never mind pure obnoxiousness of just left clicking about 50 times everywhere around the screen (mostly around the connect button box) seems to have cleared it. Brute force & ignorance my favourite type of tech support
  14. yet there's no module damage showing up on the hit