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  1. thiextar

    Ring Commanders–Claim them Inside!

    Nothing special about them at all, couldn't they atleast have some special skills, so that I have a reason to use them?
  2. thiextar

    PSA: server transfer

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/server-2-server/ The ability to transfer your accounts between servers is coming for a limited time
  3. Yeah, ive also had use for him like that one time. All the other times, the power has activated, and hast changed anything, because as i had a kraken, we were obviously winning massively already. . These new commanders meanwhile, their powers are reliable, they activate pretty much every time you need them, you can even base your playstyle on them. its too much. having several thousands more hp a game will make a massive difference in every match...
  4. that heal seems ridiculously overpowered on dds... especially since you can get spotted ribbons multiple times for each enemy... Being able to heal 3000 hp by just popping 3 ships into visions seems utterly broken for a dd... and you can keep spotting the same ships every 40 seconds for more ribbons, like wtf even? we gonna have z-52 purposefully not spotting in order to wait 40 seconds to be able to heal up??? And what is up with all the new special commanders being ridiculously more powerful than the old ones by making their power reliable and easy to activate? The argument that this is balanced against commanders such as yamamoto because "his skills are more powerful, but hard to activate" is a joke. If you cant rely on a power, it is useless, because you cant adjust your playstyle for it. Also, when the powers for old commanders like yamamoto activate(once in a blue moon), its so late in the match that it doesnt matter, its highly unlikely to affect the outcome of the battle in any way. This powercreep of special commanders is not healthy for the game. They shouldnt be mandatory, they should be a gimmick like the old ones.
  5. thiextar

    Add TOP 3 Ranking

    Could be a fun stat, but the stat id really want is damage dealt as a percentage of the recipients health. That would make the pr formula much more effective, and lower the value of damage farming. While there are some inherent flaws with winrate(divisions, tier and what ship you play), this isnt one of them, streaks of luck/bad luck averages out over a large enough sample size Id love to have a weighted winrate stat though. it would be your winrate in comparison to the average winrate of the ship that you got it in, multiplied by a difficuly modifier based on which tier you did it in, weighted against the winrate of any potential divmates. a weighted winrate and percentage based damage stat should be any clan recruiters dream
  6. thiextar

    When is the next X2 research points for NTC?

    Im half expecting, half hoping that hayate will be for rb points
  7. thiextar

    When is the next X2 research points for NTC?

    me too, next double reset event and ill have enough points to buy a ship, but neither of the currently available ships interest me.
  8. thiextar

    3-5-7 from wot is coming to wows

    it just looks at your last 19 games you played
  9. thiextar

    3-5-7 from wot is coming to wows

    What i mean is, that if you need to compare each tier with each other tier, the algorithm would have an algorithmic efficiency of O(n^2), but considering that you will get a lot of implicit data, you shouldnt need to constantly compare every tier with every other tier, it should be enough to compare every tier with one neighboring tier, going either up or down, if you have compared tier x with tier x+1, then you dont need to compare tier x-1 with tier x+1, you implicitly know what x+1 must be based on the value of x. Technically i dont see any obstacles to get the algorithmic efficiency down to atleast O(n*log(n)), possibly even O(n). And if thats possible, it should be able to run just fine on a matchmaking server. We dont even necessarily need to recalculate every time, if we know the starting point of a tier popularity, then any time someone leaves the queue(by going into a match), or enters the queue, we can add or subtract to a number, to decide if the next match should be sinlge or multi tier. This is all just speculation of course, but thats what i meant with intelligent algorithms ^^ Anyhow, when i explained the formula above, it wasnt an exact implementation, just a general formula to get the desired outcome. Also, to clarify, i prefer the matchmaker as it is right now
  10. thiextar

    3-5-7 from wot is coming to wows

    I wouldnt think that it would necessarily be too cpu intensive, especially considering that it only needs to be done on one server, not every users computer. and if you are a bit finessed, you dont need to constantly recalculate, if you have algorithms that simply updates the numbers based on ships going out of/into the queue, rather than recalculating from scratch every time. It should be feasable to regulate the amount of single tier matches per tier based on a measurement. I cant see that being unachievable using some intelligently designed algorithms.
  11. thiextar

    moving of ships to another account

    Not possible im afraid. Partly because wargaming dont know if you are selling these ships, since they dont know if that second account is actually you
  12. wr is a metric that is directly determined by battles outcome -> use wr to balance all teams close to 50%, which determines battle outcome -> everyone now has a 50% winrate -> now how do you balance matches? Also there is the issue even if you can get a metric that would work, that you would punish good players with bad teammates, so why would i want to bother getting better at the game if im just gonna get punished for it?