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  1. thiextar

    Suggestion: Allow divisions in future ranked seasons

    Well, the only appeal i see to ranked over random battles, is rewards, and something to play for that makes the outcome of the battles more serious and actually mattering. Didnt get that feeling with ranked sprint as the rewards were basically non-existent. And yeah, i know why divs have been excluded so far, but seeing as the enemy team will always get divs to match, im not sure it would change the overall winrate that much(Our improved winrate as a div is countered by the enemies div) Although i do see the possible abuse by divs of unicums. I dunno, i just cant be bothered to play ranked currently because i have to do it alone, id much rather play anything else with a friend, but at the same time, i am interested in that kind of tense battle where the outcome really matters, and also of course nice rewards. I just cant be bothered to play any game on my own in the last 3 years or so. And to stop divs dominating completely, there could be some little mechanic which gives them a slight disadvantage, maybe something like "If you are in a div, you cant save a star by coming top in a loss" Im sure tis possible to work something out
  2. thiextar

    U Mad Bro? Post battle rage messages.

    "Atleast then youre ruining someone elses language" Can i steal that line!!?!??!?!?
  3. Just wanted to make a quick thread since i realised that if i want any traction, i better do it long before the next rank season announcement, anyhow here goes: I would love it if we were able to play all future ranked seasons in divs of two, just like these little ranked sprint seasons. I only play this game in divisions with friends, because quite frankly, any game is 10x more fun when playing with a friend, this is why i have never played ranked before this mini-season where divisions were allowed. Anyways, both me and my friend thought it was quite fun to play ranked together, but we didnt really bother with getting to rank one, as the rewards were very meh, and not really worth shooting for, especially since it forced us to play tier 5. Anyhow, we would be very interested if the next "proper" ranked season allowed for divisions of two, and im sure we are not the only ones who much prefer playing this game together with a friend
  4. Holy crap thats a lot of rewards! Ill have to try it with my clan at some point. Thanks to everyone who explained this to me
  5. I have never had any interest in operations in this game, i only really enjoy random battles, but these rewards seems obscene, might have to give it a go... How do you get so much fxp in the operations? Do you just get a really high amount of base xp or what? About what kind of reward can i expect if playing these operations with random teams and such, or do you need a proper team for these kind of rewards? Would be grateful for a bit of clarity on this stuff :)
  6. I find the opposite to be true for me actually. If they fire simultaneously every 4-8 seconds, that means i get the exact location and angle of the ship every 4-8 seconds. if they fire sequentially, i need to keep track of wether it was his front or rear guns which just fired, which makes it ahrder for me to pinpoint him
  7. Well, most smoke-cruisers have massive citadels and are very squishy, and most people sit in smoke showing full broadside while either standing still, or moving very slowly. This means that if you can accurately blindfire, the only target that would be better than a smoked up cruiser, is if some other ship is showing an equally opportunistic broadside.
  8. thiextar

    player saying he reporting me for no reason

    Your overall win rate doesn't get affected by your teams. If you want a source for that, we have about 1000 threads going into detail as to why, but long story short, the statistical anomalies average out given a large enough sample size. But by your explanation, it seems that match was lost whatever you did, so the moron in chat probably saw you do something a tiny bit inefficient and decided to blame you for the loss of the entire match. That's quite common
  9. I wasnt hinting at "git gud" that much, although it certainly is never a bad idea :D I was more arguing that the minimap marker is probably the least used tool while shooting in smoke, as there are two more accurate ways: 1. Shoot at the source of the shots coming out of the smoke. Gives you a perfect view of exactly where he is, and at what angle and speed he is moving. Works especially well since most smoke ships have a fast reload. 2. fire predictive shots just as the smoking ship gets despotted Honestly, that marker doesnt do anything useful unless you are standing completely still while getting unspotted, and then not moving at all in the smoke, and at that point, the marker is just natural selection at its finest.
  10. thiextar

    Lack of Transparancy

    Yup, this is all stuff that could be improved, my comment was more aimed at if there was something gameplay mechanicy that op needed help with tho, since he seemed like a somewhat new player :)
  11. thiextar

    player saying he reporting me for no reason

    If you want any relevant opinions, post the replay, but what i can tell you with no real info is: A dd that isnt agressively pushing caps in ranked is very harmful to the team. There may have been any number of things that you did badly but didnt realise, seeing as you are a below-average player, so replay would be helpful. still tho, nothing will happen with that report.
  12. i dont think that people are using that marker when they are hitting you in such situations. I mean surely you dont slam the break and instantly stand still right after getting despotted? Cause thats the only way that marker is gonna be accurate. Most likely they just tracked you until you got despotted and fired where they thought you would be
  13. Well, when i blindfire smoke-ships, i usually aim for where the bullets come from, i find that to be way more accurate than the little map circle thingy. Only time i really use the map circle is in storms, and i think thats a good thing, as it does give cruisers atleast some chance to be effective in smoke, without having to brawl.
  14. thiextar

    Rename "Four Goal Haul" to "Squid Released"

    Making an atom bomb from a cigarette bud is easy! You just need: A cigarette bud, some duct tape, a half-meter long stick, and an atom bomb
  15. Post the replay to prove that he was indeed hacking.