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  1. Frustated, as I start the game

    You are not smarter than anyone here, your superpower is holding your hands over your ears and going nananananananana An admin jumping in here and editing some foul language doesnt mean that you are right about anything. @carrynikol Can we just close this thread already? Its entire purpose from the start was a question about hitting allies with torps, this thread isnt even remotely about that anymore, nor is anything meaningful being achieved here.
  2. I just want to know

    Then tell me very clearly and concisely what your theory is, as that is something you have failed to do so far.
  3. I just want to know

    Account level also influences matchmaking. Through level 10, players in Tier I-IV matches are less likely to face highly experienced opponents. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Account_Level My mistake, its from tier 1-4, not 1-3.
  4. I just want to know

    Dude, this is a thing for around the 50 first games of a player... That doesnt mean taht you are right that the matchmaker punishes skilled players... this is only ever a thing in like tier 1-3. Dont twist my words And the protected matchmaking that you get for around up to 10 battles after buying a new ship is just a small quality of life thing. None of this proves your point in any way, and im pretty sure that most people on this forum has been aware of both of these things for atleast a year now.
  5. I just want to know

    1. If you have just bought a new vehicle, the matchmaker tries to always put you into top tier matches for the first couple of battle in that vehicle, this is well known and not hidden in any way, the point of this system is to not ruin the players initial impression of a new ship/give them a chance to play it stock. 2. This patent is for both wows and wot, and in wot there are certain premiums which gets preferential matchmaking, which means that they can only ever be matched vs +1 tier tanks. In return, these tanks are generally weaker than a standard tank of the same tier. 3. (EDITED) This system is for new players, as you know, people that are completely new to the game, gets protected matchmaking in the beginning of their careers. None of those qoutes specifys anything of relevence to taking player skill into account for mm and rng.
  6. Better than tanks?

    Tanks is a great game, as is wows. they are entirely different games tho, with completely different gameplay and skillsets required, and both have their issues.
  7. I just want to know

    Since you have obviously read it, quote me the statement in that patent that proves that wargaming tampers with the mm and rng based on player skill. I must say im very intrigued
  8. I just want to know

    I feel like this all the time when i watch streamers, but then i remember that my aim is no where near perfect, and i dont aim my shots perfectly every single time i fire my guns, so how can i be sure that what i feel is the correct amount of lead is actually the correct amount lead, when i know, that i dont always aim perfectly? Also it doesnt help that you are watching a stream and the "feeling" is different, causing you to misjudge lead and such more often.
  9. I just want to know

    Yes, because it stood out from all of your games where you get the result you would expect, so of course you would screenshot that, rather than the dozens of games that you didn't feel are screenshot worthy. That is literally what selective memory means, so yes, your selective memory did conjure that -_-
  10. I just want to know

  11. I just want to know

    Learn what random means. Let me simplify it for you: He rolls a dice, on one side of the dice, there is an overpen, on the other side, there is a citadel. At first glance, it would seem like there is a very low chance for him to roll 10 citadels in a row. BUT, consider that said player has played 1000 games, and rolled that dice 40 times every game, that is 40,000 rolls in a row, now the odds are reversed, the chance that in those 40,000 rolls, he hasnt gotten 10 of the same rolls in a row, is so small, its virtually impossible. statistics my friend.
  12. Well, its pretty much inevitable that updates will break stuff for some people, usually because they are using uncommon hardware that wargaming didnt think to test on, but you cant hold updates back for this reason, because then there would be no progress made. That being said, if one guy told you that you would get prem time back, then you should get it, if you have a screenshot of when he told you this, i would advice creating a new ticket and posting the screenshot in it.
  13. They cant send premium time to everyone who has a technical issue on their end. And it has to have been on your end, because i have nvidia, and i have friends who have amd gpu, and neither of us had the issue, so it has to have been your specific setup. Anyways, updating the graphics drivers is pretty much the standard solution to go to whenever a game doesnt work, so im sure it didnt take you an entire day just to fix that.
  14. to be honest, you cant expect them to not improve the game just so that it will run on old graphics drivers, surely it was just a matter of updating your drivers to the latest version? If it was as simple as updating your graphics drivers, then wargaming has done nothing wrong, only if they actually had to fix something on their end, would they give you premium time.