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  1. thiextar

    Request to wargaming for cv rework captain respec.

    Thats what would happen if wargaming dont do this respec system properly. I imagine that a large chunk of the playerbase would simply not play due to them either having to permanently commit to a crap build, or play with a zero skillpoint commander. We really do need to be able to respec all the way until the meta stabilises, otherwise i know that im not going to be playing for a long time, because wargaming will effectively be forcing me away from the game.
  2. thiextar

    Best premium dd gunboat, and best dd gunboat line?

    Guys please, i made this thread ages ago when i was a total noob and didnt have a clue about any of the ship strengths. I think i also made one asking about the "best" battleship. Please let the poor thing rest in the ground now. Its fine, you can let go of the thread, just turn off life-support, sing a little song and go
  3. thiextar

    What If - S1E2

    winrate based mm doesnt work. Once you reach the league with 55% winrate players, your 55% winrate is not good anymore, its averege, so you will drop down to 50% again... A winrate based mm system will always result in everyone having exactly 50% winrate.
  4. thiextar

    Request to wargaming for cv rework captain respec.

    That is the truest and stupidest thing i have ever heard lol! Just skipping all of the aa skills and going for evasion/tanking instead to counter planes sounds so incredibly stupid, but also makes perfect sense as the cv doesnt get affected by me shooting down planes anyways... Oh wargaming, never change(actually please do).
  5. thiextar

    Request to wargaming for cv rework captain respec.

    Yeah, but we want more than a respec, we need a period of free respecs to experiment with different builds.
  6. thiextar

    Request to wargaming for cv rework captain respec.

    That seems a bit pointlessly complex, and i also wouldnt want to play for like a month w/o earning captain xp...
  7. thiextar

    Request to wargaming for cv rework captain respec.

    Maybe something like this, but then again, that wont really let us experiment with builds and such tho
  8. So i read somewhere that all captains will be reset when the cv rework hits the live server, thats good because the meta will shift a ton, and pretty much all captains will need to be rebuilt. But, the meta wont shift instantly when the cv rework hits, it will enter a state of flux where it keeps changing drastically for atleast a month. Especially since the game wont be balanced when it is released, but will rather be balanced with quick patches on the live server during what i assume is a few month period. Basically what i am saying is: One free captain respec wont be enough to find the new most effective builds in a drastically changed meta with drastically changed captain skills, and going to the test server to try out builds wont work either, because the gameplay on there isnt even resembling to the live server. So my request is: Give us a period where we can respec our captains as many times as we want, rather than just resetting them. Either for around a week, or maybe even all the way until the meta stabilizes, and you(wargaming) are done with balancing the CVS I beg of you to do this wargaming, because with such drastic changes to core gameplay, we need to be able to experiment to have any chance of adapting to it. Thank you, for your consideration :) @Sub_Octavian @MrConway Also, to everyone in the comments, id love to hear your opinions about this, but i will also remind you: This is NOT the place to discuss the cv rework itself, i have rather strong opinions about it, as im sure you do, but please dont sidetrack this thread, thanks
  9. thiextar

    Is there a new mod which reveals position in smoke?

    But if there is an explanation for all 20 of them, doesn't that mean that there is no mod?
  10. thiextar

    Help server problem Mac

    I would also advice building a proper desktop, its highly unlikely that you will be able to run warships properly on a mac, as they have no performance.
  11. thiextar

    Test Server Changes Have Gone Live - Is it any Better?

    Wargaming need to go back to the drawing board with the cv rework. This system will never work, because it is far too oversimplified.
  12. thiextar

    Azuma, coal or steel?

    Well there is currently the salem at tier x for coal
  13. thiextar

    Coal and Steel should be displayed in port

    ui improvements? We don't do that here.
  14. thiextar

    Azuma, coal or steel?

    Theres also the upcoming wichta for steel to consider. Which in my mind makes it even less likely that the azuma will also be for steel. Anyways, i hope it will be coal