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  1. thiextar

    Kurfurst is best secondaries brawler. Who is second best?

    Massachusets can most definitely be built up for secondaries.
  2. thiextar

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    Question: Will it be possible to get enough fuel tokens to get the benham without paying real money?
  3. thiextar

    Tier 8 Clan battles

    Whelp, i didnt realize that loyang has hydro, thats new for me. Yeah that might indeed make her an option to the cossack then.
  4. thiextar

    Tier 8 Clan battles

    Pretty sure that north carolina guns are more accurate than amagis guns. Mostly because of the much better sigma on the north cal guns. Not sure what the loyang brings over the cossack tho. Worse guns, worse camo no hydro. More torps, but they can only be launched from withing radar range and every ship other than the battleship on the enemy team will have hydro. Seems questionable to me
  5. thiextar


    I really hope we never ever get subs added as a regular part of this game. They dont fit the game mechanics or the meta
  6. thiextar

    Tier 8 Clan battles

    My comp would probably look close to this: bb:north carolina cruiser 1:Baltimore/cleveland cruiser:Baltimore/cleveland cruiser: kutuzov cruiser:kutuzov dd: Cossack basically 2 radars, 2 kutuzovs, 1 accurate bb, 1 cossack(best camo/guns at t8)
  7. thiextar

    Ranked "save a star": problems/solutions

    Well its not particularly closed the other way around either. If a player plays a few matches, and gets say 20 stars, then stops playing ranked, those 20 stars are out of the system. I think maybe the irrevocable ranks could just about counteract this loss of stars, but they arent a consistent income of stars like the save-a-star system is.
  8. thiextar

    Ranked "save a star": problems/solutions

    Doesnt work like that. there is a limited amount of stars in the system, there will never be anymore stars in the system than this(without save-a-star). Every player needs x amount of stars to rank out, these stars are taken from the limited pool of stars. When a player ranks out, he binds these stars to him, no one can take them from him. Divide the total amount of stars in the system with however many is needed to reach rank 1, and there you have the absolute limit of how many players can reach rank 1. Usually you can start off with i believe about 1/4 of the total stars needed to reach rank 1, but only very few players will start with this, so lets say the average amount of stars a person starts with is about 1/8 of rank 1, that would mean that exactly 12,5% of the ranked playerbase can theoretically reach rank 1.
  9. thiextar

    Ranked "save a star": problems/solutions

    Same problem, i wonder how many matches would get thrown because everyone in the winning team rushes in to get that top spot. My solution that ive posted a couple of times now is to keep the save a star system, but base it on votes instead of xp. After the battle, you get a mandatory pop-up where you have to vote for 1 person on your team to save a star(not yourself)
  10. thiextar

    Ranked "save a star": problems/solutions

    Doesnt work like that, without a mechanic like save a star to influx new stars into the closed system, there will be an absolute hard limit on how many people can rank out. The total amount of stars in the system will be exactly equal to the amunt of stars that everyone starts the season on, these stars would then get distributed between the best players who lock them up in rank 1. As an estimate, there would be no stars left in the system when about 5-10% of the playerbase has reached rank 1, and no way for new stars to enter the system.
  11. Well, he keeps the servers turning guys
  12. thiextar

    Stats for ranked season 12?

    Since ranked season 12 was an experiment with bringing cvs into ranked, and the season is almost over, i have a request. Could you publish statistics such as average stars saved by class, average amount of battles to rank 1 and stats such as that? Since the justification for this ranked season was to collect stats, it would be very interesting to see these statistics. @Sub_Octavian @MrConway @Crysantos
  13. thiextar

    Next clan wars season tier 8

    No, that would be unethical since its op. Better put it in some really expensive lootboxes instead.
  14. thiextar

    Next clan wars season tier 8

    NC has much better long range dispersion than vlad tho i believe. Battleships in clan wars are mostly played at very long range
  15. thiextar

    Harugumo - overpowered main battery

    I mean it has weaknesses aswell... Infact it has more similarities with cruisers than destroyers. It has too bad camo to play like a dd, and it turns slower than a conqueror. What it boils down to is a light cruiser taking the slot of a dd, tons of fun in randoms, but its not a good ship for competitive modes.