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  1. Slavic_LynX

    Lodě páté úrovně.

    a ty mas 17 000 bitiek ? :D
  2. takze zas schleifen party. nie dakujem :D 1v1 bolo fajn. klebrom som ich poslal tam kam patria do šrotu. ale mat dalsieho edit co pozna iba schleifena v time nepotrebujem :D 7 odohram
  3. Slavic_LynX

    u killed gold league

    look at your average dmg. that is mirror of your skill not a [edited]winrate.
  4. Slavic_LynX

    u killed gold league

    if you will have 850 000 dmg and 8 kills you still can lose and have 0 win rate you idiot. people who looking on winrate just puch yourself idiot fack your winrate who cares that number ? i am first on xp in 90% of games and losing because fcking monkeys can doo 30k and die
  5. Slavic_LynX

    u killed gold league

    why good player cant go up with ranks because he got [edited] to the team ? this is just rng lotery u can kill 5 of 6 and u will lose .. bots everywhere
  6. Slavic_LynX

    u killed gold league

  7. Slavic_LynX

    u killed gold league

    team mechanic ? forgot about teamplay. every kid every grandpa play this game. they dont know what to doo. people have 60 IQ. they cant read map cant predict enemy move. cant play tacticaly...thats why i dont care team i play my game . farm dmg when i have chance to rush someone an fck him i doo that. with dd to cap ? no thank you. potatos hiding behind rocks and 0 support will never play for team in randoms or rankeds because team never played for me. you go help someone ? he run away and you will die alone. pinging map to me because i play my game ? blacklist and bye
  8. Slavic_LynX

    u killed gold league

    but u will never get rank 1 in bronze u will never see silver or gold anymore because of potato team in bronze. you guys dont understand that saving start is little part of skill. in bronze u can have 250k dmg 4 - 5 kills and u will lose and will stay on rank 10 because of 5 mongols in your team and no saving star. i pass bronze in 1 day. next day i pass silver. because i was 1st on xp 95% of the games took me 2 days to make quali to gold. 1st sprint in gold i was max rank 8 because of no saving star. just eated steel golds and dont care about gold anymore. 2nd sprint i am again every game 1st on XP but stil fckin rank 10 because i am losing all . in old system i have no problem to reach rank 1 gold in 3-4 days because i am still 1st 2nd on xp some stars lost.. but now its lotery as i said u can have 300K dmg and 4 kills u can have game of your life but stil lose star because u have 42% bots in your team. or some idiot who ping you on map where he want you to go and if you dont go he just go ofended to the corner... NO SAVE STAR IS LOTERY NOTHING MORE you cant show your skill to rankup
  9. Slavic_LynX

    u killed gold league

    u are the one who play only schleifen crap :D yolo dead in 2 min haha :D going for win directly :D i bet u never saw 200k dmg because of trying save star
  10. Slavic_LynX

    u killed gold league

    realy ? yes everyone trying to save star = they tryhard for as much dmg as they can. but with no save star its just lotery. when they saw first ally ship is down they dont care about save star and just go yolo to die.. this gol is [edited] now... because saving star = fight best as you can now its crap. had a lot of games where i have solo 3 - 4 kills and my team nothing... have more base XP than [edited]first from winning team and lost star because of mongoloids
  11. Slavic_LynX

    u killed gold league

    no motivation to play gold league. just eat steel rewards and bye. because firts ship dead and all other just yolo. because of NO SAVE STAR noone tryhard noone just try to turn lose to win.. [edited]
  12. nezajem. schleifen party ludia nevedia hrat nic ine. to bude asi nizkym IQ ktorym populacia trpi. a kreaivitou hrania
  13. ty si ten z tych co ani snurky na topankach si nevie zaviazat ze ? . potom ze tie bitky vypadaju ako vypadaju ked taketo jelita chodia po svete
  14. ludia nechapu jednoduche zaklady hry. nedokazu jednoducho takticky rozmyslat nad minimapou alebo predvidat pohyb nepriatela. ako edited chcete aby takyto sedlak pochopil hentaky clanok .. 1. deti vam to citat nebudu tie su lenive citat 2 riadky. 2. priemerny hraci sa na to kaslu povedia si nejak bolo nejak bude hram dalej. a za 3. toto citat studovat bude akurat tak clovek ktory nema co robit a moze venovat hodinu citaniu clanku a postupnemu chapaniu :D P.S. takze bonusy ktore som mal z vlajok ako napriklad hydra a podobne teraz budu dostupne za dublony. okej. pokial tie bonusy nebudu ziskatelne ako napriklad vlajky tak je to len pekna okradacka a pekna mašina na tahanie dublonov z ludi. uvidime lebo ako vrtat sa mi v taktomto clanku ozaj nechce. clovek to najlepsie pochopi v praxi
  15. Slavic_LynX

    Rvačka 1 proti 1 s loděmi IX. úrovně

    tak X proti X alebo IX proti IX... na obrazku deviatky v clanku desiatky