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  1. Yes, of course you may ask, YabbaCoe. That's what the Forum is for, after all! I teach English as a foreign language and have done so for 23 years, so please don't think I am being patronising - this is just 'teacher' mode being engaged. Massively means large or excessive in either manner or degree, e.g. 'Covid-19 has caused the public to reduce its discretionary spending massively'. The Warhammer Armada pack is priced at 48, 650 Doubloons (a fake discount from 60,833 as the EU requires a discount to be based on a product that has previously been on sale for the original quantity for six months, but's that's by the by). The Ragnarok: Admiral Pack weighs in at 27,950 whilst the bare bones Ragnarok is available for 12,800 Doubloons. Let's break that down: 48,650 = 160.03 Euros (on the Wargaming.net Premium shop dated 27th February 2021). 27,950 = 91.94 Euros. 12,800 = 42.10 Euros. Last week (along with half of Europe, it seems) I bought Valheim on Steam for 16.50 or a similar amount. I don't believe an English teacher ought to lecture people about Maths, so I'll let those figures speak for themselves. When a single ship in your game costs as much as an admittedly cheap game like Valheim or a single AAA game then it is massively overpriced. Let's not even talk about your assertion that 300 Doubloons is an 'okay' price for gambling for content. Let's just not - you'll only engender ill feeling from the majority of the Forum given the recent Christmas crate fiasco. Yes, free containers are welcome and the thrill of opening them hoping for something special can be fun, but long experience in this game teaches me that free ships do not drop from them - perhaps once or twice on each server. But I digress. You asked me about the 'm' word and I repeat that your game is massively overpriced. Have a nice day, YabbaCoe. I do not envy you your job of defending the price of this game in a continent where the average salary is falling. I cannot post links as I believe that would violate the terms and services of the Forum? Yours sincerely, britinmadrid (A Brit in Madrid)
  2. MASSIVELY overpriced! I'm a long-time fan of 40K but how on earth can you justify these prices? It's incredible as for the same amount of cash I could have several AAA games from Steam! This is on top of the fact that we had this content in the game five minutes ago. Desperate for revenue, perhaps?
  3. britinmadrid

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    Hello to my fellow Beta Tester! :-) Like you I have been in since almost the beginning and like you I am running down my Premium time with only 11 days left from the time of posting! I have supported this game since its launch, but will cease to to so with my money from now on. I may or may not continue to play, but I have enough Premium ships to make the Silver I need to run high tier vessels. I urge people to consider becoming a free-to-play miser and not to give WG any money until they have proven they can listen to feedback and provide a product which the paying customer likes. #freetoplaymiser
  4. britinmadrid

    Results: A G'Day to be Australian

    Wow! A stunning fifteen winners of the Perth for the entire EU server. WG really broke the bank for this one, didn't they? #0.00000000000000000000001% chance to win.
  5. britinmadrid

    Brawls in Update 0.10.0

    No CVs permitted, I see. :-o Might that be because they would make a mockery of the game mode ... as they do in Randoms?
  6. britinmadrid

    DevBlog stupid changes

    The first two lines were not trolling. Take any excuse you need not to address the 'facts' issue and enjoy the new patch!
  7. britinmadrid

    DevBlog stupid changes

    Because they are numerically/objectively/factually worse than they were before. You know? Facts? Maybe you do not know as you are white-knighting for WG in such an immature manner that you must be an adolescent.
  8. britinmadrid


    I have heard CCs make this point on their YouTube videos. However, the other possibility is that people who previously played have now stopped as the good rewards (i.e. generous number of flags) have been axed. Why put up with selfish/incompetent team mates for the tiny rewards on the table. Find a game mode you enjoy more.
  9. britinmadrid

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    The real question is why is WG selling access to both Tiers IX and X? I have personally witnessed a 29% win rate player at Tier IX as well as the gamut across 30%. Does this matter? Yes, because if you can get into top Tiers with little or no experience as we did with the ARP Yamato people leave the game. I didn't, but two Clan mates have as they take the game seriously and want to win. Make people 'earn' their way into top tiers with game experience via the tech tree or game experience via the Coal grind. Oh ... er .... that leads us to point two below. You are completely correct - Coal is now, and has been for some time, a trash currency. The longer the game goes on, the more Coal everyone accumulates and slowly they buy the ships. Trash vessels like the Blyska and Marblehead have been used to expand the range of ships as have the less-than-excellent Duke of York. The good news is that Steel ships are now being 'demoted' to Coal status and you will soon have extra vessels available.
  10. britinmadrid

    0.9.12 - Updates to Ranked Battles System

    This is a thread which seems to contain a much higher level of debate than most of the Forum. People asking sensible questions, pointing out 'uncomfortable' aspects of the gaming experience (to use one of WG's favourite terms) and also making suggestions which are not outrageous. That's definitely nice to see! However, with the upcoming Commander skills rework I suspect the WG staff will be busy with extreme levels of customer dissatisfaction, so I'd not hold your collective breaths while waiting for feedback. My Clan dropped Ranked with the exception of the Clan Leader as the rewards are now a joke and as others have pointed out you are now forced into a timetable as opposed to having the freedom after work/studies/family obligations to play when you are able to find the time. This is a big downgrade from the point of view of the majority of players who have expressed an opinion and WG will not make any changes unless people park the game mode for a month or two. That's it. Stop playing if you wish for improvements as if you continue you are simply supporting the system as your play time will be interpreted as approval. Happy gaming, everyone! :-)
  11. britinmadrid

    Is too late for Hizen?

    Uh huh. So how does paying more points for a worse version of what we had before (check out Notser's latest YouTube video dated 20/12/2020) compensate for the fact that this vessel which is not F2P needs an XP-wise expensive Commander skill to get it to the same level as most other battle ships at lower Tiers? "To be entirely fair..." means what in this context, lafeel? Sigh.
  12. britinmadrid

    WoWS Show: Funny Moments – Cruisers on the War Path

    Just to clarify - these are the self same Cruisers which will be disadvantaged heavily by the Commander skills rework? You know - the Cruisers which people will be parking in droves as they play CVs with buffed torps, BBs with buffed sniping and DDs with buffed survivability? Okay ... yeah ... fun video, I suppose.
  13. britinmadrid

    State of the game 2020 is surprisingly just fine

    Massive player churn as OGs/(whale) Beta Testers interested in a vaguely historical yet still arcade WWI/WWII naval game are winding down their Premium time on this game as CVs, endless bottom-tier matches in Divisions and utter drivel in the form of constant new Ninja Laser Russian☭ Balans™ ships have driven them away to be replaced by pew-pew ARP Fortnite players who will abandon WoWs for the next bright shiny which comes along to offer them Instant Gratification™ with pay-to-access content so they don't actually have to learn the mechanics. It's about the quality of the player, not just the numbers which are still microscopically small on the NA server. Didn't they have to introduce Bots into Random Battles to make up the numbers and is that still a thing? Look at the Like/Dislike ratio on your YouTube video, Zoup!
  14. britinmadrid

    Customer support appreciation thread

    Beta Tester with 1.3K battles ... Which staff member are you? Go away, shill - WG has behaved atrociously and will not benefit from a comedically bad 'fake' thread.
  15. britinmadrid

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Internet hiccup - please remove and apologies for double posting!