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  1. britinmadrid

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    Yes. Yes. Yes. As the posts on this Forum may be counted, yes! :-) Quantifiable date, so accept it or tantrum more. If I count quantifiable posts on the Forum, then yes I am! Liar! Poltroon! Donald Trump! I can count the posts I refer to, but you claim that is invalid as the, " ... the other tens of thousands ...", agree with you. How do you know? You are either a liar or very unintelligent as you discount my quantifiable data, but admit your made up, date. Who are these people? Show me their names! Post the online petition here. Oh ... you cannot. You are immature, a liar/unintelligent, a shill and boring. I declare victory in this argument as you are a tawdry little white knight. I will never reply to your posts again or engage you in conversation as you cite no arguments which are backed up by numbers, or logic. Feel free to post here claiming victory. No one will agree with you until you communicate as an adult and stop stamping your foot in a fit of childish pique. Enjoy the game as it flushes down the toilet! P.S. Scroll up in this thread and count the positive versus negative icons awarded to your posts ... Zzzzzzzz!
  2. britinmadrid

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    Your endless denial of the majority view isn't a tantrum? Multiple people argue against you with facts, yet you still keep posting claiming that you alone are right and everyone else is wrong? Okay ... ... you do realise (I am a parent and have experience) that your behavious pretty much defines a tantrum?
  3. britinmadrid

    Closed test 0.11.5 - Balance changes (DB 329)

    Didn't Flamu just review a 53.3 knot submarine ... whilst travelling submerged? Yabba, you spot the torps an instant before they nuke you. The new and 'improved' ping for sonar sits a significant distance away from the sub and is useless for ASW strikes. If you are that close to the sub, you are already dead. We have seen endless examples of 15 depth charge strikes with no kill. I know you have to keep your job for your mortgage, but do you honestly believe what you are typing? Really? No, I didn't think so.
  4. britinmadrid

    Hall of Fame: First Among Equals

    I dunno - maybe receiving rewards for achievements like Witherer, Confederate, High Caliber etc in the form of flags? Oh ... no. You took those away.
  5. Not this change, in my opinion, but generally you are correct. Without change any game will become stagnant. What we're talking about here is the fact that a sizeable majority of Forumites don't seem to like this particular proposal. That's not true as, like you, I do upvote people with whom I do not agree the majority of the time. It's what they say, not the person as of course we have no idea who one another are or whether or not we'd be friends in real life. I think your 'reputation' such as it is stems from the fact that all I ever see of you is the auto-downvote. It's really nice to see you taking the time to type here as I get a better feel of what you think and why. Yes, emoticons are valuable for rapid communication, but not for any degree of explanation or nuanced expression. This is what I mean! You give an example which helps me see where you are coming from and gives you a 'human' face. In all honesty I can say that I only know you as an emoticon downvoter and cannot remember ever having read a post from you, so it's nice to see you and ColonelPete exploring each other's views. Possibly it's due to my profession of teaching other people to communicate, but I do value any honest communication and to borrow your comment about, "... just being toxic and spamming ...", I'd suggest that exclusively interacting via the click of a button without occasionally offering a single paragraph to help others understand why the emoticon is there exposes you to the accusation (justified or otherwise) of being nothing more than a naysayer. No, I don't expect lengthy essays from someone who has a real life to run but now and then exactly what you have done here helps to facilitate communication. It's been nice 'hearing' your voice and I hope to do so again in the future.
  6. Lol! Dark Meta dislikes anyone who says anything critical about the game, and if you've not been downvoted by this plyer then you are a WG employee or Moderator. Just check for yourselves - critical post earns a dislike from Dark Meta (starts stopwatch). It actually means you are correct.
  7. britinmadrid

    How It Works 2.0: Game Basics

    Er, yes it is? This is a clear case of too little, too late! Unfortunately, I regularly see 39% - 44% players in Tier VIII - X vessels. CCs and the forum community have been screaming at you for years for some form of meaningful training, yet you have actively pushed first-day players into Tier VI ships with a plethora of missions and bonuses. Are we supposed to cheer that you may finally be doing something about it? Okay ... small celebration. Let's see if finally you are interested in anything apart from money! *cue shills and white knights*
  8. britinmadrid

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    Please prove that statement! Where on earth did you get the 99.9% figure from? You claim I 'spout' opinions whilst exaggerating to the maximum. Boring hypocrite! This is true ... in a text book. I take it that you are a first-year university student making paper arguments as never in real life do you see perfect monopolies. Never. Again, you are 'spouting'. 'Tabloid' = an attack on the validity of the argument based on the socio-economic demographic of the consumer of said media ... which makes you an elitist snob who dismisses the validity of qualitative data. Snob + arrogance = invalid argument based on preconceived notions. Learn to research without prejudice. Again, emotive arguments with no internal logic or fact-based data to support them. Speculation as is evidenced by your use of the modal auxiliary verb 'might'. You repeat 99.9% as a statistic - was your spittle hitting the screen? Puberty rage much? Finish your incomplete education, work for 30 years in the real world like I have and then come back to me. I won't respond to you again as tantrums bore me. :-)
  9. britinmadrid

    Wargaming and SUBS...

    Wise words! I was in the Beta but went free-to-play after the Commander skill rework. I'll play this game for free until Subs increase in numbers and then drop the game like my entire Clan did with this game, World of Tanks and World of Warplanes ... even the history buffs. As has been stated, WG is a company. If they are making money they will not change. When the money decreases they will pay attention and ask why. Just play without paying. Eventually you will grind every ship anyway.
  10. That's true if the changes go through smoothly as WG has stated they will be applied, and I'm sure we all hope they will be. Splitting the bonuses would allow players to more efficiently use their various bonuses over the Elite and non-Elite vessels they possess. However, 'a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush' so today you can be assured of what your signals will achieve whilst tomorrow is not guaranteed. Some people are worried about WG's less-than-perfect record on implementing changes into the game, e.g. the Missouri credit-compensation mission. Let's hope it all goes through without a hitch this time!
  11. We have a new class of vessel (Subs) in the game which means extra information in each patch? There's a new line of ships, so they might have discovered a glitch when they were introduced on the Live server? Someone spilled their coffee on the server?
  12. Originally I believe they stated it would be ready by 10.00 CET, but they put it back to 13.00 CET. Technical problems, I imagine, so I hope we are compensated for lost Premium time.
  13. britinmadrid

    guild of CVs

    I don't see the WG tag next to your name, so you may not set any rules in an open forum as far as I am aware. Some people in this thread suspect you might be a troll, which I can understand given the original post you made. However on the chance that you are sincere and not trying to provoke a response from the 95% of players who detest CVs and the years-long toxic legacy they bought to this surface ship game, I would suggest that you need to grow a thick skin. If this thread is not closed down by a Moderator in order to avoid toxicity or merged with the CV thread where it would appear to belong, you will need to become accustomed to being challenged by people who do not agree with you. This happens in the real world as well.
  14. britinmadrid

    Update 0.11.4: French Cruisers

    Fair enough ... if you do it on the PTS and not where people pay to play with Premium time. Please stop treating the Live server as a place to try out crackpot combinations on Submarines which should never have made it passed a competent testing stage. Or, if WG elects to go down that route, giver every player free Premium for the duration.
  15. It makes sense as this is a 'mature' game now, and one which is in a niche market. Many of the players will have already acquired the Premium ships they want and use them to fund the game. This fundamentally changes the economy from real cash > gold, to silver for everything. If silver is changed to a negative balance, real cash for Premium time becomes a reality.