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  1. mpc007

    Freeze / Desync bug

    The specs in my sig are unfortunately not from the system which I'm currently playing WoWS on. I play with a less powerful Pentium G860 dualcore CPU, 8GB DDR3 1333, and a HD7850. Not much difference on the GPU side of things, but the CPU has a tough job right now. Concerning the ISP, I'm currently in the Netherlands using Ziggo (Liberty Global) cable rated at 30 mbit downlink. Using the VPN is a thing I did not yet try. Also found a thread where guys said that mainboard manufacturers overclock tools could be a problem, so I just deleted my Asus AI Suite and will check if that makes a difference.
  2. mpc007

    Freeze / Desync bug

    I'm experiencing this ridiculously annoying bug - and from what I've read, i'm not the only one. In literally EVERY match, after a few minutes playing, my ship seem to get out of sync with the server side of things. Its best seen as an extreme example of rubberbanding, but with a permanent nature. I can notice because suddenly my ship is dead in the water, while speed is still up and i have full throttle. Same happens with teammates and enemy ships. Then, after a minute or two, my ships starts moving, but the minutes while it was dead in the water it actually moved as well on the server side, so i basically am playing with huge delay. This is unplayable. It causes me to see impacts from shots and torpedoes on ME while it seems like theyre just in the water in front of me. I don't know what to do. Support asked to check PingPlotter, but apart from quite some jitter I don't have noticeable packet loss, and ping is <50. Any help? :/ Same issue: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7420-bug-ingame-desync/
  3. mpc007

    Karel Doorman-class frigate

    Abstract art or not, it actually has a function. And anyone would call you ignorant if you still build ships without stealthy surfaces, if that hugely improves your chance to dodge radar-guided missiles...
  4. mpc007

    Iowa battle ( game style)

    Indeed, deep inside I'd like to see the situations when these ships were still cruising with my own eyes..
  5. mpc007

    De Zeven Provinciën-class frigate

    Great ship, best of the Royal Dutch Navy at this moment. Unfortunately, this is also the biggest warship there is, of course there are ones larger in water deplacement but those are support / transport ships.
  6. mpc007

    Karel Doorman-class frigate

    Those are not 'nice' ships. To my opinion, they are outdated and therefore obsolete. As we speak, the Royal Dutch Navy has only two vessels in active duty, and I won't be suprised if the last two are sold within five years. The biggest problem of these ships are a) absolutely no stealth-design, which is the benchmark for modern frigates b) no modern integrated mast which combines radar, sat, comms, etc.
  7. mpc007

    Art work - Various ship drawings

    Very nice, keep up the great work!~
  8. mpc007

    German Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin

    CV class vessels and the Kriegsmarine are a strange combination, because what already mentioned above; they didn't seem the ships necessary until '42. Because of this, it would be right if the Germans only get some converted carriers, and not a full tree which is fulled with blueprints. That's wat I always hated about World of Tanks, that the >Tier 8 German tanks existed mostly only on paper...
  9. mpc007

    Iowa battle ( game style)

    USS Iowa is one of my favorites, mostly because it was really long in service and experienced almost all major conflicts of the last 70 years. In this simulator the old setup is on display, with Bofors and Oerlikon AA emplacements. Few decades after WW2 it was modernised, and the 'oldfashioned' manual AA guns were traded for CIWS Phalanx gatlings. The secondary batteries were also removed, but it got Harpoon anti-ship and Tomahawk cruisemissiles in return. It even served a while as a testing platform for drones.. I think the last years were the most glorious, because it really looked like a flagship compared to the modern (and much smaller) destroyers and frigates :)