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  1. Hi people. I was messing around on Google maps (all rights reserved, images belong to Google inc blah blah) and wound up looking at Gdynia - then the Blyskawica.. One thing lead to another and I have some images from maps that nicely illustrate the size of these things - cars for scale! Enjoy!
  2. hopfolk

    Submarines might be balanceable. Really.

    Good thinking, Endala. Using Scenarios, wargaming could test Subs out as NPCs, too. That would be suitably terrifying.
  3. Okay, this thread probably pops up now and again... and again... But I was thinking about balancing Subs today and wrote down some pros and cons that almost convinced me that they could sort of work. Take a look: Cons 1. Forward-firing “blindfire” deepwater torps with no aim-arc (would add a skill-check to their use) 2. Limited submerge time 30s / Air recharge time on surface 20s (would counter the invisible menace / slackers) 3. Slow when submerged 22kts (makes planning an attack crucial) 4. Depth charges on DDs are hard counter (there's always got to be a counter, right?) 5. Max two per team (unpopular, but they're going to be annoying so...) 6. 40mm Armour (otherwise they would sink... oh wait) Pros 1. SUBMARINES (!) 2. Difficult to hit with Artillery (low profile in water, small size etc) 3. High damage Torps 18k (few launched, hard to hit with but nasty) 4. Immune to Torps and Artillery when Submerged (Vulnerable to Depth charges) 5. Detection range 7-10kms (again, to make sub captains plan and think) 6. No fires. (because they're wet, right?) Enjoy.
  4. hopfolk

    Insta-Service Carrier?

    I wish I knew how :)
  5. hopfolk

    Insta-Service Carrier?

    2 x TB squadrons came at me and bracketed me, then the same two squadrons came back at me within 30 seconds.
  6. hopfolk

    Insta-Service Carrier?

    Hi ppl. Just played a map and saw a Zuiho insta-service it's TB squadrons - like, they flew to the ship, disappeared, reappeared, then started flying right back at me - no wait, 2 TB attack sorties in as much time as it took to fly back to the CV. Has anyone seen this before because I assume it's some kind of hack. TBs on the Zuiho have like a 25 second service time, don't they? Cheers Hopfolk.
  7. hopfolk

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion for new ship class: Corvette. These ships were small (smaller than destroyers) single-gun scout ships. fast and difficult to hit or spot. Their inclusion into the game would be as a low-damage high-utility role. Read: Destroyer with no Torps. Currently they are used by various coast-guards.
  8. hopfolk

    Suggestion to Wargaming to improve Teamplay.

    Meh, I didn't complain about "Kill-stealing" but instead about people altering their tactics in order to gain kills at the expense of the team. IS THAT TOO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND? Thanks for deliberately misinterpreting the subject and attempting to make me appear like a whiner though. I <3 this community... no... really I do. And Stewie... The poll is almost perfectly balanced: 12 Potatoes vs 9 Bananas, so HA - joke's on you.
  9. Hi people. If there is one thing about the way people in this game cooperate that drives me nuts, it is the deliberate kill-whoring that seems to be present in all but the very low tiers of play. Some examples: 1. Players stop firing at the ship they are engaged with, to attempt to kill another low-health enemy ship - resulting in their death or loss of HP. 2. Players delay their barrage until the enemy ship is at low health, then unleash a full barage to sieze the kill. 3. Players disengage in a 2 v 1 fight and use cover until their teammate is dead, then swoop in to kill the damaged enemy. 4. Players See an easy fight with many of our team vs a couple of the enemy and turn around, abandoning their teammates. I cannot fully condemn this behaviour, because it is encouraged, in the most part, by game mechanics demanding kills for missions and achievements. I would appreciate if wargaming gently mnoved the focus of the game away from kills and more towards damage done. Even if they just awarded the "kill" to the player who has most damaged the target, it would be an improvement over the current situation. * Disclaimer - I understand that this is a team game, I understand that it belongs to wargaming so they can do whatever the hell they want and I understand that 99% of the replies I get to this post will be hostile. All I want is that people think about it a little - we are all wasting our time competing for an arbitrary game mechanic that rewards scumbags rather than tactical players! Fair skies and calm seas, comrades.
  10. hopfolk

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    Earlier game, my shots were colliding with an island that they were VERY clear of. Shortly after that, I sailed into the scenery and the game ended. I think they may have taken the server down to roll-back.
  11. hopfolk

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    Wah - I was winning too!
  12. hopfolk

    When are you going you nerf torps?

    From the point of a BB, I can volley a Cruiser and kill it in one or two volleys. A DD however, seems to take my volley and laugh it off, whether due to overpenetration or small hitbox - no matter how stupid the DD pilot plays, I cant kill the [Edited] THAT, my friends, is OP, and encourages stupid people to play this game... and be good at it. Yeah yeah, I hear the DD trolls defending their little scumbag ships [Edited], play a real man's ship or go home. /bow