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  1. I've been with AOD for over 5 years, have always really enjoyed being here! The WoWS division has a good bunch of fun and experienced members to play with as well :) I encourage you to check us out :D
  2. ====Recruitment open==== The Angels of Death are a large, international multi gaming community made up of almost 2800 dedicated members from around the world. AOD has been around for a good 15 years and has had a prominent presence in many popular games over time. The World of Warships EU division, AOD-Valkyries is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated members who are willing to help the Clan grow and carry us onwards and upwards. At this time our World of Warships division is small, but we have a huge clan around us with very stable and professional infrastructure and leadership. Join now to be a part of helping another great division grow within AOD. We also have a succesful NA division, so if you play both servers, you only need to be in one clan! Who are we looking for? Ideally we are looking for players that are above the age of 16. You must also have a microphone to communicate on Teamspeak. Winrate scores and all other stats are not as important as enthusiasm and the ability to have fun while playing. As far as activity requirements, we only ask that you play the game and be active on our forums at least once a month. All standards of players are welcome as we can help you gain the ships and experience you need to drive us forward. AOD prides itself in being an honor-based clan so we expect you to basically not be a total douche. What can we offer you? In return for your time and dedication we will help you achieve your personal goals in World of Warships and will encourage you to join in the activities as much or as little as your time allows. We have players who can help you improve in all of the ship lines or maybe you can show us a thing or two, no snobbery here. Of course we also plan to engage in Team Battles. We have quite a few really experienced players in the clan, players also experienced in leading battles in for instance World of Tanks. In return we can offer you a virtual home where you will be made welcome whatever your current skill level. We believe in the fact that a clan is a two way relationship where your presence and input helps us grow, but in return our influence can help you gain experience and most importantly, get you people to play with! Sounds awesome! Where do I sign up? Have a look at our website by clicking on the AOD logo or -> here <- There you'll find more info about the clan in general. If you create an account there, feel free to PM me, I'm called AOD_Jeno. Of course, you can just as well send me a message via these forums and I'll reply as soon as possible. Hope to see you soon and fair seas!
  3. General_Jeno

    I was Bored (veryyy).

    Haha, must be reaaally bored to play minecraft haha :P
  4. General_Jeno

    My Gamescom 2013 t-shirt!

    Yes but now it doesn't say "World Of" anymore... Anyway, I've been to GC once, two years ago. It was totally awesome, but alas I have no one to go with this year and I'm seriously not going alone.
  5. General_Jeno

    Dutch Cruisers (Java, De Ruyter, Tromp)

    Incredibly well documented topic man, thanks for this!
  6. General_Jeno

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Yea, probably one day, nowhere soon I don't think though :P
  7. General_Jeno

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Why would you choose if you can do both :D ?
  8. General_Jeno

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Thanks for the updates mate :)
  9. General_Jeno

    Why i wont to play this game

    The only resin you won't play this game ...? wut? No, seriously if that's the only reason... then you're going to have a bad time xD