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  1. Yeah we do stuff on regular basis
  2. SadPand4h

    Interesting port view

    Yeah nVidia snuck in a 3D viewer lol
  3. SadPand4h

    Interesting port view

    hmm I then I think I know what happened
  4. SadPand4h

    Interesting port view

    Logged into WoWs today without having done any tempering to my client whatsoever (well other than enabling the training room in the res config). Suddenly my port looks like this. Any suggestions? For clairity colorblind mode have always been off.
  5. SadPand4h

    Bye DDs (for now)

    I dont even use RPF and if I get located I just dont care. Sure they have my general location, but at the same time I dont care. Just means I can use it against them and figure out what ship have the skill, and its not like the DD population have died down. The DD population have rather increased.
  6. Uhm this is a thread for soul crushing defeats when you basicly hard carried your team, but you still carry hard enough ;)
  7. SadPand4h

    Are IJN destroyers just bad or am I missing something?

    RIP Old Fubuki, Best DD in the IJN DD line
  8. SadPand4h

    Are IJN destroyers just bad or am I missing something?

    Looking at my ship stats is completely useless tbh, since they aren't acurate since its all time. Also due to the IJN like rework I'm missing a few games on stats (about 300+ Fubuki games)
  9. SadPand4h

    Are IJN destroyers just bad or am I missing something?

    Never claimed I was good at the Shima lol, my most played ship before the new line was the Fubuki ;) (I'm well aware my shima is terrible)
  10. SadPand4h

    Are IJN destroyers just bad or am I missing something?

    IJN DDs have amazing guns, they aren't just torpedo boats. Playing them as pure torpedo boats is just asking to get destroyed by any other branch of DD (well maybe not the german DD line). In most cases IJN DDs also have better concealment than any other DD branch. Also saying the Yugumo is bad maybe right, but the its a lot better than the old tier 9 Kagero. For instance Yugumo have the highest range of any IJN DD and although its slow you can still stealth fire with relative ease even without AFT. In higher tier IJN DDs with the way your guns are placed if you pull a tactical retreat outside of 7 km the USN DDs guns are really terrible and they can usually only fire 2 guns to your 4 guns. Sure they fire faster, but if you wiggle the USN DD gun arcs are so floaty you become very hard to hit. Basicly played correctly the IJN DDs at higher tiers are still able to compete with USN DDs asuming you actually use your guns.
  11. SadPand4h

    A short guide for the Yūgumo

    I really like the new Yugumo, I transfered my old buki captain to it (RIP T8 amazing IJN gunboat). Imo there is nothing more fun than firing at a BB out of range, making them possibly shoot at you because they are super annoyed xD (and naturally miss because they cant see you ) I also tend to use my guns a lot when I'm playing my Yugumo, sometimes even more so than my torps.
  12. I dont even know how this happened <.< And yes I had the high base exp of anyone of the game, but yet my team managed to not get more base exp than their lowest base exp T_T
  13. SadPand4h

    Upcoming IJN Destroyer split

    Then some BB captains I burned to a crisp for a kraken in my blyska once would have cried a lot on the forums already ;)