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  1. So I started to Play with an aircraft carrier lately and experienced some crazy things I'd like to ask about: I mean it's simply logic that fighter planes from T4 Carrier lose against the one from T5 actually, but how can one T5 Fighter shoot down Torpedo Bombers and shortly before it shot the torp down, 2 of my fighters engage him. Result: 1 torp and 2 fighters shot down - and guess what: they're mine. How does that work? Second one, it was some sort of the other way around, two of my t5 fighters vs one of a t4, both t5 got shot down actually, and no, there was nothing else like AA or something. Third one, trying to give the Torpedo Bombers order to attack: Usually they start directly within a few seconds (2-5s) I guess, but then there are a few Players who seem like are able to block them from attacking (I had this Problem with the same Player three times). You give them the order to attack and they just start wasting time, flying around doing nothing so the supposed target can easily escape. It doesnt even work with changing attack Position or anything. So is it just Buggy as hell or are there any Bugs or similar ppl abuse? Ty and Sail Ho!