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  1. SkipperCH

    Sort this buggy steam pile game out please.

    Such bugs should be reported (including a replay) to the customer support so it can be checked what went wrong.
  2. SkipperCH

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.6

    Removed 6 posts for OT.
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    Einführung von Discord-Drops

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    Introducing Discord Drops

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  6. SkipperCH

    Some interesting info around the world

    Removed 6 posts. This thread is for news only. Not for discussions.
  7. SkipperCH

    Premiumladen nicht erreichbar!

    Dann mach' ich hier Mal zu. Closed
  8. No I did not say that. What I said was that you don't want RTS CV's back. Since their impact was so abnormally high that no class could compete. This, tied with their low popularity, were the reasons for the rework. It was a necessity. And in some aspects the game has to move on, yes. I'm neither a fan of the implementation of the commander rework, it has many flaws but some upsides as well. I'm also split internally about the economic rework, since it impacts many players in their credit income, but also allows people like me to make use of their thousands of unused camos. I was also no fan of RTS CV's - To me they were boring so I welcomed the rework. Am I a fan of the subs? They aren't perfect, by no means. But I treat them more or less like a well concealed DD as an enemy and engaging them, or avoiding them is part of the game for me. Yes. The game isn't perfect, the armory cashgrabs are sometimes ludicrous and fishy. But on the other hand can be completely ignored. Some things, like the AL captains or T-X camos for Transformers are done in an economically optimized way for WG to the disadvantage of the player. Am I a fan of that? No. But like I said. The best thing you can do with things like this is ignore them. Everybody can have his own opinion on things. Nobody has to agree with anybody else as long as everybody respects the others opinion. I'm with the game since the beta times and have seen many changes. What usually gets missed are decisions that were positive/needed. Many people only focus on the negative aspects. To name some: Removal of stealth fire smoke firing mechanic overhaul removal of T1 citadels raise of maximum flag limit
  9. Funny that you're answering in my name. No I never said that. You don't have to agree with the game's direction. You can ask for changes, yes. But in the longrun such decisions are made by commercial standards.
  10. No live service game can survive by staying at a certain point. You are forced to add content and change old or remove it entirely. Otherwise a game dies out over time since more and more players reach a point where nothing more can be gained or experienced.
  11. You can poke WG staff, but tbh this won't happen. The game is set to develop, not go backwards. There was a tournament that set restrictions to a certain game version, only allowing ships of this version which went kind of "meh". And to implement such a mode would mean to reroll so much making the development task enormous.
  12. You do NOT want RTS CV's back. Which would be classic.
  13. SkipperCH

    Ship refund policy changed.

    Reselling or gifting ships will not be possible due to several reasons. And before buying something you always have the opportunity to read reviews or watch some videos about the ship.