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  1. Miss_Clickyfinger

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Bugs

    1. Description Haven't been able to log in for 32 hours and still no reply from your so called support service. Once I click on "connect". a waiting cursor starts and NOTHING happens. 2. Reproduction steps1. Clicked the WOWS icon on desktop 2. Clicked "Connect" 3. ResultThe log in screen shows a waiting cursor that turns and turns and turns... 4. Expected resultI cannot log in and play - Once I was actually logged in (after like 40 mins waiting) and then the game froze upon viewing the after battle screen. 5. Technical detailsStarted early morning on the 26th. Before that I have had no issues logging in. I can log in to other games, including WOT and the WOWS forum.
  2. Miss_Clickyfinger

    Anyone else having problems to log in?

    Since the last 4 hours, I cannot log in to the game. It just freezes after having pressed "connect". A common problem? I can log in to WOT, so the fault shouldn't be here.
  3. Miss_Clickyfinger

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - German Destroyer Branch

    Completely useless things ATM, am very glad I put my free XP into Missouri instead of this pile of crap. But of course, WG is Russian and the ships are German. This is becoming like the tanks in WOT. OP Russian tanks vs German vessels nerfed into oblivion. Only got the T2 DD and that's the end of the story. BTW, it has more or less the same detection range as the Zao, a Tier X Cruiser! LOL LOL LOL No more German DD's. BIG BIG disappointment WG!
  4. Miss_Clickyfinger

    Event Calendar December - Feedback

    In general it sounds good, the only thing I would advice against is having to destroy/ kill a set number of ships as a requirement, as it may provoke kill stealing and people holding back to get the final kill instead of concentrating on team play (if any such thing really exists in these games....). It would be better, IMO, to have a bonus if you kill X number of ships, but that you can still complete the mission without actually killing 4 etc ships yourself.
  5. The only effect I have noticed is that your "Karma" value goes up and down but that has no practical effect. I reckon this is WG's way of having you to let off steam when you are upset with someone and then you report instead of cursing him in the chat... However, it makes me a little bit less angry when I can report someone for that instead of calling him names in the chat. The reporting system here is somewhat better than in WOT, where (out of five report types, IIRC) you have four alternatives that has to do with WG's economy...
  6. Miss_Clickyfinger

    Insults Insults Insults

    Still, it's much more civilized in WOWS than in WOT. I reckon that it partially might be because you tend to like one game or the other; few play all three WG games very actively. The reporting system here is indeed better, or less bad, than in WOT - there you can only report people (more or less) for monetary things that could steak money from WG .. (selling Gold etc). Here you can actually compliment people, not just report them for punishment. For most of us, I reckon the bad language is a sign of frustration, but if one wants to get more serious play/ teams, I think the Ranked Battles or the Team Battles are better places to be in. Random is random, and so are the players that show up there. Random number of good team players and random number of kids, idiots, morons, d..k heads etc etc. Most are nice, but in every team there is at least one or two with very quick fingers and little self analysis.. And I not seldom find myself being an idiot as well..., but when I realize it, I usually try to make it up and send in some compliments as well. We are normally very good at finding faults with others, so I now try to make a compliment to someone in each battle - enemy or friend. There are always good players who should be complimented, not only bad ones to report.
  7. Miss_Clickyfinger

    high tier repair costs insane ?

    Well, having played Tier VIII BBs in many Tier 8-10 battles, there is nothing that currently encourages me to proceed to buy and play Tier 9. Mostly, BB and CA players sits back and camp due to extensive repair bills and very little prospects of income, while DDs spam long range torps while you have zillions of torp and dive bombers around you. Every CA with long range will make you burn over and over again, should you dare to stick your nose out... some players are very good at those tiers but the most of us suck and find it utterly boring. So for me, no higher play than Tier 8, until the economy module is changed.
  8. Miss_Clickyfinger

    Cap Circle Border Visual Changes

    Agree, the circles look out of place and more like a child's play area
  9. Miss_Clickyfinger

    On the search for a Swedish clan

    Hi, even though I don't live in Sweden, but in the Middle East currently, I would like to join any Swedish outfit that regularly plays WoWS. Lars (LMW in game)
  10. Rumors tell that WG has started to develop the USS Drum, a BB for notorious campers, to be sold in the Prem Shop only, for at least 400 Euro. However, the advantages with this ship is that it doesn't need a port slot, there is no need for any engine research and you do only have to focus on firing, as maneuvering to avoid torpedoes etc is totally unnecessary. Further, as USS Drum was captured by the Japanese when the US forces in Manila area/ Bataan surrendered in 1942. After that, she was used by the Japanese so now you can train both US and Japanese captains without penalties! A perfect ship for the BB beginner and players who prefer to camp instead of actively participate and support their teams. The historical USS Drum, as you can read in the article below, took part in the battle for the Philippines in 1942, was captured by the Japanese and used by them in 1945, during the US liberation of Manila Bay. Happy Gaming! http://www.warhistoryonline.com/featured/fort-drum.html
  11. Miss_Clickyfinger

    Bug Reports

    A few bugs found so far: - Chat is disabled and I cannot get the chat window up - I don't get any XP or credits at all, the after battle says "you didn't prove yourself... etc' after having sunk 2 ships and done about 55k dmg in a Schorsch... Worst update so far!
  12. Miss_Clickyfinger

    Keybinds settings still buggy after minipatch?

    The Z key now wants to fire guns and torpedoes, despite being shown in "settings" that it should track them instead...
  13. Miss_Clickyfinger

    unpacking takes forever

    HI, it increased the speed about 300% - to 60kb/s.. Better than nothing - Thanks!
  14. Miss_Clickyfinger

    unpacking takes forever

    Reinstalled the program as well, it went well for the first 500 Mb, then the download speed dropped to 18 Kb/ S.... 14% in 6 hours... this is like it was back in 1998 when internet came to Sweden and one had a 56K modem...
  15. Miss_Clickyfinger

    Update 5.5 delay