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  1. Clickfinger

    Nerf Smolensk

    Remove that He/ Fire spamming Pro Soviet premium crap totally please!
  2. Clickfinger

    0.9.3 - General Feedback

    And in order to get through the first campaign's final task, you just have to get one of the Soviet HE clicker-spamming prem over-powered ships for a crap load of real money... 18 fires in ONE game... sure. Or 18 citadels... yeah. What normal player will ever do that? By luck perhaps, a few will. I stopped that campaign right there. Just pure BS, as usual by WG.
  3. Clickfinger

    Småland- 2Million XP?

    Can someone explain to me, preferrably someone who owns the Swedish DD Småland , why I should waste TWO MILLION FREE XP on a ship that has inferior stats to the Tier X Swedish DD that is going to be launched pretty soon and that is about 25% as expensive, as it comes to XP?
  4. The good thing with the idiotic Puerto Rico event/ grind was that it made me rediscover my long forgotten board games! Far much more fun than spending a crap load of money to fill some greedy Russians' pockets! Avalon Hill's Bismarck and Jutland were up and provided far more joy than trying to farm 3 million base XP in some ridiculous event. And I saved a lot of cash as well, to be better invested in other board games! I guess the 2019 X-mas Event was rather an internal WG event, going something like this: WG Internal Directive 1: - Make the player base believe you have an awesome event coming up Reward: 10k new premium days bought by players 100k USD into the pockets of WG (100 USD bonus for all employees) - Make the players buy a crap load of camos and flags Reward: 25k signals and camos sold 150k USD into the company (150 USD in personal employee bonus) WG Internal Directive 2: - Create an awesome looking event, like building a ship Reward: 20k X-mas containers bought Another 50 USD employee bonus - Make players believe it is obtainable by everyone Reward: 75k Ship Build boosters bought Another 100 USD per employee in bonus WG Internal Directive 3: - Hide the real difficulty in the in-game directives Reward: Less than 10k complaints filed Free cakes on Friday - Create a non-committing apology, without apologizing Reward: Some players might actually believe it Some more ignorant fools pay for premium boosters WG Internal Directive 4: - When hit by a massive critique storm, refuse to reply Reward: No need to compensate for the failed event Lots of cash in WG pockets, free vacation trip to Yalta, all expenses paid
  5. Clickfinger

    loading game

    Have the same issue since last evening and gone through all those remedies but nothing helps here
  6. Clickfinger

    puerto Rico

    There is absolutely no chance for a normal player to get it. You need to pay a lot, about 100 to 200 USD as the grind to get it for free takes more than 16 hours a day for a player with extreme skills. This is just another way for WG to say "we want your money", not you playing.
  7. Clickfinger

    Game wont launch

    Have the very same issue, the loading screen remains black and nothing happens. Have opened a ticket but guess nothing will happens until well after the holidays..
  8. Clickfinger

    New Year event (collection, snowflakes, directives)

    This Pay the Rico event is graphically the best I have ever seen but the execution of this holiday event was little else than a robbery in best Wild West style! Totally ridiculous grinds combined with laughable rewards - a single flag etc. What capital crap was this? Clearly the worst WG greed I have ever seen and still obviously there are some (have seen five or six of the Pay the Rico's so far) who are willing to fill WG's pockets - amazing! Good lucking fooling people to buy your" boosters" for gold and then realize that you are not even half through getting the bloody pixel ship...
  9. IMO the Soviet cruiser Smolensk is way understrength and needs a heavy buff! First of all, it has too few smoke charges and they last too shortly. The smoke can also be penetrated by radar, which should be impossible when it is a Soviet ship using it. Further, its radar range is to short, should be about 20km's and have a duration for at least 5 mins, with a cool down of less than 10 secs. Its rate of fire is laughingly low, it should be a constant stream of HE coming out of the guns, with no reload time and ofc, totally invisible. The shells should also be able to go through mountains, which is totally realistic for a Soviet ship. They were, after all, totally superior to anything the rest of the world could build, especially the Americans and the Germans! Instead of AP, Smolensk should carry nuclear/ uranium ammo, so as to be able to bow penetrate any BB, even at extreme range. Its torps should also have a bit of the Shima range and power, plus a reload booster consumable should be standard issue. Further, its repair party should be in the same class as the Nelson's, at least. So WG, please buff the Smolensk so it becomes fun to play! Don't bother about the others, who don't have it, they are just complaining noobs!
  10. Clickfinger

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    As a casual player, I just cannot find anything interesting in this. Having spent years to get to a couple of Tier X ships, I should now sell them and their upgrades for a net 50% LOSS?? And then start over from scratch, paying full price for every upgrade? Not a chance I will do it, not only one time, but FIVE TIMES, to get the Colbert.... A BIG NO-NO for me!
  11. Clickfinger

    MIdway legendary upgrade

    All this work for nothing....! Thanks for the answer!
  12. Clickfinger

    MIdway legendary upgrade

    Hi hive, just got the Midway legendary upgrade unlocked but cannot see it available/ mountable in the port view. It is in the Armory but not in the port view. Have I missed something? Yes, this is my first unlocked legendary module..
  13. Clickfinger

    Complete black screen

    Since the update I have a totally blacked out screen. I can hear the loading/ port sounds in the background but the screen is pitch black. Have done reinstallation and contacted the so called support that just comes back with standardized and unusable answers. No mods installed. Any ideas what to do/ similar experiences?
  14. Clickfinger

    What has happened to the balanced game play?

    I do look at my own performance, but no matter how badly or well I play, mostly in the lowest tier ship in the team, we still lose all ships vs 2-3 in the other team. Last match, in a T X game and I in a T8 DD, middle team performance, enemy team wins 10 kills to 2, on points. All on our team just cluster in two separate corners. I know I am a quite an average player and far from being a unicorn, but recently this really sucks...
  15. Clickfinger

    CVs are terrible to play against!

    Can only agree. CVs were bad before but now they are even worse.