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  1. Well i didn't mean i get ammo racked 2-5 times ofc not. But of all the players in the game 2-5 usually gets magazined.. Which is just too much.
  2. Seriously, this used to be rare. Now it happens 2-5 times PER GAME! This is simply to frequent. it is an RNG factor that influences gameplay waay to much. Please consider reducing the chance of this happening. I have been noticing this all day, and i have been magazines myself atleast 4 times today, and i just came out of a game with 3 detonations in. This is stupid. Imagine if 3-5 tanks got ammo racked per game in WOT that would be insane. Thats 1/6 of the people in the game.
  3. Ivpiv

    Torpedo Bombers

    I agree my conclusion was not Carriers are OP it was torps are OP And the point i was making was, i could hit torps every time on my first try, meaning its not "hard" to use torp bombers. So all the people claiming that "you can't just hit people" are wrong. If i actually started playing carriers, i bet i could start predicting where people are going to be, firing volleys even before ships are spotted, and getting "free" hits there. I agree fighters can take down bombers, but its 2 damn slow. At this point carrier players arent even trying to sneak up on battleships and firing torp volleys, they are just flying the direct route there and firing them and getting back. If it would take some careful sneaking to cross the map and then attack the BS from behind i might grant you that, it requires skill, but this is basicly point and click. And if you miss, so what? its not like you are a destroyer and you are 4-6 Km away from the battleship firing your volley, you are across the map in relative safety doing it. The reason carriers have such a long cooldown on torps is because they are firing them 30-50 km away with deadly accuracy. Trying firing a japanese destroyer torp volley from 9 km and see how accurate you are. People who are defending carriers are failing to see their lack of risk, its exactly the same issue as in world of tanks where arty do what they do from across the map, and then claim because they lack accuracy its fine they 1 shot people. Even as little as forcing torp bombers to drop torps from 1-2 km further out, would atleast give the BS a means to dodge stuff more easily. And the reason people are using battleships as an example is because they suffer the most. Not because people think Battleships should be invulnerable. And the people claiming you should just stay close to a cruiser and have him defend you, yes yeees rely on the gaming community in order to make your class work. Imagine in world of tanks if arties couldn't fire unless a light tank "lighted up" a target.So if you're light tanks are crap or dead you are useless. Usually a battleship isnt just thinking about torps okay. Other battleships volleying you from a map away, destroyers sizzling by you launching volleys, cruisers firing and some times multiple squads of torp bombers sending volleys. It sure gives you the clear impression of how chaotic war is but its hardly as easy as people make it seem. Which really was the point i was making. Its not as easy as people make it seem, and by comparison, carriers have it VERY easy.
  4. Ivpiv

    Torpedo Bombers

    I was told this in a thread where i wanted air fighters to be better so you could defend against torp bombers better. Another direction at the same issue. I was told the same thing. "you haven't played Carrier noob you´re not allowed an opinion" So i got my Carrier played 1 game. fired 4 torp bomber salvoes, all the salvoes hit. I didn't "1 shot" the battleships i was torping. But i hit 1-3 torps everytime. Which is 5-35k dmg right there, depending on rng. After that i decided nope, if i can do this on my FIRST TRY! this crap is broken. Torp bombers needs to be worse, air fighters needs to be better, so you can play a carrier defensively, to protect your own battleships. Maybe you should have an option to put up a defensive zone/screen with your fiighters that devastates torp bombers, which would force the carrier players to have to manually move the torps around said screen/zone. I don't know. I just know that atm torps in general, are waaaaaay to powerful. The fact that i can fire 4 broadsides from my fuso on a kongo at 4 km and if im unlucky im not even going to do 20k dmg. And yet in a slow hunk of a BS i have to dodge all the torp bomber squads AND the destroyers. Destroyers are OP aswell, i realize they got nerfed from alpha, but they are way op aswell. Not because of torps, or speed or cannon. But because in my opinion smokescreen is so insane. Its a get out of jail free card. My impression of the game is that it's great fun to play. But the imbalance, mainly due to RNG and some factors like smokescreen just fubars everything. Weakspots are not as clearly defined as in world of tanks, meaning a volley on the same part of a ship can earn two drastically different results, which just puts everything in the hands of the RNG gods. It might be due to cannon spread or whatever, i don't care. If i keep the same lead, the other ship doesn't dodge i fire 2 salvoes, one does 5k dmg the other does 40k something is oddly wrong. In world of tanks this can happen, but atleast ammo racks are rare. In this game it happens every game. I understand the appeal of torps, because they do tons of dmg every time. Where as guns seem way more in the hands of RNG. I´ve heard the stuff about use HE on low armoured targets or high armoured targets far away, and try to hit down untop of the unarmored deck, and ap on everything else. But to me it just seems to not matter at all. I might add this is not "whine" this is critique of the game, i find it fun. But i just don't feel i have control over the dmg i do, i feel its 100% random. Which is why im jumping from Battleships to american cruisers, more shells = more rng rolls in my favor.
  5. Ivpiv

    Rewards for providing air cover

    Well that was my initial points, that people have told me this.
  6. Ivpiv

    Rewards for providing air cover

    Well i am told that is the same case with torp bombers, since you can basicly throw the torps on top of a Battleship giving him ZERO chance of dodging.That is basicly point and click aswell, the same goes for dive bombers. Thats the problem with top down view mechanics in games like these. Whenever there´s basicly no risk involved it always seems "no skill" and "point and clicky" Atleast in my example i am pursuing a defensive role. Ergo trying to defend my team mates, which i would assume is more "noble" if you get my drift. If you are in an aggressive role like Arty in world of tanks, and you point and click from top down view. Is in my opinion worse than if im defensive, trying to prevent my teammates from taking dmg. I don't know.
  7. I wanted to try carriers out in this closed beta test, but for some reason don't like the torpedo mechanic. So i was considering teaming up with a bunch of Battleship players, and provide them with fighter cover. Yet everyone that i have approached with the idea tells me this is a horrible idea. Mainly because the rewards for shooting down planes are basicly nothing. Meaning if i went into this "support role" i would not only not provide the (overpowered in my opinion) back up of torp bomber spam, that is currently dominating the game. And i wouldn't get any XP or creds for helping my Battleships with winning the game. This kinda seems odd to me, why have fighters if its basicly dead weight for the player using them? wouldn't the game be more dynamic if it was rewarded to use more fighters to combat the current torp spam, be in destroyer or torp bomber? I think im still going to give it a shot tho, since its closed beta and there's nothing to lose due to acc wipe anyways Just my thoughts on the situation.
  8. Ivpiv

    Too Heavie for me!

    Im sorry upfront, that this might seem like me being angry, or me spewing bile. But this whole "i cant run this game on my pc" whine really needs to stop. It's hardly the game developers fault that you haven't invested money in a prober gaming PC. Every form of gaming development and all steps forwards in that department would have to grind to a halt, if we were everytime required to wait for the people, who still wants to play brand new games on their 4 year old toasters. Sry im not hating on anyone, and by the looks of his machine i think he should be able to run it decent on low settings, might be a software issue. But it's just sooo arrogant maan, and that just rubs me the wrong way. Thats like someone whining about the newest Ferrari sucks because they don't have a drivers license.. As an example warthunder ground forces is completely destroyed by these people (as many of you proberly know) due to the developer toning down graphics so hard in the lowest settings that it litterally removes things that would otherwise block your view, ergo giving you an edge by running at crap graphics. Game developers needs to optimize as much as possible, but people need to buy computers that can run the game, or deal with the shoddy performance, or third not play at all. Buy the hardware you need, to run the software you want. Be it games or whatever other software.
  9. Ivpiv

    Smokescreen lucky dip.....

    Smokescreen just seems way to powerful in a cap zone/circle environment. Either they need some serious limitations on smokescreen or Smokescreen shouldn't be able to be used while in the cap circle.' If 2 destroyers lays continuos smokescreens, before anyone can actually get in there and root them out they have already taken half the ticket counter and they could basicly fend off everyone with waves of torps, and if things gets rough, just run away.. Seems uncounterable to me. I mean what counters Destroyers sitting invisible in a cap circle? At this point we need bloody u-boats
  10. Ivpiv

    Smokescreen lucky dip.....

    I agree this is not working proberly. I Main Battleships so destroyers are ofc my hard counter which is fine. But the shear amount of torpedo planes, destroyers and everything really makes the domination game mode impossible. 2 destroyers rush to the cap zone, cap it quickly. 1 lays a smoke screen while we lumber there, me and a bunch of cruisers. 2 cruisers dead before we spot anything, from torpedo bombers, and the destroyers laying waves of torps in our general direction. This takes out the 2 cruisers, since they are ahead of me being the faster ship. I then know im doomed, i cant run, i cant cap, i cant stay, i might aswell leave the game. So i go in i manage to take one destroyer with a couple of main battery hits and my secondaries recking him. The second one pops invisibility cloak at around 200-300m and just hands me my [edited]my laying torp after torp while being invisible. Now this isn't a problem in game modes where capping isn't that big of a deal. But atm. Destroyers are by far the most powerful in the game. The amount of torps they can throw, easy mode capping ability, and an i win invisibility cloak. A destroyer is mad fast, if im within 300 meters of him and my guns are pointing at him, he should be dead, because he played wrong. He can run circles around me and my batteries, he doesn't need an invisibility cloak. Smoke screen shouldn't work on targets inside the bloody smoke screen, else it just becomes stupid. Atleast thats my opinion, i might be biased playing mostly Battleships. But there has to be some downside to playing the fastest ship with the hardest hitting attack in the game. You can't have it all. But when all comes down to it, this is the only frustrating thing i´ve found so far, the smokescreen. So i consider it overall the game really good, so far.