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  1. Mr_Gibbins

    Sooo, I got to the Lexington, what now?

    What to do when you get a Lexington......? Buy an Enterprise like WG is trying to force you to and grind the free xp to skip it.
  2. Mr_Gibbins

    Thanks for screwing Grosser with the Dunkirk update

    Yeah but Scottish tug captains had probably been on the sauce all day.
  3. Mr_Gibbins

    Be honest (Stats)

    Never before a battle..... never used XVM in WoT either because I would rather enjoy the game and do my best to win in any circumstances rather than lose hope at the beginning.
  4. Mr_Gibbins

    Thanks for screwing Grosser with the Dunkirk update

    I was dry docked, went for a few beers with crew and woke up in the morning stuck in there..... not my fault
  5. It takes me 4 hours and 4 tugs to get it out of the harbor and into a battle now.... Not to mention a full moon and high tide.
  6. Mr_Gibbins

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Good god - just finished ranger and realised how screwed the Lexington is too. Gonna pack away the USA CV's until something gets changed.
  7. Mr_Gibbins

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Introduction of the Kaga into tier 7 is just a reckless money grab given the current state of gameplay at that tier. Granted, I am not a pro CV player but I do just about manage to hold my own in a strike Ranger versus an average Hiryu.... but Saipan and now Kaga..... what a massive mess it has become. I was going to buy a Saipan on sale last week, but seeing the Kaga coming and the inevitable mess they made I don't actually want to give them any money for it... even to be OP, and more especially since the re-balance that will have to happen might well render them average anyway. One of the worst decisions I have seen WG make with warships.
  8. Now I am for sure not a brilliant DD player, but the majority of battles I play now it seems to be no coincidence that I am located and the enemy ship goes bow on, and stays bow on. It makes no sense at all even from the description of it, ships communicated with lights and flags in combat, not radio, and is it not enough that DD have to face hydro, radar, vigilance, torp spotting mod, planes before landing some torps. There are plenty of counters in the game against DD's, we didn't need this.
  9. Mr_Gibbins

    [PTS] is looking for active players

    Welcome to WoWS PTS
  10. Mr_Gibbins

    Actually having fun with British Cruisers?

    I dunno about that tbh, having played World of Tanks for 5 Years and ships since open beta... plus a bunch of other similar games over the years there is one thing I have learned. People will grind their way to "the top", no matter how bad they are. If your argument is that they will do that, then simply not play the ship, then I agree that might happen to some extent.... but then the same could be said for any ship, like those Yamato captains we see broadsiding along in a straight line and getting torped, or rushing forward and going down under fire from 10 ships cos they are "a tank", or the endless people that rush into a cap with DD then sit in their smoke and get torped etc etc etc. On the topic of the ships themselves the first few including Emerald I didn't enjoy at all... then Leander, oh what fun. Will see how it pans out with the Fiji now but it's looking good. Edit: Just add this in, not to show off, but to show the potential. This is a stock Fiji with a 10 point Captain, tier 7 battle.
  11. Mr_Gibbins

    How to beat Halloween

    Nice tip will add it in thank you.
  12. Mr_Gibbins

    How to beat Halloween

    First three attempts were massive failures. Then a win on the fourth. In each of those a lot of people were saying that they had tried 6 or 7 times and never won, so here is how we did it. Obstacle course stage Blades Go ahead of the fleet and make sure the catapults focus you, they predict your location based on current course at the time of firing, so just sail in a circle and they all miss. Shoot them with AP to help take them down. If there are no catapults alive then torp and shoot whatever is close. Igors Stay outside trans circle (BB will be in it) dodge any stray catapults that DD are not dodge tanking. Burn everything, unless it is a catapult, in which case AP it. Jackals Stay with trans circle and AP everything. Rasputin stage Blades Ideally blades will have been ahead of the main fleet the whole time and already cleared out the last catapults before the Trans arrives. When Rasputin pops up take turns smoking Trans route so he doesn't get killed. Focus torps on Rasputin, dodge a lot. Igors Help take down any remaining catapults. Burn the crapout of Rasputin. Help kill Zikas Jackals Help with remaining catapults if any. Focus closest battleships to Trans that see it through smoke. Once Rasputin is dead everyone can take down remaining ships and keep Trans smoked until it reaches the portal. Most important part of this is that everyone tries to keep their health up throughout the battle because Rasputin hurts like hell, which is why he should be burned down fast with torps and fire. Blades dodge tanking the catapults really helps the Igors and Jackals be as healthy as possible when you get to Rasputin (especially as Karamon says Rasputin focuses Jackals, so them not tanking catapults all battle will help them be full hp at the end) , which means they live longer and more firepower is applied to Rasputin and his cronies. Worked for us, hope it works for you.
  13. Mr_Gibbins

    Bismarck insane, or is it just how this game will work now?

    Tried my Batchat the other day, it sank really fast