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  1. VladPomar

    Questions about the Russian ships.

    Hi, I have a few questions about the upcoming RU ships, maybe those of you who have more knowledge about them can answer some of them. I know you can not give me a certain 100% answer, still maybe you can guestimate it. 1. How do you expect the RU Cruisers to play, AA, torpedoes, good guns? 2. Will RU have Carriers. 3. Will RU battleships be more on the side of agility or armor? 4. Any particular traits you are expecting from the RU ships in general? 5. This one is about the Cruiser Aurora, why doesn't it have torpedoes in game? Wiki states that it had three torpedo tubes, two underwater. Why aren't they implemented in the game? I know this questions are pretty generic, but I am very excited about the RU fleet and I'm curious what I should expect. Thank you
  2. VladPomar

    WTF have they done to BBs accuracy?

    Why did they nerfed battleships accuracy so much? They became unplayable, seriously, WTF?! I can't hit anything, any range and when I do I deal almost no damage. Last time I played Battleships were nice, they could actually hit targets and when they did they actually dealt damage. Now I've unlocked the South Carolina and the Kawachi again and they are completely useless. Like, a same tier cruiser went head on with me and he won. I think I managed to hit 15% of my shots and they dealt no damage. AP was completely useless and HE dealt like 1k dmg a shot. It's pathetic what BBs have become. I played on the TS and the tier 7 jap. Battleship was completely crap. No citadel hits, no accuracy. So, what is your opinion, have you also noticed this, or did I just become a complete noob in the last few weeks, because I remember before the last patch how awesome Battlehips were, not they are complete crap!
  3. VladPomar

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Sorry if this has been asked already but I can't find any info on the Russian Projekt 24 Battleship. Could anyone tell me please what kind of armament/armor/displacement should we expect, or share a link?